• BMW completes X numerals with X2 concept car


    As you know, BMW’s SUV or crossover models carry the letter “X” in their names. These are the X1, the X3, the X4, the X5 and the X6. Notice anything? Yep, the group misses an X2.

    No worries: BMW recently unveiled a coupe-like crossover concept called the X2. The gang is complete.

    “The Concept X2 is a vehicle for active people looking for a combination of enjoyment and practicality,” said BMW design senior vice president Adrian van Hooydonk. “The concept displays a new and exciting facet of the BMW brand within the compact segment.”

    Of course, we’ve heard all of this before. What BMW really means is: “Hey, SUVs and crossovers are really hot these days, so we want to sell you more.”

    Dear BMW, please retain as much of the concept version’s styling when it’s time to produce this car.

    Dear BMW, please retain as much of the concept version’s styling when it’s time to produce this car.

    The design of the Concept X2 fuses apparent contradictions into a single coherent statement. “It combines the fast-moving body language and low-slung proportions of a coupe with the robust construction of an X model,” added BMW design head Karim Habib. “This is a sporty vehicle with a bold character, and it allows us to open up some fascinating new design possibilities for the BMW brand.”

    In other words, a compact X6.

    While the large wheels and familiar two-box design underline the functional X model character, a long wheelbase, stretched roofline, short overhangs and heavily forward-slanting C-pillars give the body a sporty, low-to-the-road feel. The interplay of the darker cladding surfaces and the striking Luminous Red paint job make the Concept X2 look even slimmer from the side.

    The upper section of the flanks is dominated by sporty design elements. The elongated roofline and the slim window graphic create a stretched feel. The glasshouse tapers toward the rear, forming an athletic shoulder section. Yes, we like how this X model is shaping up to be.

    We wonder when the X7 is showing up.


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