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GUESS WHO? When in doubt, ask. In the case of a showbiz mother (SM), she wasn’t content at asking; she had to conduct an investigation herself.

Observers note how materialistic SM is as she wants her singer/actress-daughter (SAD) to fall only for a guy from a well-to-do family. No more, no less.

Cynical about the family background of SAD’s then-persistent suitor, SM engaged the services of a private detective whom she ordered to check out the guy’s ancestral home in his native southern province.

Not completely satisfied with the spy’s report, SM decided to fly out to the guy’s place herself. As soon as she got there, SM began asking the locals if they knew the guy’s family. “Of course!” one of them exclaimed, “You’re actually standing on their property.”

Apparently half-convinced, SM hired a driver on a special trip this time en route to a large fishpond. She eagerly wanted to find out where the assorted fresh seafood she’d often get as pasalubong from the guy (whenever he arrived in Manila) came from.

To her bigger surprise, SM was told: “Ma’am, pag-aari po nila ito.” The SM could only scream, “Yes! Sasabihin ko sa anak ko na sagutin na niya ‘yung guy!”

SAD and the guy have finally hit it off.

* * *

A world-class singer (WCS) is having a hard time getting a home service for her nails these days—blame it on her barya-barya tip she gives.

Once WCS made an urgent call to her favorite nail salon requesting for an available staffer to come to her house. “This is (her name), is (staffer’s name) there?”

It turned out that the girl she was looking for was seated right beside the person who picked up the call. “Tell her I’m out with a client,” the girl whispered.

WCS then began rattling off other names of girls who did her nails before. “Ma’am, wala rin po sila. ‘Yung iba po, nakasalang sa kustomer,” the salon secretary said.

Little did WCS know that the home service girl had already told her co-workers about her sad experience, “Magti-tip siya, beinte pesos? ‘Di bale na lang!”

* * *

Like what most people often say, a mother is a mother no matter what.

For many years now, this showbiz mom (SM) had been separated from her husband and is now living with her dance instructor in an exclusive subdivision.

Since she left their house, her estranged husband wouldn’t allow their showbiz daughters (SD) to even pay her a visit. Obedient as they are, the SDs wouldn’t dare bend their father’s rule.

Between the two SDs, however, the younger one—who’s more attached to her mom—no longer minds if her resentful dad finds out about her regular visits to her mom.

“Bali-baligtarin man ang mundo, nanay ko pa rin siya. Iniwan man niya kami ng tatay namin, she’s still our mom and we owe our lives to her,” the younger SD was said to have told her close friends.

She further went on to say that her parents’ separation should not be solely blamed on her mom. “Mahigpit kasi sa pera ‘yung tatay nung magkapatid. At dinig namin, the mom was a victim of physical battery,” our source disclosed.


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