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    DONATO C. Almeda, a member of the seven-person board of Bloomberry Resorts Corp. (BRC), bought on Feb. 19, last week, 1 one million BRC common shares at P14 per share. On Feb. 21, he sold 352,087 BRC common shares as follows: 234,175 shares at P14.10 apiece; 31,731 shares at P14.12; 50,452 shares at P14.20; and 35,729 shares at P14.25.

    From the sale of 352,087 BRC common shares, Almeda made a gross profit of P46,247.87. In a filing, he reported that his remaining direct ownership of BRC common shares increased 647,913 shares to 1.327 million common shares, or 0.01 percent.

    Jose Eduardo Jusayan Alarilla, also a director of Bloomberry Resorts, also on Feb. 19 bought 1 million BRC common shares at P14 per share. On Feb. 22, he sold 200,000 BRC common shares at P14.10; 50,000 shares at P14.12; 50,000 shares at P14.14; and 51,700 shares at P14.16.

    Alarilla’s paper gross profit from the sale of 351,700 shares totaled P41,272.

    Thomas Arasi is BRC president and chief operating officer. On Feb. 19, he bought 2.547 million BRC common shares at P14 per share. On Feb. 21, he sold 586,805 BRC common shares at P14.10; 114,946 shares at P14.12; 41,632 shares at P14.14; 39,634 shares at P14.16 and 111,492 shares at P14.18.

    In selling 894,509 BRC common shares, Arasi made a gross profit of P366,309. He also reported that his direct holdings in Bloomberry Resorts increased 1.652 million common shares to 6.871 million common shares, or 0.06 percent.

    Laurence Peter Upton, executive vice president for VIP Marketing and Services, bought 132,071 BRC common shares at P14 per share also on Feb. 19.

    On Feb. 21, he sold 42,470 BRC common shares – 27,825 BRC common shares at P14.10 per share; 5,450 BRC common shares at P14.12; 1,974 BRC common shares at P14.14; 1,879 BRC common shares at P14.16; and 5,215 BRC common shares at P14.18.

    On Feb. 22, Upton sold 127 shares at P14.10 per share. As of Feb. 22, the number of BRC common shares he directly owns increased by 29,399 BRC common shares to 498,610 BRC common shares, he said.

    Upton’s sale of 42,470 BRC common shares grossed him a profit of P4,474.90.

    Bloomberry Resorts is a concrete proof that gaming pays well. In a nine-month consolidated financial statement as of Sept. 30, 2017, the company said its retained earnings surged 69.793 times to P6.052 billion from P86.713 million as of Dec. 31, 2016.

    The same quarterly report showed Bloomberry’s consolidated revenues increased to P28.005 billion from P21.906 billion in the first nine months of 2016. As a result, during the period, its net income climbed P5.965 billion from P1.591 billion a year earlier.

    For the three months that ended Sept. 30, 2017, Bloomberry recorded consolidated net income of P1.852 billion, up from P1.417 billion in the corresponding three-month period in 2016. These comparative profits resulted from revenues, which rose to P9.587 billion from P7.834 billion.

    As of Sept. 30, 2017, Bloomberry reported total current assets of P25.792 billion, against total current liabilities of P11.49 billion.

    Due Diligencer’s take
    Almeda, Alarilla, Arasi and Upton are all company insiders. Of the four, only Upton is not a director but, nevertheless, holds a sensitive post as executive vice president in charge of VIPs.

    The three capital letters mean very important persons but could also refer to very important players, who may be mostly foreigners.

    Bloomberry’s consolidated financial statement included the quarterly earnings of subsidiaries. In an explanatory note, the company identified Prime Metroline Holdings Inc., which, as Bloomberry’s “ultimate parent company,” owns 6.057 billion BLOOM common shares, or 55.059 percent.

    (Note. Bloomberry’s public ownership report (POR) placed the percentage equivalent at 54.9 percent, because Bloomberry got the percentage equivalent by dividing Primeline-owned 6,057,472,444 BRC common shares by 11,032,998,225 common shares, which included 31,281,200 treasury shares. It did similar computations for two other significant stockholders, such as Quasar Holdings Inc. with 921.184 million BRC common shares, or 8.35 percent, rounded off from 8.349 percent, and Falcon Investco Holdings Inc. with 225 million BRC common shares, or 2.04 percent, rounded off from 2.039 percent.)

    Bloomberry’s subsidiaries are Sureste Properties Inc., Bloomberry Resorts and Hotels Inc., Bloom Capital B.V., Solaire Korea Co. Ltd., Golden & Luxury Co. Ltd., Muui Agricultural Corp. and Solaire de Argentina B.V.

    By the way, weren’t the trades by Bloomberry insiders synchronized? Just asking.



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