Blood will probably flow if . . .


Several hours before Vice President Jejomar C. Binay went on national TV on Wednesday, to confirm his Cabinet resignation and make his first public statement against President B. S. Aquino 3rd, a CEO close to PNoy told me that Malacañang and the ruling Liberal Party were having a serious “rethink” on Binay after his resignation on Monday. They apparently anticipated Binay’s TV address and decided not to engage–“stand down” as Pnoy famously put it on January 25, 2015 to the military reinforcement units at Mamasapano.

Malacañang’s original plan was to force Binay to abandon his presidential bid by sending him, or his wife (the former mayor of Makati, Dr. Elenita Binay), or his son (the current mayor of MakatI, Jejomar Erwin Binay Jr.), or all of them at once to jail on some non-bailable criminal charges, or by pushing him out of office so that PNoy could name a new Vice President in his place, who could take over as President should he decide to seek political shelter in Johor or elsewhere while the government remains in friendly hands.

They have apparently decided that Binay has been sufficiently demolished to the point of harmlessness and insignificance by all the corruption charges that have been hurled against him, and by the sudden drop in his “popularity rating,” and could then be “allowed to run” for President, without affecting Malacañang’s say on results of the 2016 elections. So none of the Binays would be jailed; a threatened suspension order on Mayor Junjun over the case involving the Makati Science High School building would no longer be served; and neither Malacañang nor the LP would have to worry about any “sympathy votes” for the Vice President.

It appears that Binay has won a reprieve from his political enemies, some of whom apparently believe that with him out of the Cabinet and his propaganda ratings down, the irreparably colorless and dysfunctional Secretary of the Interior and Local Government, Mar Roxas, now stands a fighting chance as the LP presidential candidate. But if we are looking at Roxas, we are looking at the wrong party. The nation stands in great danger, not from Roxas who could still “lose unopposed,” especially if his celebrated spouse becomes his chief campaigner, but rather from Sen. Grace Poe Llamanzares, whom some oligarchs would like to inflict upon the nation as their President.

At their behest, the propaganda fraudsters have already put her on top of their skewed “surveys.” They now portray her as the 2016 “presidential frontrunner,” and also the top choice for Vice President, despite the fact that she is not a natural-born Filipino and therefore not qualified, under the Constitution, to run for President, Vice President, senator or member of the House of Representatives. They go further by making her “the best performing senator” despite her having suppressed from public perusal and sent to the archives the Senate committee report on its official inquiry into the Mamasapano massacre of the 44 Special Action Force police commandos on an anti-terrorist mission on January 25, 2015. This was as big and outrageous a crime as the 19 senator-judges each accepting bribes of P50 million and more from Pnoy (Senate President, P100 million; Chiz Escudero, P98 million) to convict and remove Chief Justice Renato Corona on a highly questionable offense.

As head of the Senate Committee on Public Order, Grace Poe’s duty was to find out under what circumstances the 44 SAF commandos were killed, and why PNoy, having assumed direct control of the commando operation, ordered the reinforcement units to stand down when they were most needed. Yet Grace Poe decided to suppress this report, to shield PNoy from his clear culpability for the death of the 44 commandos. According to my latest information, the SAF widows are filing murder charges in the next few days against those responsible for the death of their husbands in the hands of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters. We pray the good senator will not be implicated for suppressing the Senate report.

Grace Poe has acquired a persona bigger than reality and without any relationship whatsoever to her private and public life. So some of the biggest oligarchs would like to impose her upon the population as their presidential candidate despite her not being qualified for the office. And they seem convinced there’s no stopping it.

Binay used to lead all the “trust surveys” by the country’s two notorious polling firms, before they decided to prop her up. Despite sustained accusations of wrongdoing while he was still mayor of Makati, his trust rating remained high, especially outside of Metro Manila where people have not followed closely the barrage of anti-Binay stories from the Senate blue ribbon sub-committee.

But simply by playing around with the number of respondents in Metro Manila, the rest of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, SWS, which is owned and controlled by Grace Poe’s adoptive uncle, Mahar Mangahas, put Poe on top of its June 5 to 8 propaganda survey. In an analysis that first appeared on Facebook, former Biliran congressman Glenn Chong, a CPA-lawyer and convenor of the Citizens for Clean and Credible Elections, tries to explain the phenomenon.

The fraudster did not have to ask the “samples” or respondents leading questions this time. Simply by drawing 300 “samples” from each of the four geographic sites involved, regardless of each site’s voting strength, SWS loaded the survey in favor of Poe. This was done by getting more respondents from Metro Manila,Visayas and Mindanao where there were more potential Poe supporters, and not enough respondents from the rest of Luzon where there were more potential Binay supporters.

Both the demolition jobs on Binay and Poe’s precocious campaign have been felt most strongly in Metro Manila, mainly because it is the nation’s media capital, and in the Visayas, where she comes from. In the rest of Luzon, where Binay traces his roots, SWS failed to put in enough respondents corresponding to the size of the voting population. Were the voters-to-respondents ratio properly followed, Chong suggests, Metro Manila, with a voting population of 5,996,193 or 11.53 percent of the national voting population of 52,006,910 (as of October 2013), should have had 138 respondents only, not 300. Visayas, with a voting population of 10,735,024 or 20.64 percent of the total, should have had 248 only, not 300. Mindanao, with a population slightly bigger than that of the Visayas, and where Grace Poe’s adoptive father, the late Fernando Poe Jr., used to have a large following as an action star, should have had 277 only. On the other hand, the rest of Luzon, with a voting population of 23,277,506 or 44.76 percent of the total, should have had 537, not just 300.

The danger lies not so much in the larger-than-life myth being created in favor of Grace Poe. Sooner or later, her true character will be revealed, and the myths about her exposed for their real worth. More questions would be asked. And more people would have a less idealized view of every aspect of her personal life. How heavily does she smoke and drink? How many cuss words does she use in one sentence when talking to small people and lowly subordinates? Does she throw things in a fit? How faithful is she to any oath she has taken in her life? Will the religious sisters who support her now still support her when they get to know the real Grace Poe outside of her public image?

Her propagandists will now use the survey results to condition the minds of the voters. That’s dangerous enough. But it’s still part of the electoral game, if you can stand it: they will try to fool as many people as they can in favor of their unworthy candidate. It’s your own lookout. The voter who votes for a candidate who is sold to the public as “popular” rather than as one who is truly virtuous and competent is likely to be fooled. So from one election to another, the naïve and gullible voters are fooled.

The real danger lies in any part of the public accepting the survey “results” as gospel truth, the cheating syndicates using those “results” as their guide to produce the predicted results and the public “celebrating” everything the cheating machine churns out. This is the evil that plagued our past elections, and allowed the fraudsters to paint their electoral crime as a service to the electorate. Now, the danger has grown beyond all proportions, as big business decided to promote as presidential candidate a political opportunist whom they know is not constitutionally qualified for the office she seeks.

Our biggest problem with Grace Poe is not Grace Poe alone, but the oligarchs who want to own her as President. They want to enthrone her as President not because of anything related to the common good or the national interest, but because they believe they, the economic oligarchy, should be running government. They would like to own the country by owning the President first. They seem convinced that with all their money they could open a road for Grace Poe anywhere, even through a dead end where the Constitution has built a wall that cannot be breached.

They seem to believe that should the case ever get to the Supreme Court, they would have no problem, given their money, power and influence, in persuading the SC justices to rule that a politician who had no known nationality from birth, and had to go through a legal process to become a Filipino citizen at a young age; a second legal process later in life to denounce and abjure totally and entirely her Philippine citizenship and become a citizen of the United States; a third legal process to renounce her US citizenship after accepting a Philippine government position that required a Philippine citizenship; and a fourth legal process to reacquire her Philippine citizenship before running for the Senate is actually a “natural-born” Filipino citizen–a term used by the Constitution to define a Filipino citizen from birth who does not have “to perform any act to acquire or perfect [her]Philippine citizenship.”

Big business’ brazen attempt to openly control the electoral process completes the idiotization of our politics. It must be stopped. If Aquino believes the only way for him to escape prosecution and punishment for all his unpunished crimes is to throw away the Constitution, common sense and the rules of fair play in order to allow big business to own Grace Poe as President, then the nation may not have seen the worst yet. Blood will probably flow if Aquino fails to stop this madness.


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  1. Binay hanggang ngayon ba wala ka pang maisip na sagot tungkol corruption
    accusations sa’yo.

  2. sila sila nagbabangayan ngaun. di ba magkakasama pa nga kayo sa EDSA 1,?? . KAYA KAYONG MGA MAGKAKASAMA SA EDSA 1 AY PAREHO PAREHOn LANG ANG BAHO NINYO…Nagmamalinis, mahiya kayo sa kulay ninyo. pare pareho kayong unyango. Kung saan ang pera nanduon kayo….. Ano ang ginawa ninyo sa bayan na mga dilawan na oligarch?? pinagsamantalahan ninyo ang kaban ng bayan.. pare pareho kayong mga magnanakaw.. magkakasama kayo sa EDSA 1.. ngayon nag aaway away kayo… Inutil na gobyernong magnanakaw. Si Bong Bong Marcos lang matino sa inyo. May malasakit sa mamayan at sa bansa. tingnan ninyo ang Ilocost norte mura ang kuryente dahil sa windmills at solar power. Iyan ba naisip nitong mga pulitikong ito?? puro pagnanakaw ang ginawa ninyo mula ng mawala ang marcoses… mabuti kung pinagpatuloy ninyo ang proyekto ni marcos, eh hindi. ang masama pa niyan, ibenenta pa ng gobyernong dilawan sa private kaya lalong naghirap ang mamayan. tulad ng LRT at MRT… para sa publiko iyan, ginawa ninyong private..mga animal kayo…

  3. Kung ang pagpipilian this coming pres election ay puro evil, lesser or greater man, i would rather stay out of the poll and not be part of the moro-moro. Mabuti pa join na lang duterte revolutionary government without the fancy election ran by smartmatic hukos pcos machines.

  4. Kevin Feluciane on

    What kind of experience does Grace Poe have to protect her country from invasion? . The most important job of a president is to build up the economy of her country, Is her senatorial experience enough for her to be able to solve the country’s major economic problem? Will she be able to build the capital to finance military ventures, social programs, and financial growth in their country?

    We shouldnt vote for popularity. We shouldnt base our votes on paid surveys like SWS / Pulse Asia and what not.

    Think Filipinos. Think

  5. genesisbughaw on

    Ba’t nga po ganun? pag sa media puro sila mukhang maayos piro yun na nga po para silang nasa loob ng isang kural ni Wang Bo na nag o oink oinkan pag sinuri ang bawa’t isa sa kanilang mga pinagagawa.

  6. Tatad, Maceda, Saludo at iba pa hot na hot na kayong magkapera dahil it’s election time again. Sinusuka kayo nang Brayan.
    Like Tatad and Maceda they will root for anyone…. For a fee….

  7. Jeni review review pag may time ha nilecturan mo pa si mr tatad e waley namang sense sinabi mo nagmamarunong ka daplis naman


    In politics, it is just a matter of selecting the better of two evils. Between Poe and
    Binay, I will rather vote for an inexperienced but honest candidate like Poe than an experienced corrupt and dishonest candidate like Binay. Until now, this Binay
    refuses to answer the charges leveled against him. He continue to hide behind
    technicalities saying that these are only products of partisan politics or demolition
    job against him.Common Binay. If he is clean, then explain or answer it or go to
    court if these charges against him are not true. But remember if you go to court, you
    go to court with clean hands. The problem with this Binay is he tries to confuse the

    • Giving governance to someone who has no experience is like giving the drivers seat of a Public utility bus to someone who has no driving experience! That would be disastrous….learn from Cory experience!

  9. Jay Z Bacarro • 9 hours ago
    Kung nagsasabi ng katotohanan ang Abnoy/Baliw na Presidente na ito, bakit di niya sasabihinsa mga tao kung saan napunta ang DAP, kung sino ang pasimuno ng DA, saan na ang PDAP at ano na ang nangyayari sa mga kaso sa PDAF na mga kaalyado niya mismo ang involved, sino ang may pasimuno sa Maintenance Contract sa MRT 3 at sa pangongotong sa MRT 3, sino ang may utos sa pagbili ng 21 sirang Helicopters ng DND, sino ang may pakana sa pagbili ng palpak na baril ng PNP, sino ang nag-utos sa payola para pagpasa ng BBL or BBL Payola, sino ang tao sa likod ng kapalpakan ng LTO sa pag-iisyu ng Driver License and Plate Number, bakit patuloy na pagtaas ng Tuition Fees (ipinagtatanggol pa ng gobyerno ang patuloy na pagtaan ng matrikula), bakit palaging ipinagtatanggol ng ng gobyerno sa patuloy na pagtaas ng petrolyo (the govet. Always justifies), pagtatago ng pondo para sa rehabilitasyon ng mga biktima ng Bagyong Yolanda, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagrehabilita ng mga biktima ng Zamboanga Siege, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa rehabilitasyon ng mga biktima ng Bagyong Pablo, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pamamalakad ng MRT at LRT, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagresolba sa traffic sa Metro Manila dahil sa kapalpakan nila sa pamamalakad sa MRT at LRT, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa paghawak ng krisis sa electrisidad, kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pag aayos ng ating mga airports, at kapalpakan ng gobyerno sa pagresolba sa Port Congestion. Higit sa lahat ay dapat sabihin ni Pnoy ang tunay na nangyari sa Massacre kung saan isinakripisyo ng gobyerno ang SAF 44 para lang pagbigyan ang terroristang MILF. Saan na ang mga benepisyong ipinangako ng gobyerno sa mga kamag-anak ng SAF 44, samantalang ang bilis ng gobyerno sa pagbigay ng benepisyo sa mga MILF rebels kuno na nagsurrender. Sa panahon din ng administrasyong ito ay walang natanggap na pagtaas ng sahod ang mga empleyado ng Gobyerno, ngunit ang mga opisyal ng GOCCs ay milyon milyon ang bonus. Sa ating mga Pulis at Sundalo
    gusto ba ninyong magpatuloy ang ganitong pagtrato sa inyo ng gobyerno
    (Mamasapano Massacre at Albarca, Basilan Massacre)? Sa mga tauhan ng gobyerno, gusto ba ninyong magpatuloy na ganito ang trato sa inyo ng gobyerno na walang uminto sa sahod samantalang ang mga Cabinet Members, Senadores at Tongressman ay tumataba kagaya ni Drilon. Gusto ba ninyong ipagpatuloy ang “selective justice” na pag maliliit na tao ang nagkasala ay suspendido at kulong agad ngunit pag malalaking isda at kaalyado ay pinawawalang-sala agad kahit limpak na limpak ang ebidensya.

  10. Manila Times is one amazing publication! Most news organizations bury their opinion columns, but not the Manila Times. They put it at the very top! Amazing!

    To all those who criticize VB Binay, once and for all: He has already answered all the allegations.
    To those who dare ask what his answer was to all the allegations: Pulitika lang yan.
    To those who dare ask again, I repeat: He has already answered all the allegations. Pulitika lang yan! 100x

    (Repeat 1000x if not convinced. Repeating makes it fact.)

  11. Amnata Pundit on

    I think this Binay vs Abnoy is a charade designed to hide Boy Sayad’s real choice. And who is that choice? Binay of course ! If you were in this moron’s place, who would you trust with your life, Roxas? BS knows that Mar knows who really masterminded the Plaza Miranda bombing that almost killed his father Gerry and mother Judy. Grace Poe? May pinagsamahan ba sila? Mar should bear in mind how Cory treated Doy Laurel to whom she promised heaven just to make him slide down to Vice-President. Also what she and her trusted right hand man and brother Peping did to Mitra in ’92. You know better than most that in life and politics there is more than meets the eye.

    • Amnata Pundit on

      You know that these surveys are just manufactured to support the cheating that they intend to commit with their Comelec/Smartmatic cheating machines. Therefore ask yourself: Despite all the corruption charges against him, why are Binay’s ratings still in a decent range instead of in the cellar where it should be if these surveys were real? Im sure you know the answer to that one.

  12. In my opinion, grace poe is not capable to hold the highest position in this country, sorry to tell this but….naku mga kababayan, sabihin na nating magaling syang senator babae yan…”e sa tindi ng politika sa ating bansa, kayang kayang paikutin ng mga maimpluwensyang politiko yan, sample na lang, masasapano sabi nya sa tv radio diyaryo, mga kababayan ko mag didisisyon ako base sa katutuhanan, anong nangyari””… Isang tawag lang sa palasyo ‘pak’ wala na tungngaga lahat, kaya bayan ko marunong lang tayong bumatikos pero wala sa wastong pagkilos, isa itong bbl kapag ito ay ating pinabayaan at pinag walang bahala, lalamunin tayo pati na mga susunod na henerasyon ng ating lahi, mag isip tayo maraming mga politiko dyan na mapag pipilian, sanay bumalik yong dating sigla at Ganda ng buhay ng panahon ni mambo magsaysay at apo marcos.

  13. Of Grace Poe and questions of her true nationality and citizenship, which goes undebated in congress, is somewhat strange because since the country is polarized with doubts and speculations, the senate does not form a blue ribbon committee to investigate (for real) and publicly cross-examine her, for the benefit and purposes of aiding a legislation.

    It seems that these lawmakers are skirting the issue and are afraid to confront it, now some Filipinos are treating her like a sacred cow, the country will never amount to anything besides a milking cow of the oligarchs, simply because there are no more true lawmakers in congress, the majority of which are just willing beneficiaries of large sums of monies.

    Reckoning on the prediction of Jeane Dixon, that this administration of BS Cojuangco Aquino III ‘which will usher in the most corrupt era Philippine history’, can only mean to say that this is just the beginning of it and there will be more to come in the future – Filipinos should take heed of these words from Jeane Dixon and must start to wise up and choose well the next president of the republic.

  14. Bonifacio Claudio on

    Are there records at the Immigration showing persons with babies entering the country about the time MPoe was found abandoned inside a church at the Visayas? Could we trace the whereabouts of these people? If there is no record of such, then we can presume MPoe was born here, couldn’t we? Biological parents? Could DNA testing specify to which race (as Filipino race?) one belongs to? Or is it possible for BBMarcos to submit to DNA testing to end the rumors in search for the paternity of MPoe?

    On the other hand, could we presume a person who renounces her allegiance to her country in favor of another to be “patriotic”, one who gainsaid her pledge of “Sisikapin kong maging isang tunay na Pilipino sa isip, sa salita, at sa gawa”? Could MPoe be considered “patriotic” even after having reacquired her Filipino citizenship, only after a second thought accepting the chairmanship of MTRCB open only to Filipinos? Could she be? Seriously?!!!

  15. christinetan on

    Mr Tatad you have gone far and wide and down and up in your discourse on Sen. Grace Poe. But the bottom line in your very lenghty and circuitous piece today is so very crystal clear: to promote and support Binay. Hence, to promote corruption and support political dynasty.

  16. The oligarchy is the cancer of Philippine society. Via capture of government and the economy, the rapacious Philippine oligarchy has managed to corner all opportunities for themselves and have left only the crumbs for the rest of the people. The oligarchy is the biggest hindrance to Philippine development and progress.

    • During the street marches in the seventies, we have always ranted against bureacrat capitalism and it seems that it is still very much alive today. It was totally resurrected when Quo Rhee was handed the Presidency by Manong.

  17. And so the usual corrupt officials of this government, the most shameless low-lying in the entire history of this country, are trying to keep that shameless president, who stole the presidency, and who would do anything, including sell his soul to the devil, just to avoid serving a jail term that he so richly deserve, for all the sins he has committed to date to this country and its people.
    We have had enough, of oligarchs who want to run the government through incompetent candidates made to look as saints and innocent lambs. Ms. Poe will not make this country great nor take the country to the next level of development and status that has eluded it for so long. She does have what it takes and she is not legally qualified to run for this office.
    Wala na bang matinong Pilipinong magliligtas sa baying ito? Ganyan na ba karumi ang mga nagpiprisintang maglingkod daw sa bayan na walang ginawa kundi nakawin ang salapi ng bayan. Husto na mga kababayan. Tigilan na ninyo ang pagboto sa mga taong walang alam, at wala ring magandang intensiyon para sa kinabukasan ng mga Pilipino. Sagrado ang boto ng bawat isa sa atin. Huwag ninyong gamitin sa kagaguhan. Kinabukasan ng inyong mga anak ang nakataya sa eleksiyong darating.

    • Note that in my comment, there was an error with a missing important word, NOT, on this sentence which should read, Ms. Poe does not have what it takes and she is not legally qualified to run for this office……

    • Marami pang mga Pilipino na may talino at kakayahan na handang maglingkod sa bayan di tulad ng mga walang alam at walang karanasan at mga magnanakaw na nagpapanggap na may alam. Dahil sa bulok na sistema ng halalan, walang paraang maluklok sila sa pwesto dahil wala silang pananalapi na handang gugulin upang makamit ang pwesto ng kapangyarihan na magagamit upang baguhin ang kasalukuyang bulok na sistema ng pamamalakad. Sa mga susunod na buwan, marami ang lalabas sa mga ito dahil magkakaroon na sila ng pananalapi na magugugol para ihayag nila ang tamang plataporma na magsusulong ng pagbabago sa bayan.

  18. Yes , the ” INCONVENIENT TRUTH ” about Poe has to be realized before she casts her name on the ballots.

  19. jesus nazario on

    Maybe that kind of purification is what we need for the nation’s salvation.

  20. P.Akialamiro on

    Call it political persecution, but VP Binay still has to prove his accusers wrong. Being ‘corrupt’, as accused, is still a big question mark as to his ingegrity as a candidate for the highest position in the land. I will not vote for one who is an accused corrupt candidate and will discourage others to do so!

    Honest to goodness, does Ms. Poe have the track record to be a VP, muchless a President? Does her work experiences qualify her to be able to govern the country? Or, is she just taking advanrage of her popularity because of her adoptive parents. She’s not even an effective Senator. I wonder why she’s even the concern of comlumnists when her birth qualification is still questionable?

    There should be an ever on-going reminders to voters about who should be voted on or not in the following elections because of their qualifications or non- qualifications. Otherwise, the Senate will be more complete…….with showbiz personalities with all the forthcoming ‘telenovelas’!

    • Let Ombudsman and Sandiganbayan do their jobs. They are the only ones given by the constitution the authority to declare if one is corrupt or not. The senate is lawmaking body not a court. The executive and congress are political branches of government hence cannot be objective.

  21. grace poe not fitted to lead the country , to be the commander in chief of the armed forces of the Philippines . SIGURADO MAUULIT ANGMASASAPANO INCIDENT and other similar incidents . Not even a senator ( what did she do as senator … palpak desicion nya na itago si bsaquino during senate / congress investigation … CORRUPT CORRUPT CORRUPT … NAGMAMALINIS AT NAGAANESANESA KUNO.. VERY DISGUSTING …

  22. Felimon A. Soria on

    There must be a way Filipinos can stop Vie Pres. Binay or Sen. Llamanzares from becoming president. There are a lot of good, decent, bright men and women to select from or are we just going to believe what these fraudsters are telling us?

    • We shall highly appreciate some names that you have in mind who we may be able to promote and campaign for.

  23. Aquino’s blood should flow to the street first. He is insane. His life should not amount to anything,.

    • violent mind like yours estepano will not help better the lives and aspirations of your fellow pilipinos.

  24. Sonny Dungca on

    Tatad better go to hell. You are out of reality! Kaya ka naging traidor ni Marcos eh. At that time idol kita. Pero ngayon kabaligtaran na, idiot ka na. Pareho lang tayong Bicolano, pero ikinahihiya ka ng buong Bicol!!! Nabayaran ka ni Binay, mukhang pera ka lang, magkano ba binayad sayo, ang laki siguro dahil hibang na hibang ka sa pagdepensa kay Binay!!! Lubog ka na sa Bayang Pilipno!!!

  25. i don’t know what Grace has done to get that tag as “the best performing senator.” nagtataka nga ako kamakailan nang mabasa ko na “best performing senator” si Grace. kabago-bago pa lang niya at wala naman akong nakita at nabasang outstanding performance ang nagawa niya as senator, kundi iyong hearing sa Mamasapano. wala naman siyang senate bill na naging batas na.

    • Tumpak ka, kaibigan. Nasa hanay sya marahil ni Mr. Lito na wala pang naisusulong na Senate Bill that can be the subject of an intelligent discussion and reflective of her intellectual capacity to digest social and political issues and address the economic requirements of development.

  26. we will see if they could put down mary grace poe through it’s yellow propagandist SWS so the people might think she’s a yellow. and, whoever we are, chinese, japanese, etc, as long as you’re born in the philippines, you are a natural born pilipino, mr. kit tatad.