Bloody clan feud ends in Maguindanao


MAGUINDANAO: For peace and development in the region, the provincial reconciliation council once again put an end to another bloody clan feud here Thursday in cooperation with local leaders and military authorities.

Two warring clans—the Kabugatan and Utto families— finally set aside their differences in a meeting with the Maguindanao Task Force on Reconciliation and Unification (MTFRU) headed by Gov. Esmael “Toto” Mangudadatu who was accompanied by local mayors and military officials in Buluan town.

During solemn reconciliation rites, Mino Utap Kabugatan became emotional and showed his injuries to mediators. He lost his right arm and the fingers of his left hand when he was allegedly attacked by three members of the Utto family while selling goods at the public market.

The three attackers were there and made peace with Mino and his father who pledged before the Qu’ran to end the bloody feud that left many people injured.

The signing of the peace pact was also witnessed by Rajah Buayan Vice Mayor Jonathan Lumenda, Rajah Buayan Mayor Zamzamin Ampatuan, and military officials of the Maguindanao-based 45th Infantry Battalion under the 6th Infantry Division.

Mangudadatu said this was the 31st family feud settled by the MTFRU and the first one to be resolved since Ramadan started.

The governor said he is looking forward to the end of feuds between other warring clans before the end of the month.

Previously, the MTFRU had put an end to the feuds of three warring families, namely, the Sarosong, Mohmin and Maran–dang clans, as well as the one between the Taug and Ban- tilan clans.


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