• ‘Bohol, Zambo barangay polls very orderly’


    THE special barangay elections in Zamboanga and Bohol on Monday were “very orderly,” said Commission on Elections (Comelec) spokesman James Jimenez.

    Jimenez said electric power in some areas of Bohol was restored. Voting in Zamboanga was finished immediately but smoothly. The voter turnout in Zamboanga was smaller than Bohol.

    He said some precincts had to close even before 3 p.m. on Monday.

    Comelec Chairman Sixto Brillantes Jr. said the poll body bought lamps for Bohol to avoid inconvenience and delays during a power shortage while some of the lamps went to areas with no electricity.

    The Comelec had reset the schedule of the barangay elections in Bohol and Zamboanga from October 28—the regular elections—to November 25 because of the 7.2-quake that hit Bohol on October 15.

    Zamboanga saw a prolonged armed conflict between the rebel forces under the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) of Nur Misauri’s faction and government forces, the led to the killing of several individuals and left its residents traumatized.

    Earlier, some public school teachers threatened not to take part in the special barangay elections for security reasons. But Jimenez said “as the polling precincts opened, teachers have already been warned about electioneering.”

    “Reports reaching us showed that there was not much electioneering committed and that the polls were held orderly, smoothly and the turnover of voters was rather fast,” Jimenez said.

    He added that the Board of Election Tellers (BET) had attended to the polling precincts in Zamboanga but “not all the teachers expected to attend actually attended the elections.”

    Jimenez said all the polling precincts had opened in Bohol and Zamboanga at 8 a.m.

    Jimenez said some people were aware of the makeshift polling centers in Bohol. The Comelec allotted P5 million for it.


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