• BOC sees P912-M revenue from overstaying cargo


    The Bureau of Customs (BOC) is expecting to generate about P912 million in revenues from the public auction of overstaying cargoes in various ports.

    “We have overstaying cargoes that have been idly sitting in the ports . . . Importers and brokers need to stop using our ports as warehouses,” said Customs Commissioner Alberto Lina.

    Overstaying cargoes are those that have either been seized or abandoned. Seized cargoes are those that have been issued an alert order and consequently a Warrant of Seizure and Detention (WSD) for violating the Tariff and Customs Code of the Philippines (TCCP) such as misdeclaration or undervaluation.

    Abandoned cargoes are expressly abandoned by the consignee once the Collector of Customs, who has jurisdiction over the shipments, receives a written notice of abandonment.

    Cargoes are abandoned when the owner, importer, consignee or interested party has fails to inform the BOC within 30 days after the shipment has been discharged from a vessel or aircraft. In cases when a notice has been filed, but cargo is unclaimed within 15 days, then the shipment is also deemed abandoned.

    “Port fees such as demurrage, wharfage and storage fees are usually waived by the arrastre operator and Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) when the container or cargo, either forfeited or abandoned, is subject for disposal by the BOC. So, everything is done at no cost to the government,” Lina noted.

    In a memorandum issued early this year, the bureau directed all ports to review overstaying cargoes for possible auction in line with efforts to boost revenue and decongest port areas, in line with the TCCP.

    The BOC noted that in the Port of Manila alone there are cargoes that can be auctioned off for up to P300 million.

    The Port of Subic tends to realize P150 million should the auction of overstaying containers take place.

    The Manila International Container is projecting P462.6 million from the public auction of 1,542 containers.

    As of April 25, 2016, the BOC Auction Monitoring Unit has accounted for P345.62 million in auction revenue from January to April.

    This revenue was realized from auction sales from six ports of the BOC.
    In 2015, BOC’s auction generated P996.32 million.


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