Black ops? Ridiculous – LP


LIBERAL Party (LP) officials on Monday took turns in belying a supposed “black propaganda” to eliminate Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Grace Poe from the presidential race in favor of administration standard bearer Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd.

In separate interviews with The Manila Times, Budget Secretary Florencio “Butch” Abad, Speaker Feliciano Belmonte Jr. and LP spokesman Barry Gutierrez denied hatching insidious legal moves to have Poe disqualified and Binay jailed.

“I absolutely have no knowledge of that. But in this season of partisan politicking, candidates come up with absurdities to attract attention,” said Abad, a member of the so-called Hyatt 10 who broke away from former President Gloria Arroyo.

Belmonte, who is also LP campaign manager, claimed that Binay has “powerful” lawyers who can take care of his legal problems.

“It’s not true. Ridiculous. Regarding Grace, (the) Ombudsman has no say. Regarding Binay, I’m sure he has powerful lawyers with influence in the Ombudsmans office,” the House leader said.

The officials were reacting to a Times report about an alleged plot hatched by the LP with former associates of the defunct powerful law firm, CVC Law, or The Firm to ensure the victory of Roxas by getting rid of his two strongest rivals.

“The agenda is to apply their full might and influence to have Grace disqualified while making sure that Binay is put behind bars,” a source said.

Joey Salgado, one of Binay’s spokesmen, said they are aware of such “dark” legal operations.

Gutierrez dismissed the report as mere rumors.

“VP Binay and Sen Poe’s cases are already being taken up in the appropriate tribunals, following regular processes. These processes are open and have always been open to scrutiny by the public. Mar and Leni (Robredo) have received their fair share of unfair attacks these past few weeks. But they haven’t whined, or complained, or screamed ‘black propaganda!’ at the top of their lungs. Instead they have quietly, calmly, patiently answered every question, issued the necessary clarifications, and taken the appropriate steps to address each issue,” the LP spokesman pointed out.


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  1. Anu ba naman itong inirereklamo nitong si Binay, kapareho ring masasamang gawa sa gobyerno, dahil parepareho kayong masasama ang gawain sa taungbayan, wala kayong maasahang boto sa amin, wala !! Zero kayong lahat, wala rin lang naman kayong mabuting gagawin sa bayan, kundi parepareho kayong magnanakaw. May mga kandidato diyan na matitino at hindi magnanakaw, sya ang iboboto namin, hindi ang kampon ni Mar Roxas, Binay at Poe, walA YAN!!!

  2. Roxas camp has been denyiny they started black propaganda against Poe, Binay, Duterte etc. Oh c’mon don’t fool the people! Tell that to the marines! You guys, the trolls of Mar Roxas, have no integrity to say that. Kapal n’yo ha in fairness. Everybody knows Mar Roxas di lumalaban ng parehas yan.

  3. Dear taxpayers, work pa more! Para maraming campaign funds si Mar Roxas at ang Liberal Party!

  4. And who will believe Binay at this time? Only his stupid lawyers, followers (like Remulla, Quicho, Tiu) and bobotantes that were given a small can of sardines, P500, Jollibee lunch, a kilo of rice. Binay will try everything to make a disinformation campaign to get sympathy from the voters. It was in fact Binay who did everything to bribe justices and include them in his payroll for favorable decisions. The best thing for Binay to do at this time (if he has the balls to do it) is to face the courts or the senate and defend himself instead of badmouthing people. Remember that Binay NEVER did (or say anything ) in his term as VP from 2010-present. What kind of UP graduate is Binay? He can NOT even debate Trillanes. Binay can NOT even face the Senate Inquiry. Binay can NOT even make extemporaneous speeches. Binay runs out of English words when interviewed. And worst of all, Binay does not know how to speak in English. To the Binay family: why don’t you just explain or defend your illegitimate or ill-gotten wealth founded by the AMLC that you deposited in Canada. All charges against you are legitimate and legal. And don’t hide behind the skirts of your lawyers.