Bishops say now’s the time for Janet to start ‘singing’


CATHOLIC bishops on Wednesday backed a proposal by Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago to press jailed businesswoman Janet Lim-Napoles into revealing what she knows about the pork barrel anomaly even before she is tried.

One of the prelates, Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop emeritus Oscar Cruz, said Napoles’ deposition will help not only during the trial but in the investigation on the extent of the misuse of the Priority development Assistance Fund (PDAF).

Cruz said it is important to get Napoles’ testimony now, considering that she suffers from hypertension and diabetes.

“The detainee is not feeling well, her blood pressure fluctuates and this might result in something more serious,” he said.

The idea behind Santiago’s proposal is to ensure that whatever happens to Napoles, the trial will continue, Cruz said. “Even if she’s gone, the case will continue because of her sworn and authorized statement. She should say who, how much and identify the bogus non government organizations.”

Manila Auxiliary Bishop Broderick Pabillo said Napoles’ “perpetual” testimony will hasten the trial process.

The prelates are worried that the public might be riveted by the pork barrel controversy now, but their attention could fade after several weeks.

“We might see another Ampatuan case. It was only good at the start. Afterwards, it was just forgotten,” Pabillo said, referring to the massacre of close to 60 people in Maguindanao in November 2009.

Fuentebella denial
Still on the pork barrel scandal, former House deputy speaker Arnulfo Fuentebella denied ever requesting or endorsing the release of P750,000 from his PDAF to the Department of Agriculture in 2011.

“How can I endorse something I absolutely knew nothing about?” said Fuentebella, referring to 15 percent of his P5 million PDAF channeled by the department without his authorization to the Kaupdanan para sa Mangunguma Foundation, Inc. (KPMFI), an NGO.

He denied knowing or having any link with the NGO.

Fuentebella said no less than Agriculture Secretary Proceso Alcala admitted in a certification dated Sept. 3, 2013 the department was investigating the supposed release after Fuentebella protested.

Fuentebella said he pressed the Agriculture department into returning to the national government 85 percent of his unused PDAF in 2011. He also demanded that KPMFI return the P750,000 it purportedly used for the Agriculture department’s High Value Crops Development Program.

The amount represented 15 percent of Fuentebella’s 2011 PDAF totaling P5 million under SARO Numbers BMB-G-11-T000000-377 dated April 27, 2011.

“My PDAF utilizations have always been transparent and aboveboard,” Fuentebella said. “I, thus, share our people’s rage and desire to get to the bottom of the allegations that the PDAF of some lawmakers have been diverted and or misused”.


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  1. renato catalasan on

    Is that all you can say about the scandalous pork barrel perpetuated by Napoles and some shameless senators and congressmen? You can do better than that, isn’t it?
    What do you think are the reasons Marcos and cronies fled the country?
    Janet Napoles there is one thing you can do best and I urge you to please do it for the sake of the long suffering Pilipino. Please, pray hard and ask our Almighty God to help you spill the beans.

  2. Dencio Pascual on

    Up to now Napoles is still defiant, singing “Not Guilty” so we cannot expect her to sing another song. She should first submit a guilty plea before singing the names of her cohorts and collaborators.

  3. Catholic Bishop should not mingle in Government affair. That’s why we have the separation of church and state.

    • I respect your opinion but Filipinos should be united this time, irregardless of one’s status in the society. Lets all redeem our beloved country.

  4. that’s a good statement fro cong fuentebella “how can he endorse something he absolutely knew nothing about” and yet the Senators insist that that’s okay.

  5. Saturnino R. Mendinueto, Jr. on

    Mayor Arsenio Lacson, Manila’s Best Mayor Ever, was a very healthy man but was found dead in a hotel in Luneta. Many including his aides and former Justice Secretary and Senator Pepe Diokno believed he was poisoned with the used of a needle laced with poison. Janet Napoles who is sickly by her doctor’s account should now sing before it is too late, I will not be surprised if she will be found dead of heart attack at Fort Sto. Domingo. Please Sing Now, Janet. Redeemed yourself for the sake of your children and family before it is too late. !

  6. RUN!!!!, DENY!!!!, RUN!!!!!! These are the MO of these thieves. I hope the President and the DOJ sustained enough UMPHHH to scoop up all these “gunks” of the Philippine society; it will be good for the larger part of the populace. Being in politics in the Philippines had become the most lucrative profession, earning a license to lie, cheat, murder and steal with impunity, while the 95% of the population are just happy to attain a goal of “three meals a day” which oftentimes elude them. De Lima, please try your level best to fry these politicians, even those who think they’re too big to face the music.

  7. Queen Janet will not start “singing” that is for sure. In the manner King PNoy “handled” her surrender, singing will be far fetch for now. This administration is still studying how best they can sweep the scandal/scam under the rug. The confinement of Queen Napoles with all the protection and assistance of the PNoy administration is making the queen untouchable.

  8. Senatong and Tongressman prepare yourself because once Janet Lim Napoles started to sing that tune. All those names name will absolutely be put in the hotseat, because Napoles has the so called blue, red, and black book. Napoles cannot work alone without the connivance and patronage of the legislators who has the capable to allocate and discretion the people’s fund. Mrs. Janet Lim Napoles or the Legislators. Who has the power to ask for PDAK legislator or Mrs. Janet Napoles. Even grade one knows whose the accountable make no mistake.

  9. jebert banderas on

    Sana isasauli din ng mga pare yung natanggap nilang pera galing kay napoles kung mayron silang delicadesa ,pera ng taxpayers yan