• Blk—makeup by Anne Curtis


    Celebrated actress, TV host, recording artist, endorser, author and all-around media darling.

    Anne Curtis sure has achieved so much in life, and now, she adds another feather on her cap as she finally launched her very own makeup line, blk cosmetics.

    As a beauty icon herself, it is only fitting that Curtis’ most recent venture is one that indulges her kikay side.

    “Makeup is something I’m very passionate about. It’s part of who I am,” Curtis told reporters during the launch.

    Anne Curtis is poised to empower other Filipino women with the confidence that makeup brings

    To bring her passion project to life, she partnered with businesswoman and beauty maven Jacqe Yuengtian Gutierrez to create a one-of-a kind makeup line.

    Why blk cometics? Curtis explained, “The brand is called blk, which is short for black. Why we chose black is because it really represents for being timeless, uncomplicated. So that was really the inspiration behind it, that everyone can have an uncomplicated beauty regimen with the right products. We really wanted to come up with the idea to create quality products that make it uncomplicated to piece yourself together.”

    “However, unlike many other cosmetic products available in the market today, blk aims to stand out by going back to basics. We’re not trying to sell numerous complicated products to women. Our goal is to keep things simple,” Gutierrez, also the brand’s chief executive officer said. “Plus, I’m also proud of the fact that we are one of the few local brands that has an official cruelty-free certification from PETA,” she added,

    With how involved Curtis is in the process, Gutierrez added that from the color matching, designs, the photos, choosing the graphic design, Curtis is on top of everything.

    Red has always been her signature lip color

    “This has taken me six years [to plan]. This time, I really pushed through with it. I was going to do it alone at first, then I stopped because I was afraid. I had so many opportunities of working with other brands. And I thought baka di na matutuloy. I guess that was the biggest hurdle of actually making it happen and pushing for it. I just thought that was the biggest hurdle I had coming up with my own makeup brand,” Curtis said when asked on the biggest challenge she experienced from creating a makeup line from scratch.

    “But all the planning. All the shooting, All of the colors. Finding the packaging. Those are the most fun part, especially when you have a vision and you see it coming together. It gives me so much kilig. I’m super hands on, in our first photo shoot I wasn’t happy with it. I said ‘can we please shoot again as I have a different view for this brand?’ And it happened, we reshot everything and the final outcome was what I wanted for the brand,” she shared.

    According to her, blk cosmetics is out to give women what they really need—meaning, products that they’ll really use—while also leaving room for play. The items in the blk makeup line, particularly the lipsticks, come in a wide range of gorgeous, wearable shades that make it easy for the wearer to change up the look from day to day.

    Liquid eyeliner

    “My signature trademark lipstick color is red. I feel like it has become my lucky color. So whenever I use red lipstick, it’s a top choice between matte lipstick or a liquid lipstick. On regular days, it really depends on my mood, like a chameleon. I like to blend in with what the weather is, or how my day is going. I love trying many different looks, but I have that one trademark that I always go back to.”

    Despite of the luxu­rious look of the cosmetic items, blk is very affordable costing around just P299 to P499.

    “We felt that there is a scarcity of high-quality brands in this price segment, so there is clearly an opportunity to introduce a brand like blk. We’re out to prove that luxe-looking, premium makeup doesn’t have to be a splurge,” Gutierrez said.

    Curtis finally said that she is poised to empower other Filipino women with the confidence that makeup brings, in the same way that it has empowered her. And because of this, she said that women can expect more products to be launched in the latter part of this year and the first quarter of 2018.

    “I did so much research. The reason why I decided to do this because all my followers and all my friends are asking me what my lipstick color is, what am I using. It’s really what I want to bring to them. Having good quality products that’s attainable for them. You get super nice quality cosmetics. That’s why I’m so excited, I’ve done all my research. Now it’s just a matter of making it happen next year,” she ended.

    Curtis made sure that her makeup line is affordable for everyone

    BLK will be exclusively sold in top Watsons stores nationwide and online through www.blkcosmetics.com.ph.


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