• Bohol and the silence of God


    (By Ricardo Saludo, Opinion, October 21, 2013)
    Definitely God has message for us but it is hard to decipher it.Why many centuries old churches were devastated . . . what message He is implying to us?
    Jose Santos, joeysan28@yahoo.com

    My heart goes out to those who suffered loss at Bohol. 175 people is a big tragedy. But God looks at things much differently than we do. For instance, Jesus’ remark, “Let the dead bury the dead,” makes it clear that those who don’t follow Him are spiritually dead already.

    Those who do follow Him are spiritually alive; their soul and spirit has survived Bohol and will live on in eternity. So for God, He gets to welcome some into Heaven and those who don’t make it were already lost.

    Also, God sees 150,000 people a day die around the world. 175 is a very small fraction of that.

    He also sees thousands of children being sexually abused every day – something about which He can do little or nothing because we Christians are not praying. If we were praying, He would have the right to overrule the free will of man and stop the worst atrocity the world has ever seen.
    Gary Wm Myers, garymsmail@gmail.com


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    1. Century-old churches are mere physical structures vulnerable to destructive events like quakes, fires, and human actions, bombing, for example. What should stay even longer after physical buildings are gone are our age-old unique human and cultural-religious traditions and values. Let’s keep ourselves busy rising up again after the debris had been cleared, renewing our vigor thru bayanihan, pagdadamayan, pagmamahal sa bayan, at pananalig sa Maykapal. I believe these inspire every Pinoy to live up despite the heaviest of calamities visiting our land.