• Bizarre and insane: people’s pork barrel initiative?

    Rene Saguisag

    Rene Saguisag

    Good news naman. Kudos to Wesley So, in a sport “where bright, not height, is might.” Computer chum Apollo Bonifacio wrote, “Congratulations to Wesley So—“Filipino Super-Chess Grandmaster” for winning the 17th Unive Chess Tournament at Hoogeven, The Netherlands!!! Dominant So tops elite GM tourney [quoting from last Sunday’s Inquirer]”Filipino Super Grandmaster Wesley So added another sterling entry to his resume by ruling the 17th Unive Chess Tournament in Hoogeveen, the Netherlands, with plenty to spare on Sunday, to rule the elite four-man double round-robin tournament with 4.5 points, . . . The 20-year-old So, a finance business sophomore at Webster University in St. Louis, Missouri, also dominated the 2013 Universiade in Kazan, Russia.

    “Expected to lead the Philippine team in next month’s Southeast Asian Games in Myanmar, So is now ranked 40th in the world.”

    As far as I know, he remains connected with us, which may be more than we can say for the San Francisco Giants’ Fil-Am pitcher Tim Lincecom who just signed a two-year extension for a humongous sum, generating lively conversation. But, more in the news was the bizarre, even insane ways, the third and fourth games of the 2013 World Series ended.

    Unprecedented that a World Series game would be decided by an interference call and maybe equally so is Japanese Koji Uehara picking off a pinch runner at first to end the fourth game. A pinch runner is supposed to avoid such tragic ending. Uehara was the MVP in the American League Championship Series.

    When I was young, we and Japan were evenly matched in baseball. We’re going southward in more ways than one. BTW, I root for Boston in this riveting Series now at 3-2 (as I write), Boston leading. Despite occasional bizarre incidents, I have understood baseball from when I was a grader.

    Politics and public life I may not understand.

    A People’s Initiative (PI) on pork barrel? This I have to see.

    Such an initiative may be possible doing away with term limits and legalizing marijuana. Single issue. But even now, I would like to see how the question is framed on pork barrel. And how much is the exercise going to cost?

    People’s Initiatives may be practical in a State of the Union in the U.S. or in a canton in Switzerland but in a country of a hundred million, permit me to doubt. So the elected cannot be trusted. In the proposed PI, who will be the unelected who will decide, retired Chief Justices or generals, or the unelected Supreme Court, a Milliard-Marchers, NGOs, academics, columnists with conflicting opinions, et al..

    So in condemning an institutional arrangement as a rotten egg, who can lay a better one? Our 1987-92 Senate did not abuse, nor our predecessors. As a teenager during the time of Prez Magsaysay, it was a good time to be alive.

    Then the Marcoses came and nearly ruined all our values, institutions and processes, which the Arroyos nearly completed. Then we elected a non-lying, non-cheating and non-stealing Prez, and hope came back. Blasted as a lightweight, now PNoy’s hit as a dictator.

    But, we will continue to find our way, guided by a Compassionate Providence where we sing and dance in the rain in a country with the longest holiday season.

    In the U.S., Good Friday is not a holiday. Nor is Election Day. If Jinggoy, Manong Johnny and Bong use their passports to leave now for abroad, they will come back for Christmas, dry elsewhere, essentially a one-day thing (but my first Christmas in the U.S. in the snow was great if only because Dulce’ and my love was new). Here, Christmas carols are heard beginning in September. I hope I can hear again what we would sing in Makati Elem, Rizal Hi and when caroling. “Soft as the voice of an angel. . . .” Yes, Whispering Hope. “Wait till the darkness is over. Wait till the tempest is done. Hope for the sunshine tomorrow. After the shower is gone.”

    Happy Undas! Or Halloween.

    The Lenny Villa case is now on its third decade. Joker says Ampatuan will take 200 years to try with scores of accused still at large. Assuming there’s probable cause to charge Manong Johnny, 89, house arrest would be fine. Same with GMA, who from all indications had a botched spinal procedure. Erap had Resthouse Arrest, following Housewife Arrest. Our courts have ample power on ordering where one may be confined. Janet rates special treatment because she’s in a unique position to disclose what she knows about the balyenas.

    People’s Initiative of CJ Rey Puno is not the only remarkable position he has taken. In 2010, there was talk of his being active in junta discussion. Now he questions Rene Corona’s conviction by the people through the national inquest of impeachment, a political process, with the people acting through their duly-elected representatives. Bribery in this country is Kaliwaan not some pie in the sky or distant oil well to be enjoyed long after the fact. Rene tried to join the Million March of about 80,000 and was booed out of it.

    CJ Puno cannot now rattle the bones of a skeleton from which all semblance of life has long departed.

    Unconstitutionally inflicted by GMA, constitutionally removed by the people, Rene was.


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    1. Howdy, I think your site could possibly be having internet browser compatibility issues.

      Whenever I look at your blog in Safari, it looks fine however when opening in I.E., it’s got some overlapping issues.
      I simply wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other than that, wonderful site!

    2. dioscoro vallejos on

      Yaong sobra ang galit kay Pinoy, bakit ba? Dahil nabisto ang mga amo nyo? Any way, weather weather lang yan. Kung sino man ang pumalit kay PNoy, babanatin pa rin. Kaya okay lang PNoy. Hayaan mo lang yan mga kamote. Magiging patatas din ang mga yan. Di ka naman si Erap or si Ate Glo. Hayaan mo na rin talaga, mamamatay din naman tayong lahat. No sense in arguing with tontos. Magigiging tonto ka lang.

    3. much as i respect Mr. Saguisag for his love of the Red Sox, i must depart from his biased opinions. He is by all indication, a Noynoy man. He was already one before, but i sense he struggles to hold on presently.

    4. i think corona was given a fair trial. He was supreme court chief justice & he more than anyone should know when you stand in the dock you give evidence to prove your innocence, what did he do he just stood there & blah blah blah for over 2 hours & just said i am innocent. Ive been investing in the dollar since whenever, if that was the case he should have shown dates with ammounts. But he didnt, why ? because it was a lie. that money in his dollar account was ill gotten money & he got caught with it. Let me tell any of you if the ever investigate you & you have this & that you have to show how you got it, its very simple, look at your life now & you can explain everything, where the money came from to pay for it, get 2 homes totaling more than P100,000,000 & then explain how you got that.

      • You’re dead wrong. Your biased opinion of the Corona’s impeachment proved that you had no values for real court evidence, just like the Corona’s prosecutor.

        I hated Corona before. But watching the impeachment, THEY WERE TALKING ABOUT CORONAS’ MONEY. Not people’s money. They couldn’t find any cent that came from illegal activity.

        I hope you don’t experience the same Kangaroo court in your life. You might not be strong enough like the former CJ and commit suicide.

      • Given that Corona is guilty of non disclosure on his saln, which we rightly have to condemn but now that this info that he was convicted by the senators who have committed a far worse offense of receiving bribes in exchange. The president himself now is accusing the same people of stealing and wants them prosecuted.The other problem is Lacson’s expose that we now borrowed trillions while the govt is claiming we got savings, what gives then. What about the LP members of both houses are they that clean that no one was even charge in spite of the revelations? We can not have selective justice otherwise it is no better than what was happening in the past.

    5. All government abuses (Marcos and Gloria regimes) were one time or another blessed by favorable decisions of the judiciary which are all Lawyers. Except for you and about ten other Lawyers who think like you the Bard’s quote of “first let’s kill all the Lawers” should apply to all existing lawyers of of Nov. 1, 2013. Every political and economic crime has a lawyer in front, middle and back of it. hay naku.

    6. CJ Corona was booed by the Yellow crowd. He was not given a fair trial as what is now unfolding before our eyes. And besides, those people who prosecuted and convicted him maybe are more guilty than he is. They did not face the challenge of the people to open their bank accounts like Corona did.

    7. I am sorry but I completely don’t agree with Mr. senator that Aquino doesn’t lie. ask around not only the rabid yellow like lacierda,

    8. These are the comments and analysis of a brilliant former Senator, Lawyer Rene Sagisag. You are right, This so called legal luminaries are nothing. Ex CJ. Puno is also a rotten egg provoking the citizenry and imploded fabricated lies. The truth of the matter and the issues are those who were stealing from the Govt. and his battlecry is DAP’s illegality, since it did not pass the Congress, it is deemed illegal. That’s why we have a president that was called the Chief Executive. He can exercise that power for having his own Presidential Funds which is intended for unforseen events suchs as typhoons, earthquakes, violence from groups who are sowing terrors to the communities.

      So much posturing from Congress and Senate could derail all his good intentions. Now they were all barking that the works of few corrupts officials can be stop by eliminating the source of it. How about the rest who are so dedicated to alleviate the lives of millions by the use of their PDAF, or DAP. CJ Puno should shoot the Crocodiles, not all the messengers of hope. If I were the President, I’ll simply ignores this idiots.

      • But you are not the president and they may not be idiots. CJ Puno and Panganiban have probably the better intention. They want to protect the people’s money from vultures who may come in many disguises, such as senators and maybe president?