Bold and necessary exposure of rogue cops


PRESIDENT Duterte has done the most necessary act to make the people truly believe that the war against drugs and drug lords is for real. He has pulled out five police “generals” involved in the illegal drug industry from the shadows. He has exposed them for the world to know as enemies of the Republic and cruel destroyers of the lives of fellow Filipinos, including young people, who become drug addicts.

The President revealed that he has ordered the removal of the following top police officials from their posts:

General Marcelo Garbo,
General Vicente Loot,
General Bernardo Diaz,
General Joel Pagdilao, and
General Edgardo Tinio.

These top police officials are now all under investigation and will eventually be indicted. One of them, Vicente Loot, left the service before he could be fired. He became a local politician in Cebu and is now the mayor of Daanbantayan town.

These top police officers did not only commit treason against our nation. They have also dishonored the Philippine National Police as an institution, besmirched the honorable profession of “police officer” and mocked their pledges of loyalty and honor.

It appears that all of these “police generals” are referred to as such because they all supposed to be honorable graduates of the Philippine Military Academy. Police brass are called “directors” not “generals” to punctuate the constitutionally defined civilian character of the PNP. But the “mistahs” in the police have succeeded in influencing the media into publicly calling them “generals” to honor their Philippine Military Academy origins. Well, they have trashed the title “general” and the good name of the PMA.

Announcing the names and publishing the picture of these rogue police officers is an absolutely vital part of the campaign to end the drug curse in our country. Scores, maybe hundreds, of police officers under these police “generals” willingly did work for these drug-operator-PNP bosses. They must also be named publicly, investigated, charged and after conviction severely punished.

The action must not end with today’s shaming of these traitors to our country, our people and the PNP. They must also be prosecuted, diligently. Prosecutors and other people in the Justice Department who treat their work of putting away these criminals in police uniforms less than zealously must also be separated from government service.

One wonders about the entire PNP as an organization. Everyone in the police department headquarters and precincts know who the scoundrel cops and top officers are. Those who don’t must be certifiable idiots. The conclusion must be made that since everyone knows, and yet it took so long — and the arrival of President Rody Duterte — for these police generals to be identified and charged, there must be something wrong not only with the PNP system but with the individuals themselves, who are fellow officers of these scoundrel police generals.

The PNP is a vitally important part of our country’s governance. It must be radically reformed.


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  1. arthur keefe on

    It is essential that these people are prosecuted and punished, but it should be quickly, through the courts, and within the law. Too often, public officials found committing crimes (such as stealing or corruption) are allowed to walk away from their job, often retaining all benefits, with no public prosecution or penalty.

    As you say, they are not Generals, and should be described by their proper PNP job title.

  2. These so called PMA graduates have HONOR and LOYALTY indeed, not to the country but to their “mistahs”!!!

  3. Felix Servidad on

    There should be no let up in fighting drugs to achieve its goal, small and big fry are the same. Most of the crimes happens when they’re high on drugs, the drug lords the pushers and the protector, in their greed they don’t care destroying the society just for money. In search of peace they should be eliminated once and for all.

  4. And after this clean up, expose also those corrupt government officials especially those who made rich using the pork barrel fund. Clean up the Bureau of Customs. Kudos to the President!!

  5. Wilfredo Ticzon on

    Shame on the recently retired PNP head who said no PNP general is involved in drugs.

  6. Prinze Fisher on

    I agree, publish the pictures of these rogue police officers so the public may know their treasonous faces.