‘Bones’ Jones batters Teixeira in UFC 172

Jon “Bones” Jones AFP PHOTO

Jon “Bones” Jones AFP PHOTO

Jon “Bones” Jones beat Glover Teixeira in Ultimate Fighting Championship 172 in Baltimore. “It was a lot like we thought it’d be,” Jones said of the fight, a five-round bout scored unanimously in favor of Jones, 50-45.

With a 19-1 record entering the fight—his lone loss came by disqualification—Jones is seen as untouchable. On Saturday (Sunday in Manila), Teixeira did little to bother him, much less see him. With his awesome reach, the 6-foot-4 Jones would extend his arm into Teixeira’s sightline, blocking what the challenger could see.

When the fight began, Teixeira swung and swung with hopeful haymakers. Jones bobbed and weaved. He is bigger than the Brazilian, but there seemed less of him to hit.

Over the match, there was little to stop him. Jones caught a high kick and threw Teixeira to the ground. He delivered a spinning leg kick. After absorbing a good combination from Teixeira, he responded with three elbows to the face, each more cutting than the last.

By the fourth round, Teixeira’s mug was a bloody mess. At the end of the five-minute period, Jones lunged for Teixeira’s legs. He tossed him to the canvas, then swung at him with a left, then a right, then a left, then a right, the punches almost metronomic.

In the fifth, Jones knocked the mouth guard out of Teixera’s mouth. Fans booed as the referee halted play for a new one.



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