• Blasting Binay


    I agree with BAYAN, and have said as much: this is obviously a demolition job against Vice President Jejomar Binay, he who has declared his 2016 candidacy—quite unthinkingly, maybe ill-advisedly, I might add—so as to warrant this number of televised Senate inquiries into one Makati Parking Building.

    This, when what we wait for with bated breath is how many others and who exactly this government might offer as fall guys for the Disbursement Acceleration Program’s (DAP) unconstitutionality, if not the continued existence of the fund allocations a la pork barrel for congressmen across the various departments of government.

    The other reaction, of course, has been for the President to imagine that he himself might run for another term. We all know how that went down—the dismay turned to disgust, didn’t it? —and so plan B it seems was D, for demolition.

    Binay could only be first in line. And how!

    No finesse It’s too easy.
    The corruption of the VP as mayor of Makati is stuff of urban legend. And as with manananggals in Manila there is very little proof of it in the news, and even less about the system of corruption that exists in the Makati City Hall.

    But all it takes—as with many-an-exposé—is someone complicit in that system to squeal, ideally with nary anything to gain and everything to lose, hopefully at the most opportune time. It also takes senators “interested” enough in an exposé … este a case, to spend inquiry upon inquiry on it. If it’s televised nationwide, even better.

    All these exist now against the Binays, from that one exposé about the Makati Parking Building, that one that they’ve called world class, but which we are being told ain’t that at all. It’s a building with misspelled office names, broken elevators, non-first class toilets, dark parking lots. Yes, it seems clear that this is overpriced. No, the Senate ain’t doing a good job of focusing on this task of proving this to be true.

    Because they are doing this with hardly any finesse or control. It’s always like a free-for-all in these Senate inquiries, televised nationwide, with displays of Red Ribbon cakes and labeled black bags, political friends turned enemies making grand declarations about their complicity in the corrupt system, even as right now the point is to bury the VP so deep he will not be able to dig himself out and run for President in 2016.

    It doesn’t help that the senator who has facilitated these inquiries, Senator Alan Peter Cayetano, is as out of control, where he thinks nothing of talking about his own political family’s ways and means of running the city of Taguig.

    He forgets that when he reminds us all of Taguig, we are also reminded of the many reasons why this is so obviously a demolition job.

    The dynasty monkey wrench
    Beyond the revelations about the overpriced Makati Parking Building, and given the revelations of political friend-turned-foe Mercado against the Binays, one is given a sense of how this system is something that works, that is condoned, that is but part and parcel of the workings of a city hall as we know it in this country.

    For why else would anyone want to be mayor? Why would anyone want to keep that position so bad so as to have his wife run for office? Or his children? His brother?

    Yes, we are talking about the VP himself, who has had his wife Elenita and son Junjun sit as mayor of Makati, and his daughter Abigal as Congresswoman of Makati, and yet another daughter Nancy won a Senate seat despite all black propaganda against her in 2013.

    But also we are talking about Senator Cayetano having his wife Lani as mayor of Taguig, for which same city he had sat as Congressman, a position that his brother Lino now holds. There’s also another Cayetano senator, lest we forget.

    This kind of political dynasty on the level of the local government exists across this nation, yes? And while we will be fed the press release that this is about families that seek to serve their cities, a finger at the Binays can only make us wonder what exactly is going on in the other dynasty-controlled local governments of this country.

    Patronage politics at its finest
    And when it’s not a family affair, then certainly it’s political patronage at its finest, where the ones who do become mayor or congressman are indebted to the bigger, wealthier, more powerful families of the city—if not of the national government itself. It’s the kind of indebtedness that keeps discussion only on the level of the status quo, that makes certain issues untouchable and un-discussable. It’s the kind of indebtedness that will have a senator or two—or three!—going all tunnel vision on one case, and conveniently setting aside the bigger more critical issue that reveals too many of them to be complicit. That one that we are all waiting for the Senate to discuss at length and in depth, because it’s what we truly want if we are to see change about in our government. The DAP. The continued existence of allocations for members of the House of Representatives. The use of public funds to keep Senators and Congressmen on a leash held by the Executive.

    This is why these countless Senate inquiries about the Makati Parking Building and its contingent issues against the Binays reek of patronage politics. There is something that is being silenced in place of this noise. We all know that the Senate can handle multiple issues, make ‘em all noisy if they want to, at the same time.

    And at this point really, the VP can do nothing else but address the nation and explain, defend himself. In fact he should have done so early on, but he seems to be so ill advised and has been wont to keep quiet, as if waiting for any scandalous accusations to blow over. He has had his children speak, but they seem to be such neophytes at damage control, unlike the best of our politicians. The best of ‘em are standing against the opposition, holding the purse strings of nation, and eyeing political positions that are only possible if the Binays do not get the Presidency ever.

    The circus is in town. It’s got its eye on 2016.


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    1. Alam ko na style ng reporter na to, wala nman tong stand. Wala lang ayaw lang nia makiuso kaya don sia kumakampi sa kabila lol

    2. Surely, Senyor Jojo knows that Nipoy is never an opponent. When push comes to shove, Nipoy will support Senyor Jojo – and Mr. Kho Reena knows that. If Senyor Jojo becomes the head of state, he will surely allow the BIR to check the tax deficiencies of Progressive Develoment, if any, as well as investigate the Bb. Pilipinas Charities franchise. Senyor Jojo may even jail those responsible for the DAP Fiasco but spare Nipoy from any liability jailing instead those Liberal Party guys who masterminded the whole caper for their party. Hence, those who created the DAP may just create an untoward incident to happen to Nipoy so Senyor Jojo can be blamed in the hypothesis that he has the most to gain in case if something untoward happens to Nipoy. Then, they will just hope for a sympathy vote for Mr. Kho Reena.

    3. The reason why the Philippines was left behind in progress is the culture of corruption that is ingrained in our system. Congress is stalling the Freedom of Information Bill and the the Administration is in no hurry to push it.The Supreme Court is mum on this issue although they could have declared this as part of the freedom of speech and of the press .Bureaucracy, Red Tapes are to the point of being so ridiculous and impractical thus impeding the efficiency and speed of government operations. This system is encouraging corruption, bribery, kickbacks , and any form of sleek operation to get things done.Accountability, transparency, responsibility are non existent not until whistle blowers sound their horns or a public outcry or a demonstration happens.The NBI is underfunded, the office of Ombudsman , the Sandigan Bayan and the whole Justice System are so slow and politicized that it takes forever for them to prosecute and convict government or political criminals.Politicians invest millions to buy votes, bribe the Iglesia in Kristo Church to get their endorsement for a big chunk of block votes , buy the media or bribe the press . Winning the elections to them is like winning the jackpot in lottery, or gaining control of a gold mine.Serving the people becomes superficial and their self interest and looting becomes their main focus.

    4. You thought this is the beginning? Come on, it all started on the day he took office. Starting with GMA, now in prison. Next was Corona but Noy have had to pay them greedy lawmakers through DAP, next was the opposition who were stupid enough to declare their intention for higher office. I was caught unaware when they included Binay in their list after dilimna included those Cayetano witnesses in her wpp. Actually it was Cayetano turn to be ruined but the turn of event is a boost for Noy’s plans in 2016 election. Why I was caught unaware was because Binay act as Cory’s shield against the RAM rampage during the coup at the time. Binay protect them all including Noy! However, the next target by this wild administration will be Cayetano himself. Don’t forget the COA finding that the dap of Cayetano was used illegally in Taguig. Oh those two senators dont know what will become of them by next year. About Binay? Sabi nga ni Erap ay pupulutin siya sa kangkungan. He should open his eyes.

    5. What many of us have in mind you have articulated succinctly and I Thank you for it. You do have the benefit of a medium to express your observations/opinions/longings and the talent to express them well. I regularly read your column and wish you all the best keep up with your fine work. Perhaps somewhere along the way we might still see a transformation in our country but that’s cutting it very thin.

    6. Being one of spin master of the VP, may I ask you a simple question? Why are you labeling the corruption charges against the VP as politicking and a demolition job? I thought if you are running for the highest position of the land, you will be open for public scrutiny. Is he an exception to the rule because he is the VP? Why dodge the issue of corruption, if he is honest he will be rewarded the highest office of the land,