Blame Aquino especially for the Laguna and SLEX flooding


I know this is just a result of individual unawareness. Bakit isisi niyo sa pangulo ang ginagawa niyo. Dispose your garbage properly para walang babara sa mga estiro niyo. Pati pa ba yan si aquino pa sumunod sa mga obligasyon niyo? Kahit aning drainage system yan gagawin kung tambakan lang ng basura babaha pa rin yan.

I agree that the dredging will not solve the problem. Unless you great an empty basin that can be filled with the excess water from the metropolitan area during a super rain storm, dredging will not work. The bay will always seek its natural level so dredging will not help when the need for more space for the excess water is needed. That’s just logical! So Pnoy is not to blame, I agree Arroyos plan is the one that was not going to help alleviate that problem. It’s purpose though was to get rid of the silt and garbage that has over the last century was accumulated in the Bay! So dredging is good but not going to be of significant help with the flooding problem.
Ike Carbajal,


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