BOC holds steel bars from China in Subic


Almost 5,000 metric tons of deformed steel bars are entering the Philippines from China, but may not be on a par with the Philippine national standards and “pose a threat to security and safety.”

In an April 21 alert order forwarded to the media on Monday, the Bureau of Customs reported deformed steel bars in bundles were aboard the MV Well Faith was supposed to have docked in Subic port last Thursday.

The 4,929.38 MT of deformed steel were consigned to a certain Mannage Resources Trading Corp.

The alert order noted the shipment was red-flagged in the absence of an appropriate import permit, potentially in violation of Section 2503 of the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines which lists imported properties “subject to forfeiture.”

In a letter to the Subic Bay Freeport Zone and the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI) office in Zambales, the Philippine Iron & Steel Institute (PISI) wants the Subic and trade authorities to move against the shipment based on the Customs alert order.”. . . [W]e request for your assistance in holding the processing of the import entry of Mannage Resources Trading Corp. until the Bureau of Philippine Standards has conducted a complete inventory, thorough examination and testing of physical, chemical and mechanical properties of the product…” Roberto Cola, PISI president, said in the April 21 letter.

“We ask for your assistance on this matter to ensure that these imported reinforcing steel bars are in conformity with the Philippine National Standards and do not pose a threat to the security and safety of our Filipino consumers,” he added.


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  1. I am sure most steel products from tsay-nah do not conform to ASTM Standards, much more with our own Bureau of Philippine Standards. Hence, unless Filipinos want their condo units or homes to fall at the first sign of tremor, they better check with the contractors and developers what kind and wherefrom the steel products they are using.

    What I fear here is that since this is an election season where fund raising is on a feverish pace, some change of money may occur that there will be found a reason to allow that shipment to go and find its way to the hardware stores. The local steel industry as well as the NBI should closely monitor this case as it is detrimental to our national security.