• Blind side


    IT is astounding, the way so many have fallen silent about the irregularities and abnormalities that happened during the May 9 elections. If one weren’t listening to the quiet, one would think what we had was the cleanest, most honest and credible election ever. That of course is not true.

    Apparently this democracy that prides itself in being partial to the truth, and which demands of its government officials and institutions honesty and integrity, can also decide to be blind to an electoral crisis.

    Silence over COMELEC
    Let us stop with the assertion that those who saw or experienced problems with this election and those who question its results must be the ones to provide proof of this crisis. The Commission on Elections (COMELEC) is a government office in the service of the electorate. It is their responsibility to respond to nation’s questions about election irregularities, as it is their commitment to “conduct clean, credible, free, honest, orderly and modernized electoral exercises and to empower the electorate toward a vibrant Philippine democracy.” (COMELEC website)

    To demand that all of us who were surprised to see our names on voters’ lists, or surprised to find that it was not there, to demand that each and every Juan and Juana file a complaint about not being able to vote because of dysfunctional voting-machines, is to already absolve COMELEC of its responsibility to each and every voter. It is to dismiss the complaints and news reports the way COMELEC has: file complaints and then we will respond.

    In the meantime, we will tell the world that the problems were so minor it didn’t affect election results anyway. Yes, that sounds horrible from an institution that’s mandated to protect the sanctity of the vote. Even more so when you realize that this is the same COMELEC and Smartmatic that has faced reports of electoral fraud and irregularities in 2010 and 2013.

    COMELEC Resolution No. 10083
    It seems the stage was set for us to ask even more questions in 2016.

    Under the Omnibus Election Code, “A pre-proclamation controversy refers to any question pertaining to or affecting the proceedings of the board of canvassers which may be raised by any candidate or by any registered political party or coalition of political parties … in relation to the preparation, transmission, receipt, custody and appreciation of the election returns.”

    In March, less than two months before the May elections, COMELEC Resolution No. 10083 was promulgated (as per the COMELEC website). It stated that: “There shall be no pre-proclamation cases on issues/controversies relating to the generation/printing, transmission, receipt and custody, and appreciation of ERs or the COCs.”

    This pretty much disallows anyone at all from filing a pre-proclamation complaint connected to any vote counting irregularities or election anomalies.

    Thus the insistence that Bongbong Marcos wait until after the proclamation of Leni Robredo before he files his complaint. Thus making it possible that the canvassing of the joint session of Senate and Congress will just give us a whole lot of “Noteds” for every point raised about the results.

    We saw that happen in the 2010 elections, and we let it slide. And where did that bring us? To 2016 elections that are being bogged down with even more questions.

    The anti-Bongbong crisis
    But it seems the COMELEC can count on the anti-Bongbong sentiment to survive this crisis unscathed.

    Which is to say it has become more important to keep Bongbong off that VP seat, than to make sure that elections are credible, with all votes counted, all irregularities brought to light, all questions answered.

    The anti-Bongbong crisis is such that we cannot in any way agree with him. When he said that he thinks only the Liberal Party is capable of cheating, we laughed at him and reminded him that his father cheated in elections, too—never mind that that doesn’t say anything about him at all. When he demanded for a system audit, we echoed COMELEC and asked him for proof that a system audit is needed at all—never mind that as a candidate and Senator he has a right to demand it, never mind that all of us who voted in this election actually deserve that audit.

    When he did his Privilege Speech in the Senate on Monday, we enjoyed the fact that the President’s creation of a new Department of ICT got more media mileage. When he says anything at all in relation to justice and fairness in this election, we respond by talking about the sins of his family, never mind that these are two very different things.

    Not listening, not data analysis
    More than not listening to Bongbong, it seems we’re not listening to ourselves anymore. What are we sacrificing in the name of this anti-Marcos stance at this point in time? What kind of elections are we looking at in 2019 and 2022, if we let the COMELEC-Smartmatic combo get away with elections like this last one yet again?

    It’s not even about how data is analyzed at this point—in fact that is all beside the point now. It’s about whether or not the data that is being presented to us by COMELEC is itself credible. For both the 2010 and 2013 elections, and for 2016, it is the data released by the vote-counting machines that is in question.

    Through a system audit, we can get proof of any irregularities or fraud. That would be the only step to take if what we want are credible and honest elections, where all votes are counted and the right to suffrage respected.

    The question really is why don’t we all want this for our nation?


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    1. Open the VCM servers for audit to finally solve once and for all that the elections wasn’t rigged.Bakit takot ang Comolec.

    2. Salamat Delfin.

      OO mark del rosario, sasabihin niya pa rin yan pagkat ito ay tungkol sa pagkakaroon ng makatotohanang eleksyon. 2010, 2013, 2016 elections had been decided by Smartmatic. This year the Filipinos were again outsmarted by Smartmatic. First world countries shun Smartmatic because of their history of frauds.

      PILIPINO kayo pero pinapayagan niyong dayuhan ang makialam, magpatakbo sa inyong eleksyon.

    3. xavier mirasol on

      it is quite simple really you cannot audit what is not yet finish, and you cannot open the data source and check until it is finish because to do so may actually affect the result because all insecurity is based on access.
      all have the rights to complaint i too believe that it should be open but to do so when the count is not yet official will bring forth more problem than the proposed solution.
      another problem is both legal view and scientific view assumption are not valid.
      Let us indeed check the records but as of now the question is moot. Brilliantes. Marcos lawyer have the same idea, that you cannot question what is not yet official, you cannot recount what is not final

    4. I agree with your observation Mam Katrina. Aside from the refusal of the COMELEC to open the Computer servers to the outside IT experts from NBI,PNP and other political parties and their instructions to voters not to take out the vcm issued receipts,the no touch of the coc’s by the election inspectors of the political candidates,cold acceptance of the valid complaints and suggestions to proclaim separately the proclamation of the President and Vice President until issues are cleared so that credibility of the election is beyond reproach and beyond doubt but all restrictions was designed to cover up election irregularities. The COMELEC was mandated and sustained by our tax money in order to conduct transparent, honest, impartial election then they should initiate to prove the honest and transparent conduct of May 09,2016 election by not allowing Mr. Marlon Garcia have access to the pass code to operate the transparency server and changed the script or command! Such open violation of Smartmatic and COMELEC officials had caused distrust and doubts from the concerned patriotic Filipinos,who are tired of vote manipulation and dishonesty in COMELEC every election! The chairman obviously wants the Filipinos to accept their so called official statement as a gospel truth with out any questions! The best move for COMELEC officials to prove that they are for honest .clean,transparent,credible and beyond question election is to immediately ask the inspections of the Transparency server from the NBI, PNP,Political IT experts after Mr. Marlon Garcia introduced or inserted a new script to the vote counting machine server. But the mere fact that Chairman Bautista echoed what Mr. Garcia said that his insertion of character ? and ~n is just cosmetic. That is not true in computer system because any character change will alter everything just like pass code can not be access if we insert even just one wrong character! But if Comelec officials are able to subvert,trample the voice of the people with out punishment then their is abuse and misused of their entrusted authority. In such case, the COMELEC officials and Smart Matic executives is conspiring to trample the voice of the Filipino people,who paid the election in the amount of almost P10 Billion!The COMELEC must do everything to assure all candidates by enforcing the election impartially. But in this case it is open secret the collusions of those in position together with Smartmatic officals to buy the untested and unreliable VCM machines wherein ont COMELEC IT and Smart Matic have the control and to accept whatever they say as gospel truth. This is using their position to gain priveleges and riches for themselves,their relatives and friends! The COMELEC officials and the present administration are acting as if they are above the law! The COMELEC are is allegedly currently being percieved to be committing election fraud with impunity! But we pray that they will repent as they read the word of God and do what is right! . . Proverbs 14:34New American Standard Bible (NASB)
      34 Righteousness exalts a nation,
      But sin is a disgrace to any people. Proverbs 6:16-19New King James Version (NKJV)

      16 These six things the Lord hates,
      Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
      17 A proud look,
      A lying tongue,
      Hands that shed innocent blood,
      18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
      Feet that are swift in running to evil,
      19 A false witness who speaks lies,
      And one who sows discord among brethren. God protect this nation and touch the hearts of the elites,the billionaires,oligarchs to love our nation so that Justice and righteousness will prevail!

    5. My question is why do we say the government has turned a blind eye when all complainants were open and free ti file complaints? Another question is, how difficult is it to file complaints that this article makes it appear the governement has made it a burden for amcomplainant to file a case of irregularities? What are the procedures defined prior to elections? I honestly do not know the answer to these questions, but if it was established that we have to finish the canvassing before anyone can file complaints, isnt that reasonable? What my poor knowledge tells me is that an audit ia done to check or verify the election counts, i hope i am right. Now why do we do an audit if the canvassing has not been done yet? And what are the security measures in place or offered by the Marcos camp to ensure the elction results will not be manipulated by the auditing itself. If any candidate can raise assumptions and suspicions anytime in every election, then this can become a precedent that can be abused by other candidates to open the electoral process to manipulation, am i right? just sharing my thoughts and hoping for an answer. Thanks sa sasagot. Sorry i have too many questions.

    6. Prinze Fisher on

      The current COMELEC is part of the grand orchestration to manipulate the May 09 elections in favor of the greedy few. Greedy opportunists won!!! They won’t cringe to their bones, they’re numb already.

      Leaders in the likes of Dr. Jose Rizal, Gat. Andres Bonifacio, and Gen. Antonio Luna, were no more in these days. The true Filipino identity was lost since.

    7. I have the same question too. After all that I have read and seen, I realized that most of us are blinded by hate and forgot to be objective.

    8. Agree. I dont understand either. If COMELEC is really clean and had allowed BBM team to do the audit, Then the audit could have been completed by now before the canvassing. Then we can trully say that automated election was very clean, except for the usual vote buying, harassment and declare without a doubt ALL WINNERS (including senators and local officials).

    9. Given all the historical issues raised against BBM, we may as well rake up the alleged
      pro-Japanese stance of both grandparents of the Aquino (Bam and Noynoy) and Marcos dynasties (plus KKK and Kamaganak,Inc. and the cronies, Blue Ladies who turned yellow, etc)
      However, the opportunity to forever be rid of Smartmatic and their sins, should be the main option and gameplan at this point. We can not retain their machinations anymore!

    10. Gonzalez patrick on

      Ms katrina, ang botohan last may 9 ay credible at honest.

      Walang ebidensya na maipakita ang kahit anong sides na magpapatunay sa alegasyon ng dayaan.

      Itong mga nabanggit mo ay puro speculations.

      Isa ka sa katulad ng kampo ni marcos, imelda papin, jojo binay , mga matalong konsehal at alfredo lim , pare pareho ng accusation na pinapalutang.

      May konti ka kaibahan dahil english column ang vehicle mo sa pag akusa.

      Dapat ka seryosohin pero kahit ano gawin ko , ang mga idea mo ay hindi naglalaman ng kahit anong puede pagkunan ng tamang analysis.

      • Isa kang bulag sa katotohan. Isa kang tuta ng dilawang kulto. Tapos na ang maliligayang araw ng mga dilaw, isa isa silang makukulong kasama na ng presidente mong inutil.

      • Hindi naglalaman ng kahit anong puede pagkunan ng tamang analysis????

        Ikaw na nga ang nagsabing “english column ang vehicle mo sa pag akusa”.

        Pag-aralan mo kasing mabuti yung English banat ni Katrina at saka ka mag-analyze para sumaya ang buhay mo.

      • Kung ang institusyong inatasan na pangalagaan ang boto ng mamayan upang ang integredad at credibilidad ng mga opisyal na naatasan mangalaga ay ginagamit ang posisyon upang takpan ang tunay na bose ng mga tao ay mananatili ang walang humpay na pagyurak nila sa karapatan bumoto ng malaya. Sa ganyang nakasanayang gawain tuwing eleksion ay patuloy na mangungurap ang mga opisyal.Tawag po dyan ay bantay salakay upang manatili sa posisyon at patuloy ang pagtakip nila sa iregularidad noong nakaraan na eleksion hangga ngayon. Wala pong masama kung buksan o phintulutan ng COMELEC ang computer servers na mainspeksion ng madla kung hangad nila ay ilantad na sensiro sila na may credibilidad ang awtomated eleksyon. Pero kung hinadlangan ang agarang inspeksyon ay lalong kadudaduda ang resulta ng Mayo 9,2016 eleksyon. Obvious sa mga tao na ginagamit ng COMELEC opisyales ang posisyon upang takpan ang katotohanan dahil ayaw agad pabuksan ang Computer servers sa mga IT experts ng NBI,PNP at Senator Marcos! Kung walang tinatakapan ay dapat sila manguna na magimbita upang isagawa ang impartial ant makatarungang inbestigasyon. The word of God describe such corrupt act of impunity by government officials na walang humpay magsagawa ng katiwalian. Hindi po nalilingid yan na ganyan ang sistema kayat makits natin na lahat ng tao na walang pakialam at walng pagmamahal sa Bansa ay lagi sinasabi na opinion lang at walang ebedensya. Natural na ang mga korap na opisyal ay gawin lahat para pigilan at takpan malantag ang katotohanan! Proverbs 6:16-19New King James Version (NKJV)

        16 These six things the Lord hates,
        Yes, seven are an abomination to Him:
        17 A proud look,
        A lying tongue,
        Hands that shed innocent blood,
        18 A heart that devises wicked plans,
        Feet that are swift in running to evil,
        19 A false witness who speaks lies,
        And one who sows discord among brethren. Maawaing Dios. Patnubayan mo mga opisyales namin upang ang hustisya ang panaigin sa CoMELEC para ang dignidad ng iyong Bayan ay maibalik! God Bless the Philippines!

      • mark del rosario on

        Hahaha. Pero pag natalo ang manok mong si Leni, sasabihin mo rin b yan? Hhaha