A blow to UP econ profs’ integrity


I was surprised at the vitriol hurled by 23 professors of the UP School of Economics against the students who demonstrated last week against Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, one or two of whom reportedly threw coins and a placard at him, (Jungian synchronicity? It was also a placard thrown at Marcos on January 26, 1970 as he was leaving Congress that triggered the massive student demonstrations against the regime called the First Quarter Storm.)

In their joint statement, the professors called the students “enemies of the University,” a term which is very revealing of their mindset. That term is of the same genre that fascists and authoritarian regimes hurl at those who criticize them: “Enemies of the State.”

It was a bit hilarious, though, that they sounded like the medieval Spanish Inquisition demanding confessions from heretics: They asked those who participated in the demonstration to “own up… and proffer a public apology to Secretary Abad and to the University.” Public apology to an official who thrashed the Constitution?

I was shocked that they asked the “University authorities” to hunt down what Abad had called “hooligans,” and punish them. Will they next put a bounty on the students’ capture? We’re very lucky economists never get to be dictators.

Nowhere in their shrill, angry statement did they mention that the students were not demonstrating against just any government official but one of President Benigno S. Aquino 3rd’s closest officials who invented and implemented the misnamed Disbursement Acceleration Plan (DAP).

A tale of two student mobbings: (Left) Marcos in January 1970 left Congress, which triggered the First Quarter Storm. (Right) Abad in September 2014 as he left a UP hall, triggering a spate of UP economists’ vitriol.

A tale of two student mobbing: (Left) Marcos in January 1970 as he left Congress, just before a placard was thrown at him, which triggered the First Quarter Storm. (Right) Abad in September 2014 as he left a UP hall, which triggered UP economists’ vitriol.

If they haven’t been reading the news—there’ no mention of DAP at all in their statement — this is the unprecedented hijacking of the budget, the taxpayers’ money, to bribe Congress to remove the Supreme Court Chief Justice, to bankroll this Administration’s 2013 election campaign, and to use at his and Aquino’s whim those funds such as the P2 billion allocated for “various infrastructure” projects for Tarlac province.

They could have easily inserted a phrase in their statement, such as “Abad, the alleged architect of the controversial DAP.” Nope, they consistently referred to Abad with utmost respect as “Secretary Abad,” with absolutely no hint of the very serious accusations against him.

Maybe the UP professors were acting as spokesmen for most of the UP faculty. After all, Abad allocated P1.29 billion of the DAP to the UP, about P400 million of which was meant for faculty housing.

The UP professors referred to Abad as one of “bearers of contrary and unfashionable ideas,” who had a right to espouse his ideas in the University.

What? Abad’s ideas were to trample the Constitution and bribe Congress to take out the Chief Justice, and they call these merely “contrary and unfashionable ideas”?

In a society truly ruled by law, Abad would have been fired, made to face charges and jailed. Here, the University Student Council of the country’s top academic institution even invites him to lecture them on the “budget process.”

Were they ignorant that Abad’s DAP has been one of the biggest crimes inflicted on the nation, something that will certainly be proven in thousands of malversation cases that will be brought against him and his boss as soon as they step down from power?

The militant students did what they did out of anger, and frustration that their fellow students and their elders in the academe – professors – and even the country’s elected representatives in Congress had turned a blind eye to what this official has done to the country.

The UP professors called the demonstration an “assault on the University.”

But did they ever condemn the assault on our democratic system, the rape of our Republic engineered by Abad, through his DAP – successful in 2011 and 2012 until it was stopped by the Supreme Court?

Did these professors bother in the past year to issue the shortest of statements to the Supreme Court when it was deliberating on the constitutionality of DAP that their beloved “Secretary Abad” was corrupting economic concepts when he claimed that his DAP was responsible for stimulating the economy in 2011 and 2013?

Did you ever hear these professors condemn the fact that Abad hijacked what is the main economic tool of government, which is the budget? And several of these economists who signed the silly statement were supposed to be experts in fiscal policies!

Did they bother to issue a statement, that their beloved “Secretary Abad” had aggravated the country’s political patronage system — a phenomenon many of them condemned in their obtuse dissertations—by tripling the pork barrel funds to Congress from the P5 billion average annually form 2001 to 2010 to P21 billion yearly when he assumed power?

Did they ever issue a statement that Abad and even President Aquino should be made accountable for their high crime of throwing to the dustbin the budget, which Congress is solely empowered by the Constitution to formulate?

Did they even bother to study the DAP for themselves, so they could conclude—and issue angry statements—that it withdrew budgets the Congress approved for thousands of scholarships and medical care for indigents, for crucial programs as flood-control infrastructure?

The School of Economics professors played a key role in our history when a few years before the dictatorship collapsed, they collectively issued a study showing in detail how the Marcos government had led the country to ruin. That glorious era of our UP School of Economics is obviously long gone.

Now they defend somebody who has helped destroy the democratic institutions of our country, even asking authorities to hunt down students protesting against such an official. In the ‘80s they protested the dictatorship, now they rant and rave against the youth fighting a de facto dictatorship.

Their statement condemning the demonstrating students and saying nothing about the DAP is a severe blow to their integrity.

Following are the names of the economics professors— roughly half of the faculty— who have signed that statement so sycophantic to Abad. To UP students who have the same balls as the demonstrators, I urge you to ask them in class the questions I’ve asked above, and I would appreciate you emailing me their replies:

Rosa M. Alonso Terme, Maria Joy Abrenica, Ruperto Alonzo, Agustin Arcenas, Romeo Balanquit, Joseph Capuno, Fidelina Carlos, Ramon Clarete, Rolando Danao, Sarah Lynne Daway, Emmanuel de Dios, Emmanuel Esguerra, Aleli Kraft, Cielo Magno, Maria Nimfa Mendoza, Toby Melissa Monsod, Marjorie Pajaron, Stella Luz Quimbo, Majah-Leah Ravago, Renato Reside, Gerardo Sicat, Solita Monsod, and Raul Fabella—the last three having been the economic planning heads respectively of Marcos, Cory, and Estrada.

* * *

In his statement complaining about the incident, Abad said: “I have always believed that the public’s ability to voice its opposition to the government is a necessary character of a healthy democracy. But to do full justice to this, we must be willing to engage others in peaceful dialogue. It is upon us to appreciate the diversity of ideas that make our young democracy so unique and promising.”

The Manila Times has been undertaking a regular round-table discussion with government officials, ambassadors, and businessmen. I dare Mr. Abad to engage us in a “peaceful dialogue” on the DAP and be a guest in such a roundtable discussion. Don’t worry, the Manila Times building is such a labyrinth that would allow us to station guards at every corner to prevent UP students from bothering him.

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  1. Lighten up folks, frat wars and hazings have caused more casualties, all that happened to butch was to get spooked. the bigger lesson to learn is the angst of students against their acting with abandon as though they did nothing wrong. he didn’t even lose a single strand of hair, not that he had any to lose anyway.

    • excuse me, I’m a fratman in the U.P. at aktibista rin, mas maraming casualties ang pag-suppress at pagpatay ng estado sa radikalismo ng U.P., fyi lang.

  2. ALL BULL. The violence of these “students” to Abad negates everything they THINK they uphold. And please lang, they do not represent UP!!! Nakakahiya ang ginawa nila! ang kapal!

  3. If I was writing as the freshman I was, I would condemn the violent nature of the protests against Mr. Abad. My instruction among the bourgeoisie would have convinced me that all fights should be approached with a sense of calm and dialogue would be the best route.

    However, writing as a graduating student of the university, I am convinced that some fights have to be fought with conviction and a burning desire to stamp out corruption where it breeds. You can’t hold dialogues with people who can step all over you and anyone who has visited the university will know how much is stolen from teachers and students alike. I would have waved away such problems in the closeted confines of my high school, convinced that it doesn’t concern me.

    If it takes a violent protest such as this to make the government understand that it is failing in its duty to provide services to the country, I wholeheartedly support it. So that those who say it is a mark of the uncouth and the uneducated will come to realize what the state of our country’s best education is. If us students fail in your eyes it is only because of the way our society has raised and provided for us.

    Marcos stole from the coffers of the country, orchestrated extrajudicial killings and disappearances in broad daylight, controlled the media, all the while enjoying the trappings of high society. If that made him a dictator, I do not see why we shouldn’t consider this president the same. The current one is smarter because he hides in sheep’s clothing.

  4. Mr. Tiglao,

    UP authorities are condemning the action of the students against Mr. Abad, not their views against him. Their views, even if very holy, should have been conveyed in an appropriate manner, not through “throwing of placards and coins”.

    You, however, justify that the students did nothing bad because 1) Mr. Abad engineered “the assault on our democratic system, the rape of our Republic” and 2) they “did what they did out of anger, and frustration”.

    The end doesn’t justify the means, Tiglao. UP just condemned the means.

  5. These are understandable comments coming from a GMA lackey. But note that PNoy has had a clear mandate while GMA’s was always in question. GMA’s approval ratings at any point in her presidency cannot match those of PNoy’s. The DAP was wrong procedurally but was well intentioned, and its allocations are clear and published in the DBM’s site, and there has been no corruption associated with it. In contrast recall the ZTE, Hello Garci scandals. The removal of a highly biased and midnight appointee Chief Justice was in the public interest, and note that PNoy’s approval rating was very high then.

    This is just a cheap shot coming from a disgruntled columnist. There is a vast difference between activism and any semblance of violence. I am sure the economics faculty have extensive knowledge of the DAP and budgeting process. And these faculty have more impeccable qualifications than Mr. Tiglao. He should just try and publish a journal article, an ability he sorely lacks.

  6. Tsk. Come on guys. The University is for exchange of ideas and arguments, and never for any act of demeanor. No any student or youth or any other person has the right to do such acts of violence and insults toward any man.

    UPSE profs are not protecting Abad! What they are protecting is UP’s openness to diversity of ideas and freedom of speech — without imposing threats on any other person’s life. The professors are but just condemning the act of violence committed by the students. DAP is another issue to tackle, on a debate or a dialogue. Safety of any person/guest in the academe amid the diversity of ideas and differences in opinions of either side, is their concern here, no more no less.

  7. This is a reply to SUPSUPIN’s post. The reason why the sons and daughters of the upper class (burgeosie) dominates the university’s population is because of the State’s failure to support the university and other SUCs to its fullest. They allocated the funds to their ‘priority projects’ that fosters their personal desires in forms of kickbacks or making a name for themselves. Not only that, the country needs improvement in many of Its sectors such as health, peace and order, infrastructure, science and technology, housing (there are so much more), where public funds can be of great use. Econ profs can agree that investment to the public sector pay dividends in the long run. Thus, the students who ‘attacked’ Sec. Abad raised their concerns over the misallocation and misuse of public funds in general, not only for the benefit of the university, but for the Filipino People in general. The government has been deaf and snob to this call of the people. No wonder the students needed to wake them up with the use of force. Too bad Sec. Abad was the nearest target that time.

  8. By criticizing the actions of the students in that incident does it necessarily imply that you have been bribed by DAP? I am also critical of the actions of those students but not even in my dreams was I ever given DAP. Such flawed logic.
    I also find it unsettling that this Rigoberto Tiglao is talking about democracy. This is a person who has said that the real blow to democracy was not GMA cheating in the elections in 2004(he actually believes she did not cheat, oh well, what do you expect from a lackey) but FPJ running in the elections. Disallowing someone to run for reasons that are not within the legal restrictions in running for office? Yeah that’s democracy for you Tiglao.
    The actions of those students are not justifiable whoever that maybe. Let’s see if those students start throwing coins to Tiglao’s beloved boss GMA and let’s see if doesn’t go nuts against these students. You dare mention rule of law yet you condone the actions of these students. If you truly believe in the rule of law, you do not condone such actions. If you truly believe Abad is criminally liable, then the institutions of justice in our country would do its job and impose the punishment if a crime was indeed committed.
    This piece is nothing but a bandwagon piece. Designed to gain support from the activists. Ironic how these activists would actually quote you nowadays when they constantly dismissed your opinions before. Oh how times changed.
    Hopefully, you do not delete this comment and post this. This is a chance for you to prove that you know what democracy is.

  9. I’m sorry sir, I don’t think you’ve read the UP Economics professors’ collective statement thoroughly. This goes for other readers too, PLEASE TAKE ENOUGH TIME TO READ AND UNDERSTAND. http://www.interaksyon.com/article/95741/statement–a-blow-to-ups-honor-econ-profs-condemn-student-hooliganism-vs-butch-abad

    NOT ONCE did they mention their STAND on the DAP. The best assumption we can make from their failure to bring up the said controversy is that they are UNBIASED, as what is expected from members of the academe. I understand that the controversial disbursement acceleration program is a national concern, but FOR THIS PARTICULAR INCIDENT the main issue is the VIOLENCE against another MAN (that is what he is, government official or not) and the innocent people dragged into the commotion. Save your wrath against the administration for another time and place.

    Abad was A GUEST OF THE UNIVERSITY, regardless of his ALLEGED illegal dealings. They were NOT PROHIBITING the protesters from expressing their opinions either. I believe the professors were merely doing what any DECENT host would do — ensure the safety of his/her guest and take proper action when it is compromised. You can’t just go questioning their integrity and attacking their credibility when they did what any of us would have done for our own personal guests and visitors.


  10. Fallacies. Fallacies. Fallacies.

    Sana naman po sa lahat ng mga gumagawa ng article at ginagamit ang mga newspapers at iba pang media para iparating ang inyong hinanaing sa publiko ay galingan niyo naman po. Meron pong mga Faculty at Estudyante sa UP na hindi lang nagsasalita at tinatawan lang ang artikulo niyo lalo na pag marami assumptions na wala namang concrete basis.

    Please naman po. Mahal na po ang presyo ng edukasyon ngayon. Sana naman po bigyan niyo ito ng value at wag po itong gamitin sa maling paraan. Para po ito sa lahat ng mga taong nagpapakatanga dahil lamang sa pera.


    I salute Mr. Tiglao for his fearless and factual reporting. That’s exactly what
    a truly democratic society needs. For me there is nothing more to argue about
    the DAP. We already know who created this crime and stole the taxpayers
    money. I cannot imagine that there are still people out there who have the
    temerity to stand up for this BS abad and abnoy. What is still there to argue
    about? The Supreme Court had already declared the DAP as unconstitutional..
    That’s it.


      You missed the issue altogether. The issue is whether an invited guest should be recorded due respect, regardless of the issues at hand. It has nothing to do whether DAP is right or wrong. How can you miss that?

  12. hindi na siguro kailangan ng mga u.p. professors with phd and integrity. kasi hindi raw pwede i-deposit sa bangko yun!

  13. An insult to the PhD on their names. We have to change this Degree( prohibited drugs). I can not still believe that Solita is one of them.Pasaway rin pala.What is happening to us?we have a damaged values ..Sayang

    • UP student members (STAND UP) we are very, proud of you. Keep up the good work……
      Brussels, Belgium

  14. muriel magtanggol on

    Yeah, bakit nangungumbida ng RAPIST NG ECONOMIA yang mga UP Economics professors na yan! Nakakawalang bilib…corrupt din sila, ano? Baka nakakalimutan nila,hindi si Abad ang nagpapasueldo at nagpapabahay sa kanila kundi ang mga boss ng boss ni Abad!

  15. Marites Pederio on

    Mr Rigoberto Tiglao, have you actually read the statement issued by the Econ professors? It sounds to me as if you did not understand what it actually said. You make it sound as if the professors attacked the students’ right to protest when in fact, the statement they issued condemned the students’ resort into violence instead of sound intellectual discourse. Secondly, you also make it sound as if the Econ professors were protecting Abad when nowhere in the statement was that even hinted at. Please get your facts right. You are a newspaperman and getting your facts straight is a very basic requirement you need to meet.

    • Yes of course I did Ms Pederio, and I sent you a copy of the statement, and put in bold font the parts of which that I quoted in my column. Please read it again and again so you’d understand how very factual I was!

    • Marcos closed down Congress, the Supreme Court, struck down free speech, and jailed and tortured those who protested against the state. Surely you don’t mean to compare Mr. Abad and PNoy to that Mr. Tiglao? And the point remains: Mr. Abad’s trip to UP indicates his openness to discussion. And he was manhandled in the process. That is where the line is drawn.

    • Benjamin Vallejo Jr on

      It is an abuse at the least and an attack at the worst on academic freedom for any professor to call any constituent of the university as an enemy. The damage to the role of the professor is inestimable for they are supposed to form students not destroy them.

  16. UP and only coins no way…UP students are the corruptors of public money…UP is created for the poor..and no poor is studying in UP..lahat ay burgis..anak ni kung sinong malalaking tao sa lipunan na may kaya…UP students threw coins I disagree to high heavens coz they have their credit cards issued by their parents. UP ay isang DAP..it rhymes.

  17. Maliwanag na naDAPlisan rin si
    Monsod at mga prof ng UP ng biyaya
    mula sa PDAF kaya pinagtatangol nila ang NOTORIOUS na DAP.
    Mabuti na lang kumilos ang mga
    estudyante, nagbubulagbulagan at
    nagbibingibingihan kasi ang mga

  18. Marites Pederio on

    Mr Rigoberto Tiglao, have you actually read the statement issued by the Econ professors? It sounds to me as if you did not understand what it actually said. You make it sound as if the professors attacked the students’ right to protest when in fact, the statement they issued condemned the students’ resort into violence instead of sound intellectual discourse. Secondly, you also make it sound as if the Econ professors were protecting Abad when that is not even hinted anywhere in the statement. Please get your facts right. You are a newspaperman and getting your facts straight is a very basic requirement you need to meet.

  19. Rachel Rose Cruz on

    The professors condemn the mauling, but it does not mean they are in favor of DAP. They simply know that violence is never the solution to fight injustice. I am a graduate from UP, but in as much as I respect and admire the diversity and freedom in my beloved alma mater, I do not feel proud of what the UP students did to the alleged architect of DAP.

  20. mga sirs/mams because of moneys dont forget billions ang ibinayad kapalit ng support who is monsod and others like others pera lang ang katapat. for ecomics pinoy kaya nga b ang grade nya kay gma may problema dba think of it

  21. Raul Fabella has never been with Erap. In fact, he has always been a critic of Erap and even wrote a paper stating that Erap’s removal was “legal”. Fabella was never in the economic team of Erap. Fabella, as everybody knows, is a yellow anti-Erap and very much pro-GMA during the illegal regime of GMA.

  22. Mr tiglao, akala ko nuon basta naka-graduate sa ateneo (pinanga-ngasiwaan
    ng mga jasuita) ay matalino at dumaan sa matinding Pagsala eka nga. Hindi
    ko maubos maisip kung paanong naka graduate si mr Clean sa kursong
    economics at kung may managerial training siya sa mga nakalipas na taon.
    Base sa panananaw ng pangkaraniwang tao na kahit hindi naman nag-aral
    ng mataas, mukhang nasayang ang pagsusunog ng buhok sa tuktok ni mr
    clean dahil kitang kita naman ang ebidensiya na walang direksyon ang
    pinatutunguhan ng Tuwid na Daan. Ang hindi ko rin mawari paano ang mga
    jasuita sa ateneo na hindi pinapansin ang mga pinaggagawa ng isa sa mga
    nagtapos sa kanila at ang iba ay pumupuri pa rito. Hindi bali si erap hindi naman
    naka-graduate at lumipat na ng ibang eskwela.
    Palagay pati ang ating gat Jose Rizal ay hindi mapakali sa kaniyang himlayan
    na ang isang dating mag-aral na gaya ni mr clean nagbibigay ng isang
    panggit na imahe at ehemplo sa panggalan ng eskwela at sa mga nagtapos
    Sa pakiwari ko kaya ang mga professor ng U.P. kaya tinutuligsa ang mga batang
    estudyante na hindi na nakayanan ang pagpupumiglas na bugso ng damdamin
    para ipahiwatig ang kanilang pagtutol sa mga Kawalanghiyaan ginagawa ng
    evil duo, ay dahil umaasa sila na mababahaginan o maambunan sila ng
    DAP, mula sa evil duo. Binabati ko ang mga bagong bayani ng BAYAN na
    mga estudyante ng UP sa kanilang walang takot na pagpapahiwatig ng
    damdamin, nasana ay tumimo sa kaluluwa ng mga tulisan para magsitigil na
    sa panunulisan sa KABAN NG BAYAN, MABUHAY KAYO.

  23. These profs utterly not in touch with their students. Or too much in touch with their pocketbooks.

    • pinagtatakpan lang nila ang istitusyon… baka mabawasan sa budget hahaha kay kinampihan na lang nila si ABAD

  24. In the fist place, Sec. Abad is presumed innocent unless proven guilty. He was tried by publicity and the people hand down their verdicts. I have seen in the youtube a man who killed 70 women. The majority of the victim’s family hurled invective and harsh words at him. But the criminal was not moved. One of the victim’s father did the other way. He said I forgive you Gary Ridgway. Then the criminal sobbed so hard like a baby. He was touched and was moved by the calm and peaceful words. If hardened criminals are treated this way with respect and without violence, how much more to our government officials. Are Abad and Pinoy as bad as those hardened serials killers? If the UP students and cohorts are playing The Impeccable with their little knowledge then what will happen to our future society? I remembered a story in the bible where Jesus said to the accusers of a woman caught in an indecent act. He said, if anyone has not sinned, cast the first stone. Then no one dared to do it and they all walk away.. I appreciate people who are mentally gifted and have superior IQ. But if they will just be a pack of rogue scientists and professionals, I’d rather have average but loving and forgiving common man on the street..

    • You quote some verses in the Bible which is not applicable to the issued of UP students angered with ABAD.

      In such Bible verses, the Jews were so hypocrites. The issue that the Lord Jesus Christ was saying is that don’t condemned Mary Magdalene for being a prostitute.

      However, in the case of ABAD, he is perceived as corrupt official because of an illegal DAP, of which was squandered and abused by the present administration resulting to robbery of nation’s coffers and ABAD is the mastermind of that. ABAD caused the economic suffering of the Filipino people thereby neglecting their supposed to be needs from the government.

      Even in the Bible recommended expulsion of any Christian brothers or sisters who have committed immoral deeds. How much more with the obvious evil deed of Abad. He was supposed to be thrown in the trash can as what the Ukrainian people did to their lawmaker.

    • in case you have been not been reading the news, the Supreme Court has already found the DAP as unconstitutional. Anu pa bang klaseng verdict ang gusto mo para matawag na guilty si Sec. Abad? hehe

  25. Karina David included….lavishing wealth from the fruits of her pro PNOY pro DAP clinging. Pana panahon lang yan…. pero ang turncoats o balimbing laging nasa uso.

    • Baka nabusalan ng maraming Salapi ang dalahirang bibig ng Kumareng Winnie mo, minsan nga senseless ang pinagsasabi sa telebisyon parang Lasing…

  26. To me, Solita Monsod had lost her credility a long time ago. I dare Abad to accept the challenge of Mr. Tiglao for a “peaceful dialogue” at Manila Times. He could bring with him S. Monsod.

  27. I think the listed professors should come up and/or publish their research paper on what are the supposedly list of reforms undertaken during this administration that has help the “economy”!

    • I totally agree with you. How unfortunate that for all their Ph.D. education, these professors couldn’t identify real enemies. They would rather defend an enemy of the Constitution than be in solidarity with the righteous anger of students– and ultimately, citizens– fed up with wanton and shameless corruption.

    • We are not ABAD and we should never be compared to him.

      Kung si Abad ay isang kriminal, we, the students of UP cannot afford to commit a misconduct cause that is the very reason that separates us from them. We Uphold Honor and Excellence.

  28. Paano na. Eh di wala ng nagba Bawal sa Pasaway sa TV ? Monsod joined the gang of pasaways na pala. Bakit kaya ? In exchange for what kaya ? Pati pala si Toby nasa U.P. rin. Mag-ina nga sila ! Parang mga Abad at mga David dynasties in government.

  29. I never heard of such economists before as clueless as the ones in UP who sided with bad boy Abad. With mentality like theirs, we will always be saying “Sir” or Ma’am” to anybody, even to a thief, who masquerades as a public servant. For as long as some Filipinos think like Indios like these UP profs, we’ll never be free in thoughts and actions.

  30. Economist my ass….
    Kahindik-hindik ang aksyon ng mga Propessor.
    Walang kwentang Student Council.
    What’s the use of studying Economics when all one has to do is practice Patronage,
    when our Culture has not even gone beyond Feudalism?
    Economics my ass….

  31. “Students are enemies of the University”….agree ako jan… Si Dennis Cunanan, Atty. Gigi Reyes, Sen. Enrile at Sen Estrada are all FORMER UP STUDENTS… they are all involved in PDAF Scams… they are indeed “Enemies of the University” !!

  32. You only have to look at america to see how most of their universities are going. Its more & more what we in the west cll left wing. Whats more important to them is political correctness than political voice. They dont want a blackboard as they deem it racist. They dont want a manhole cover as they deem it sexist. My god i remember many years ago an academic complaining that bananas were curved & that they should be straight. What is wrong with these fools. A blackboard with white chalk is like a newspaper, it has white paper with black writing. Both are perfect & if we had a white board with black chalk would they deem that racist. I doubt they would find the white board racist, but possibly they would find the black chalk racist. We need these idiots out of the way as they are against fair play. Im all for free speech & i tell you if the world suddenly stopped haveing foreign workers in their coutries so all ofw’s would have to return home this country would collapse & then this & every succeeding government would be held accountable to finding work for its people. Right now the filipine governments never have to worry about getting home jobs for pinoys as very little is said about it.
    I dont think i explained the 2 parts of my writing to blend into what i was thinking but i hope you people understand what i meant.

  33. Winnie Monsod is a supporter of DAP. I heard it from her in one of her comments made in a TV station wherein she regularly guests.

  34. Leodegardo Pruna on

    What a big surprise to see the name of Gerry Sicat in the list. Has he mellowed to YELLOW? Too late. He should be himself like before a respectable and learned economist. What the UP students did was an expression of dismay and disenchantment for what A BAD man did to the peoples’ money by way of his and his head’s wishy-washy manipulation of the budget. God bless the Philippines.

  35. The students acted just as they should have. They held a non-violent demonstration aginst a public wrong done by Abad. The UP Professors who assailed the students have brought discredit to themselves and the rest of the UP faculty.

  36. You can’t blame those economics professors. Abad goes around like Santa Claus handing out DAP. They might be aspiring for a windfall too.

  37. wow paano naging tuta ni aquino at abad ang mga taga u.p.? at to think that these people are economic professors who should have been the first to protest the misuse of the budget. come on solita monsod, gerardo sicat?? btw, is toby melissa monsod her daughter?? i wonder what diokno and medalla are thinking right now???

    • Ang natatandaan ko, meron isang bangko na ang tawag ay Filcapital nuon na kung saan naglaho ang mahigit P60M. Nun mga 60s, malaking pera na ito. Kung hindi ako nagkakamali, ang namumuno ng bangko ay nagngangalang Christian Monsod at iyan ay nuong panahon ni Marcos. Walang kaparusahan o kahit ano man lang yatang penalty ang bangko mula sa Central Bank. Sa panahon ngayon, ang alam ko, pag naglaho ang salapi ng bangko ay naparurusahan ang namumuno.

  38. Rizal was right – “ANG KABATAAN ANG PAG-ASA NG BAYAN”.
    Takutin mo ang lahat huwag lang ang mga estudiante.

    One time during the time of Marcos – the Commission on Elections deployed the ROTC Cadets as Watchers to an Elections. They did their job well – NOT AFRAID TO DO THEIR JOB AS WATCHERS.

    The “election cheaters” can not do anything but to allow the ROTC do their jobs.

    Let them antagonize these students – they will NOT COWER IN FEAR- whoever you are. They will swarm on EDSA like angry bees. If these happens, the Priest, Nuns, etc will be their back.

    Mabuhay ka – Ambassador Tiglao for this expose’. Mabuhay ang Manila Times – Invite Secretary Abad for a Dialogue – the gallery will be packed with Students.

  39. I use to have a lot of time for Solita Monsod, not anymore. She is just another paid hack ‘A YELLOW TURD’ you can see where she is now.

    • I agree . Solita Monsod seems to have lost her credibility in the public pronouncements she had made. I feel sorry for her.

  40. What the UP students did was not even enough with crime abad had committed to the Filipino people. If I were there I could have let his nose bleed for sometime like the bleeding public who paid their taxes only for abad and aquino to abused it.

    • Expect the professors to feel threatened by the possibility of a budget cutback by this administration. After all, any budgeted amount can be slashed anytime depending on the political implications.

  41. Ang dap ay masahol pa sa cocaine,ito ang drugs na kapag nakatikim ang sino man nawawala sa katinuan,kayang ipahamak ang lahat nang mabubuting kaisipan!
    Masahol pa sa lahat na virus na unti unting sumisira sa kaisipan.?
    Dap ay cancer,lahat na madaan ay nagiging zombies! Kahit na ang pinaka-educadong tao ay nagiging bobo!!

  42. Mareng Winnie used to be my professor in Econ 11. I was so awe-struck by her intelligence, analytical mind, and fearlessness that I made it a point to enroll in her class and schedule the rest of my subjects around it. But after learning that she was among the signatories of this statement, I have lost a tremendous amount of respect for her. Where did the analytical and objective Prof. Solita Monsod go and why was she replaced by a fawning Abad devotee? How could she, and the 22 other econ profs, conclude that those students were the enemies of the University? The students were protesting Abad, not the institution. Moreover, their actions against Abad didn’t stain the University’s reputation. Rather, they upheld the UP’s glorious tradition as an activist University. By issuing the aforementioned statement, Mareng Winnie and her cohorts have revealed themselves to be Abad’s lapdogs and the real enemies of the University. Instead of leading the charge in hunting down and punishing these students, they should have been at the forefront of anti-DAP protests and been among the first to have urged University Pres. Pascual to return the illegal P1.29B given to UP. But, alas, Ma’am Monsod and her colleagues couldn’t even muster the decency to do so.

    • And Pres Gloria Arroyo is the professor in economics of BS Aquino IIII, and only under her tenure as President , Philippines stayed afloat despite global economic meltdown.

    • YES, GMA has PhD in Economics and was the professor of Pnoy, too at Ateneo. She gave him a passing grade (pasang awa). Plus, she was not part of the group of economics prof who signed the joint statement calling the UP students “enemies of the University” and most all, because of her economic program the Philippines and the current administration is reaping the benefits and not because of Abnoy’s program as they falsely claimed.

  43. Any reply from UP School of Economics?
    Will Sec. Abad accept the challenge of Manila Times for a round table discussion? I hope so.

  44. how can abad be so callous and hypocritical to even make those statements after the incident? was there any consultations with the filipino people on how their money would be spent when he came up with DAP? he was an appointee of his only boss, pnoy, yet that did not give him all authority on how to spend and use people’s money just because he is the dbm secretary. abad is best describe as an individual who is: A – Arrogant, B – Blatantly defiant, A – Annomalous and D – Downright corrupt appointee who serves no one but his stupid, ignorant boss, pnoy.

  45. Gary Granada used to be a UP Professor, he must be ashamed of whats going on in UP now.I would urge UP students to find Gary Granada’s Youtube song about SONA NI NOYPI.

  46. Mr. Tiglao, I take exception to your statement ” We’re very lucky economists never get to sit in positions of power.” Noynoy Aquino is an Economics graduate of Ateneo University and, unfortunately, he has been in power as President of the Philippines since 2010.

    • Penoy is not and was never an economist. He was not known for anything because he never did anything in his previous job. He is just a creation of hocus pcos machines.

  47. Joy Abrenica, once told me “napako yata ang protesta mo kay Cory, marami pang issues ang kailangan ipaglaban”. Yes, I wore the yellow ribbon when it first started. She didn’t. I would never wear it again. She did.

    Joy I would tell you that you were a hypocrite then, not surprised to know you’re a bigger hypocrite today.

    I used to ask Joy “what good is your mastery of economic theories, when you can’t even recognize the fact that the ‘economy’ was being held tightly in the fist of one man?” Evidently she never bothered to ‘see’ the answer.

  48. UP students should have pity on abad…hey you guys… got no hearts? the man is an HIV case! Hair Is Vanishing.

  49. I would have bitch-slapped Butch Abad to the hilt had I been there!

    Time to throw rotten eggs and tomatoes to ALL OUR ROTTEN POLITICIANS! SPIT ON THEIR FACES, TOO!

    • JoeVee, don’t even think about it! We can make spanish omelets out of them eggs and tomatoes and feed the hungry fililpino people that are being robbed day-in and day-out by these corrupt bureaucats. Do not waste valuable resources, man.

  50. Andres R. Samson on

    Now you know where the forces that control the strings of power and influence really reside and operate from. Well ID’d Bobi.