Blue ribbon to order arrest of Binay’s son


THE Senate blue ribbon committee is poised to issue an arrest order for Makati City Mayor Jejomar Erwin Binay and six other city officials if they continue to refuse to appear at hearings of the sub-committee headed by Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd.

Committee chairman Teofisto Guingona 3rd issued the warning on Friday as he made a final call to Binay and the Makati City officials who have been ignoring the sub-committee’s summons asking them to attend the hearings on alleged irregularities in various projects of the city government.

“I’m making this final call as an effort on my part to avert a situation where the Senate blue ribbon committee would have to issue an arrest order for Mayor Binay and other officials concerned,” Guingona said.

In his ultimatum, the senator warned that the panel will not tolerate the acts of parties who continuously ignore its summons, noting that it has the power to order their arrest and detention.

“This is a final call. I hope that the sound counsel of friends and colleagues would encourage Mayor Binay and other parties concerned to heed the summons of the sub-committee,” he said.

The Makati mayor and the city officials have been  ignoring the sub-committee’s summons for them to appear at the hearings, demanding that they be furnished a list of questions that lawmakers may ask during the hearings.

Lawyer Claro Certeza insisted that his clients’ request for advance copies of questions is in accordance with Senate rules.

The blue ribbon committee will meet on Monday to decide on its next move.

Meanwhile, Mayor Binay on Friday appealed for fairness in the conduct of the ongoing investigation on the alleged overpricing of the Makati City Hall Building 2.

“With all due respect to the Senate, all I am asking for is due process.  If you may recall, I appeared before the sub-committee and answered the questions from the senators for six hours. However, I was either cut off or denied the chance to reply. The senators simply wanted to humiliate me,” he said.

Binay also cited the allegedly unfair treatment by the sub-committee of the city officials, considering that other witnesses who were repeatedly caught lying under oath have gone unpunished.

“All I am requesting is for the senators in the sub-committee to accord to all persons summoned to their hearings the same respect for their rights based on the Constitution and jurisprudence. While the senators threaten me with contempt, they have not taken any action to discipline previous witnesses who have lied under oath several times. This is most unfair,” he said.


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  1. Why is it that Mr.13%VP Binay not arrested yet for multiple plunder offense yet.Justice to slow.

    Why doesn’t this jaundices Trillanes, Cayetano and TG Guingona heed the pulse of the nation to use the Senate Blue Ribbon office instead to address the racketeering, the money-making schemes and the extortion activities of this worsening administration of BS Aquino III such as: the LTO’s compulsory replacement of vehicle plate number, Water and power utilities rate hikes, MRT/LRT fare hikes, Meralco’s recall of electric meter base deposit from consumers the transfer to private ownership all industry operated by government and the impending 2015 power outages in case PNoy emergency power request will not be met? Well, an effective smoke screen rationale to sway people’s attention away from government’s racketeering activities.

  3. I ask the question why has it taken so long for these senators to tell binay & the others they will be arrested if they dont attend these hearings. Just imagine it was you or i who was subpoena to these hearings & we didnt attend, i think they would give us 1 maybe 2 times before having us arrested without even telling us. If there is a procedure in place that people have to attend then when they tell you they wont attend & then dont attend the law should be brought down on them. They think they are above the law & they do seem to be above the law, its like a law for them & a law for us.

    • maybe they put off the matter of arresting these witness until the hearings got boring enough that they needed something exciting to grab some attention again.

  4. No ifs and buts. Arrest the Binay’s camp members for contempt of the Senate. It is long overdue.