Blade-to-blade battle scenario



KNIFE fighting is probably the deadliest aspect of the Filipino martial arts. It is also the training system that is the most sought-after by many elite military forces in different parts of the world because it is simply effective and deadly efficient. I am showing here some techniques of Filipino knife fighting for information purposes only. I strongly advise the readers to look for a highly qualified edged weapons instructor for proper training and understanding of the techniques.

Photo 1 shows two knife fighters in a ready fighting position. Photo 2 shows the two fighters thrusting their weapons at same time (this is called “sabayan”). Photo 3 shows the fighter on the left immediately sidestepping to his left and parrying his opponent’s weapon hand while executing a thrust toward the mid-section. Photo 4 shows a transition done by the fighter on the left to execute another attack. Photo 5 shows a slash to the carotid artery on the side of the neck delivered by the fighter on the left.

Photo 6 shows the slash turning into a final upward thrust toward the heart.

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