• BMW will make sure you have a gift for everyone this Christmas


    It’s the 13th of December. If it feels ominous, that’s probably because you still haven’t bought your loved ones anything for Christmas. Of course, that’s not because you’re a thoughtless, insensitive person. Just that you’re so busy with your fantastic job, and traffic these days makes you want to just sleep in the office.

    If only you could drive to just one specific place and grab all the gifts you need in one go, right? Well, lucky you. BMW Philippines wants to inform you that its always-cool lifestyle items are now available to Christmas-shoppers. Even better news is that the range of merchandise ensures that you will find something for every dear person in your inner circle. Let us present these products to you (as well as the people in your life which they suit best).

    1. BMW Motorsport women’s graphic shirt (for your wife). If your better half is also into automotive accessories, you will have no problem, because then she’ll know this is expensive (and it is, at P2,695). The problem is if she doesn’t even know what BMW is. She might think this is some P199 buy-one-take-one top that Mocha Uson endorses. In which case you’re in trouble.

    02-bmw-kidsbike201612132. BMW kiddie bike (for your child). If you want your offspring to dig cars like you do, start surrounding him with car-themed things. You will just have two problems with this. First is that it costs P18,153. Second is that your wife might see the price tag (you just gave her a Mocha Uson shirt, hello?).

    3. BMW Motorsport women’s sweat jacket (for your mom). When it comes to our mothers, we don’t scrimp, period. So why not get her this for a change, instead of the yearly food basket you win in office raffles? What’s P5,337 for the person who loves you the most? Exactly. (Just don’t let the wife know about this. There’s a weird dynamic there, trust us.)

    4. BMW M bag (for your dad). Okay, you’ve noticed that your father has been trying desperately hard to look and feel cool again since he hit 70. Extend some helping hand with this item. We just hope you have some disposable cash with you, because your wife won’t find the P10,780 asking price funny. Unless you appease her with an LV suitcase. But why would you do that?

    5. BMW iconic silk scarf (for your lady boss). Assuming you report directly to a matronly superior at work who has the power to promote you to that mouth-watering VP position, this elegant gift is sure to give you the inside track to the post in question, especially next to your douchebag of a colleague. Again, don’t tell the wife. She won’t believe you’re shelling out P13,412 just to get a fighting chance for that corner office.
    6. BMW Thermos mug (for your dude boss). Now, assuming the person who can help you ascend the corporate ladder is a he, here’s a no-fuss gift idea. Guys aren’t finicky when it comes to presents from staffers. Best of all, at just P784, you can show this one to the wife. She’ll think you’re the smartest.

    7. BMW cruise bicycle (for you). Let’s make one thing clear, buddy: You bring home the bacon. And your body wastes away as you do so. You therefore deserve to live a healthy life, and this P71,653 bike will help. Pro tip: You definitely hide this one from the spouse. Please. For your sake.


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