Bombings, landslide kill scores in Yemen


ADEN: Twin bombings targeting the Yemeni army in second city Aden on Monday killed at least 41 people, most of them would-be recruits, a military official said.

A landslide caused by heavy rain has swept through a village in southwestern Yemen, killing at least 20 people, local media said also on Monday.

A suicide bomber killed 34 people queuing up to enlist at a recruitment center near the Badr base in the Khormaksar district, said Brigadier General Nasser al-Sarei, commander of special security forces.

A second explosion went off inside the base afterwards, killing seven soldiers, the official said.

Aden is the headquarters of the government of President Abedrabbo Mansour Hadi as it battles Shiite rebels who control the capital and has seen a spate of attacks in recent months claimed by Al-Qaeda or its jihadist rival the Islamic State group.

Government forces drove Huthi rebels out of the city in July with support from a Saudi-led coalition.

The two jihadist groups exploited the power vacuum created by the conflict to expand their presence in the south and southeast.

But over the past two months, government and coalition forces have hit back, driving the jihadists out of Aden, as well as the Hadramawt provincial capital Mukalla, which they had controlled for a year.

20 dead as landslide sweeps village
At least 20 people were killed as a landslide caused by heavy rain swept through a village in southwestern Yemen.

Dozens of others were wounded and the death toll was likely to rise as rescue teams struggled to reach the village of Al-Lassbah in a mountainous district of Taez province, the rebel-controlled Saba news agency said.

The area was hit by “heavy rain that caused a collapse of rocks on houses,” Saba said, citing a local source.

The impoverished south Arabian Peninsula country is frequently hit by heavy downpours that trigger landslides and floods. In April, 24 people were killed in northern Yemen following heavy rain that caused a dam to burst.



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