• Blazing trails with Chevrolet’s newest brand ambassadors


    D3---Chevry-Zoner20160301LEADING car brand Chevrolet recently named the newest ambassadors to proudly carry the company’s signature bowtie brand. With the company going full throttle, the brand focuses on the family-oriented nature of its automotive line by choosing celebrity father and son Zoren Leagspi and Maverick Legaspi to be the new faces of Chevrolet.

    “We are very happy to have Zoren Legaspi and his son Mavy onboard with our efforts to get more Filipino families to love a Chevy,” said lawyer Albert Arcilla, president and managing director of Chevrolet Philippines. “The dynamics between this father and son duo capture what our brand represents, that Chevrolet cars are built for the joy of a great driving experience and for creating happy memories road trips with family and friends.”

    Chevrolet Philippines offers the market more than just the promise of comfort and convenience through their automotive products and services; they support the values of family bonding, the passing of wisdom and how a son learns life lessons from his father.

    Through The Covenant Car Company Inc. (TCCCI), exclusive importer and distributor of Chevrolet cars in the Philippines, the brand enjoyed steady improvement in the local market after posting an industry best 59.1 percent growth in 2014 with a year that saw its dealership network grow 25-strong in 2015.

    Now that it gears up for an exciting 2016, the brand turns its spotlight to one of its flagship models, the Chevrolet Trailblazer. Considered as one of the top sports utility vehicles in the market to date, the Trailblazer boasts best-in-class power and torque that outperforms its counterparts in the mid-sized segment.

    There’s no better way to showcase the Trailblazer’s impressive performance, active safety features and go-anywhere capability than seeing it go through the paces of the Legaspi family’s different lifestyle needs.

    “My idea of relaxation is staying at home. But with the family, we usually take a trip to our house in Batangas during long weekends. That’s the time when we have our travel bonding moments,” Zoren explained.

    And what does he drive when he takes his family on long rides? “I love cars but I’ve always been a 4×4 guy. I’ve owned a lot of 4×4 vehicles, the most recent one being the Chevrolet Trailblazer,” Legaspi said. “What I like about it is it does give you that height and that stance that commands respect on the road. I want a car that has an imposing appearance, not because I want to be a bully on the road, but because of the road conditions we have here. When you’re behind the Trailblazer, you feel confident.”

    Now that his son Mavy is growing up to be a man, Zoren is slowly giving him useful tips when he finally gets his turn behind the wheel. “My first tip to him is to have a very safe car. Given the environment here, it’s important to have an all-purpose vehicle,” Zoren said.

    Already 15, Mavy is shedding off his boyish image and trading it for a more grown up persona. “I feel that it’s time for people to see me differently. Before, people see me as a kid. But now that I’m a teenager already, ” Mavy explained.

    Besides sharing his dad’s passion for sports, being a tennis player during his younger days and now turning his attention towards basketball, biking and running, Mavy reveals another thing he has in common with Zoren. “I’m really not into exotic super cars. Like my dad, I’m in to 4x4s as well.”

    To get an inside look at how this strong relationship between Zoren and Mavy works, Chevrolet teamed up with award-winning director Paul Soriano to produce the first in a series of video materials entitled “May Love Na Si Mavy?” and “Love this Chevy!”

    The material showcases the dynamics of their father and son bond as they go through their activities together. From out-of-town bike trips, city commutes to and from basketball practices, to quality time at home, Zoren and Mavy share their personal experiences all with the Chevrolet Trailblazer.


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