Bishops to Duterte: Vulgarity is barbaric


Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte earned nothing but contempt for his statement disrespecting the Pope during his proclamation as the standard-bearer of the PDP-Laban on Tuesday.

The Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) was particularly incensed when Duterte cursed Pope Francis when he recounted how he got stuck in traffic when the Holy Father visited Manila early this year.

The mayor claimed that it took him five hours to get to the airport because some roads were closed for the papal visit.

“Sabi ko, ‘Bakit?’ Sabi sarado na [ang daan]. Sabi ko, ‘Sinong darating?’ Sabi si Pope.
Gusto kong tawagan, ‘Pope, p—— ka, umuwi ka na. ‘Wag ka nang bumisita dito [I asked why? They said the roads are closed. I asked who’s coming? They said it’s the Pope. I wanted to call and tell him [expletive], Go home Pope, don’t come visiting here],” Duterte said, drawing laughter from his audience.

Short of saying that the Davao City mayor does not deserve to lead the country, CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas on Tuesday said vulgarity is also a form of corruption.

He noted that to be a good leader, one should lead by example, a trait that he doubts Duterte possessed.

“Vulgarity is corruption. When we find vulgarity funny, we have really become beastly and barbaric as a people. When a revered and loved and admired man like Pope Francis is cursed by a political candidate and the audience laugh, I can only bow my head and grieve in great shame. My countrymen have gone to the dregs,” Villegas said.
He also accused Duterte of being morally corrupt.

Villegas explained that corruption is not limited to stealing public money.

“Corruption, like a monster, is a devil with many faces. Killing people is corruption. Killing is a crime and a sin whether it is done by criminals or public officials no matter what the intention. Adultery is corruption. It makes married love cheap and uses people for pleasure. Adultery corrupts family, it destroys children and victimizes the weak,” the prelate said.

Villegas was obviously referring to Duterte’s public admission that he has two wives and two girlfriends and his repeated boasts that criminals are liquidated in Davao City.

“Is this the leadership by example that Mayor Duterte excites in us? Is this the leadership by example that makes a public official deserving of the title “Honorable”? the prelate further said.

“What the world desperately needs now is leadership by example. We have so many leaders in office and many more aspiring to sit in office but are they examples of good citizenship? If the leaders we choose are to be leaders for national progress,they must be visionaries AND exemplary,” Villegas pointed out in a pastoral statement.

Former CBCP president and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Emeritus Oscar Cruz also strongly criticized Duterte, saying the mayor has gone beyond what is moral and righteous.

Cruz said killing and adultery are against the teachings of the Church.


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  1. on

    If you analyzed the statements of Duterte he was not directing his ire on His Holiness Pope Francis but on the government’s inutility in solving the monstrous traffic problems in metro Manila. He was quoted out of context. For 6 years ABNOY have not done anything in solving the this recurring traffic problems in metro Manila. Another major causes of the problems that multiplied unnecessarily is the behavior of us Filipino motorists who does not want to follow simple traffic laws. They ignore traffic laws; they always make short cuts; they cut traffic lanes to the detriment of other motorists. On the other hand, Mayor Duterte does not have the gall to show disrespect to His Holiness Pope Francis. He was venting his frustration and anger on the government’s myopic system of governance. In the case of the CBCP prelates meddling in every government affairs, they always blow out of proportion any misgivings the government commit in the process. Are these prelates sinless? Are they faultless? Are they immaculately clean? How about the abuses of some clerics; misusing church funds; having extra-marital affairs & have kids; some are seen dancing and drinking in bars with ill-refute women on the table; what have they done about this stinking bones in their closets? And yet when these prelates talk before TV audience, they pretend to be immaculately clean and upright. Ano ba ang gusto ninyo, yong nagmumura na lider o yong magnanakaw na lider? Para sa akin mas gustohin ko yong nagmumura na lider sa kamalian ng gobyerno kaysa nagnanakaw sa pondo sa kaban ng gobyerno. At least si Duterte nagmumura pero hindi nagnanakaw ng pera sa kaban ng gobyerno.

  2. Kayong mga bishop ano ba ginawa niyo sa bayan kundi magulekta ng donation tapos padala niyo sa vatican,walang bumabalik sa Pinas.Samantala si Mayor Duterte sinasabi na niya ang magandang gagawin niya sa bayan kung siya ang mahalal na presidente,pruweba Davao City.

    • Ano ka diyan… ang pera na kinokolekta sa simbahan hindi pinapadala sa vatican… voluntary lang gane ang pagbigay

  3. In his proclamation speech , In his own words and admission, Mayor Duterte killed /executed thousand of people. He put his law on his hand. In our constitution, there is no capital punishment, but this Killer Mayor made his own constitution.

    I believe the Justice department, NBI, PNP, heard his speech or even read in the papers, or watch him. I pray to these branch of government to apprehend and put to Jail right away this Saddam of Davao.

    I pray also , that our COMELEC shall disqualify right away this Saddam of Davao and will not allow him to run for president. Our Country does not need Saddam …!

    Laging kaawawa ang Bansa natin. Constitution is useless, because he is going to make his own constitution, and courts/judges are useless.

    His proclamation speech is a bad omen. Fellows, make no mistake….!

  4. Annak Ti Ammianan on

    Corruption is not only about stealing money. Why didn’t the bishops said this when Pinoy keep on telling Filipinos about “Walang Corrupt, Walang Mahirap.” They’ve been hanging on to Hacienda Luisita at the extent of even killing farmers that demand distribution of the hacienda to the tillers. And there was a land reform law which Aquino’s family tried to go around with.

    And yes, why didn’t the bishops said this in Arroyo’s time when some of them received cars from the PCSO. We indeed have gone to the dregs if our spiritual leaders remain selective and even refuse to speak against those politicians who pretend to love the pope but do other things contrary to what the pope represents.

    I love Pope Francis. The more when he said: “I love the honesty of the man (Duterte).”

  5. Lalong yumabang ang pangit na Duterte na akala mo siya na ang maging president. Pangit na nga ang mukha, ay mabaho pa ang hininga niya. Dapat kay Duterte ay putulin ang dila niya. Ni hindi man lang marunong mag-English at akala mo sa harap ng TV camera ay pa-cute ay hindi naman cute. Masyado kayong mag-amang mayabang. Si sara, sinampal sa harap ng maraming tao ang isang ordinaryong tao na ginagawa lang ang tungkulin. Ang kaya ninyong mag-ama ay yong mga taong mahihirap lang. Hindi ninyo kaya sina Binay, Enrile, Estrada at Revilla. Si Duterte, ipinagyayabang na dalawa ang asawa at dalawa ang girlfriends. Ginagamit lang ni Duterte ang pera at katungkulan niya sa gobyerno sa pag-girlfriend niya kasama na ang pananakot sa mga babae. What kind of morality are we going to have if you vote for Duterte? Let us wake up and NOT vote for Dutertye and Binay. Duterte-immoral, Binay-corrupt. By cursing the Pope, this will be the end of the Dutertes.

  6. What moral and righteous. Ipakulong muna ninyo ang mga pareng nang abuso ng mga kabataang kalalakihan. Huwag kayong makihalubilo sa pulitika. Tama na ang tatlumpong taon na paghihirap ng mga Pilipino simula nang iluklok ninyo si Cory Aquino. Ang simbahang Katoliko ay dapat nang patawan ng buwis lalo na yung mga pag aari nilang palasyo at negosyo ang dapat lang na hindi buwisan ay ang simbahan at mga pag aari na ginagamit sa charities. Pero yung mga palasyo na tirahan ng mga obispo at kardinal kailangan na buwisan iyan.

    • Galit ka yata sa bishop ah. Gusto mo bang tumahimik na lang sya at huwag na lang mag salita tungkol sa kay Duterte o sa mga corruption dito sa Pilipinas. Hindi lang si Duterte yung tinutukoy ni bishop, kung di lahat ng mga corrupt sa Pilipinas, mga pare, politiko, at iba pa. Kung corrupt yung mga tinutukoy mung mga politiko, yun din ang tinutukoy ng bishop.

  7. We must fight the Madness in this world. Duterte seems to reflect all the anger and frustration and immoral in our society . it comes out of his mouth every time he speaks.
    People that get attracted to him, are just as frustrated citizens.
    Duterte should not be the kind of President to Lead.

  8. C Duterte nag pa ka tutuong Tao Lang… Solve your own problem about some priest have their girl friend with sons and daughters nag tatatago Lang … Solve your own problem regards priest molisting children … Don’t judge so you will not be judge.. C Duterte s telling the truth that he is a sinner.. Kayo sa totoong Buhay did u confess your sins to God and people ?????