President Benigno Aquino 3rd’s attack on the Supreme Court (SC) did not sit well with Catholic bishops who advised him to accept the High Court’s ruling on the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP).

Stressing that it is the judiciary that interprets the law “with definitiveness in the process of resolving justiciable issues,” the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines (CBCP) urged government leaders to respect the High Court’s unanimous ruling that the DAP is unconstitutional.

“We must respect the Supreme Court. Where there was error, there must be humble admission and immediate rectification,” CBCP President and Lingayen-Dagupan Archbishop Socrates Villegas said.

“The Rule of Law is a fundamental requirement, an objective condition, of the common good. That the Rule of Law at all times [is]safeguarded is therefore a moral concern. When the Rule of Law is compromised, the common good becomes its victim,” he added.

The CBCP issued the statement a day after Aquino questioned the SC decision on the DAP, insisting that the controversial disbursement program was “good.”
On the other hand, some bishops were saddened by the President’s open defiance of the SC ruling and urged him to respect the decision of the court.

“The end does not justify the means. His intention might be good but his means are unconstitutional. He should obey the unanimous decision of the Supreme Court,” Caloocan Bishop Francis de Leon said in an interview at the Church-run Radio Veritas.

Cubao Bishop Honesto Ongtioco also urged the President not to belittle the wisdom of the magistrates.

“Our President should think twice in considering the SC decision, which was unanimous 13-0.We should not belittle the wisdom of our magistrates,” Ongtioco said.

The CBCP president said they are praying that national leaders “may truly be humble and respectful [of]the democratic institutions so that our most sacred freedoms and liberties are always upheld.”

Baguio Bishop Carlito Cenzon called on the public to support the SC as he expressed hope that the High Court will not be affected by the speech of the President.

“Normal lang na magpumilit si Ginoong Presidente na tama siya. Sana higpitan ng Supreme Court ang kanilang desisyon. Sa mga mamamayan, show support to the SC [It is but normal for the President to insist that he is right. I hope that the Supreme Court will tighten its decision. The people should show support to the SC],” he said.

The San Beda College Graduate School of Law dean, Father Ranhillo Aquino, also urged the President to stop bullying the High Court.

Aquino “is always a bully, he bullied [former Chief Justice Renato]Corona and [former Ombudsman Merceditas]Gutierrez, he knows the limit of his power but [he still resorts to bullying], he relies on his popularity with the people. He is not competent to bully the Supreme Court, he is not a student of law, if you disagree with the ruling, you can humbly and respectfully ask for a motion for reconsideration. But do not file a motion for reconsideration by sequestering radio and TV. Very clearly, he is trying to gain the support of the people,” the dean said.


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  1. Bishop are just getting bored,hind na sila nakakapasyal,wala na yong SUV na ibinigay ni madam corrupt ex president GMA.Father R.Aquino i think you should pray some more, you are on the wrong side,may GOD forgive you.

  2. Analyze their opinion and not by them being priest, SC decision should be respected, if even the president does not believe on SC’s decision what is the SC for, or the other way, if the president does not believe with the SC decisions while majority of the Filipino people have their full trust on SC , the president should be replaced or he should step down with dignity and not by forceful ejection.

  3. hoy mga paring butakal wag na kayo makisali para kayong manok putak ng putak
    samantal nanahimik naman kayo ngayon para kayong pinakain ng sili labuyo
    sana kng magaling kayo dapat nag salita na kayo hnd yng ngayon lng hnd kc
    kayo binigyan ni pinoy ng pang gastos nyo kaya putak kayo ng putak diba
    samantala nakaraan Gobyerno puno ang bunga2 nyo ng pera kaya nanahimik kayo
    mag mag patupad nalang kayo ng pinasok nyo ngayon wag na kayo makisali
    mga butakal kayo ok………..


    Every citizen of this country whether they belong to the church in their individual
    capacity has every right to express their opinions on what is going on in this
    country. Rudy Fidelino, you are a doctor and you should at least know better.

  5. Dear Catholic Church and other Churches who cares about our beloved Philippines, and also to Rev. Fr. Ranny Aquino.

    Obviously President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino is sick, very mentally sick, he must be brought to a psychiatrist or psychologist. What he is doing to country is very dangerous and if he will not be treated, he will be a monster who will do anything and everything to impose his presidential powers and will to create chaos in this country. It is now very evident that PNoy is acting like a dictator who believes that what he wants happens regardless if the same is against the law. He used the power of the purse to make the legislative branch do his bidding and let us pray, pray really hard that the Supreme Court does not succumb to the result of the mental incapacity of this incompetent and no-clue president.

  6. Good work CBCP. How come you only spoke about this now? But you were silent during the time of Arroyo? Though a few spoke against her, most were mum. And we know that some of your bishops were receiving pajeros and money donations by the millions. What a bunch of hypocites!

    • Hoy! Why are you using Prof. Magno’s name? What you are doing is very, very dangerous especially that what you are writing is plainly hearsay and not credible. You might end up in jail Pre.


    Fr. Ranhillo Callaghan Aquino is absolutely right, This president is a bully.
    He always insist in getting what he wants regarless of whether it is right or wrong. He is a dictator. If you disagree with him, he will get back at you. Vindictive, a liar
    and and incompetent president.

  8. Rudy Fidelino, M.D. on

    Why is the church in the Philippines so involved in politics? They have more than plenty to worry about looking after the pastoral well being of the Catholic community.

    • If you are really a doctor of medicine Rudy, you should know better. First and foremost, the Catholic Church is run by Filipinos and being citizens of their country they are free to say what they want and if they speak for the Church it is their obligation if it concerns the faithful. Go to Africa and you will find out that the Churches, especially the Catholic Church are deeply involved with anything which concerns their respective citizens. Even in the U.S. if you check on CNN or MSNBC, you will find out also that the Priests, the Nuns are deeply involved in social justice, immigration, public health and so on. In short, affairs in government is one of the concerns of the Church.


    In the light of recent develolpement wherein this president is running into
    collision course with the Supreme Court, I salute the CBCP for making their
    definitive stand to this DAP issue. As it is, this president no longer respect
    the Supreme Court which according the constitution, the final arbiter of legal
    issues presented to it. In a situation like this, it is the responsibility of every
    filipino to show their concern for this country for we are now almost going into a constitutional crisis. But where is the military, the IBP, PCA, the Gabriela, the rest
    of these religious organizations like the Iglesia Ni Cristo, the Jesus Is Lord Movement?
    Where are they, just look at the sidelines and see, No love of country and no concern
    at all? Or afraid that you might not be able to get the support of this evil administration?