Bong vs. Binay in 2016

■ Senator Revilla ■ Vice President Binay

■ Senator Revilla           ■ Vice President Binay

Sen. Ramon “Bong” Revilla has joined Vice President Jejomar Binay in the roster of early contenders for the 2016 presidential derby.

Binay has been open about his preparations for the presidency, and has left the Partido ng Demokratikong Pilipino-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) to form a new party to strengthen his bid.

On Monday, the Lakas-Christian Muslim Democrats (CMD) announced it will field Revilla, the Lakas-CMD chairman, as its standard bearer.

Leyte Rep. Martin Romualdez said the plunder complaint filed against Revilla at the Office of the Ombudsman will not stop them from making the senator their candidate for the country’s presidency.

Romualdez, Lakas-CMD president, said former President Joseph Estrada faced plunder charges “and yet he almost made it in 2010.” That just shows everything is possible in Philippine politics.”

Revilla, aside from being the chairman of the party, “was the number 1 senator [during the 2010 polls],” Romualdez told a press conference.

Estrada was convicted of plunder in 2007 after his ouster as president in 2001 following a People Power revolt.

He ran again for president but lost to Sen. Benigno Aquino 3rd in 2010. Three years he defeated Alfredo Lim in the race for mayor in Manila.

Revilla is among three senators charged in the alleged misuse of the Priority Development Assistance Fund (PDAF). The others are Juan Ponce Enrile and Jose “Jinggoy” Estrada.

On Monday, Revilla filed a motion for voluntary inhibition against the special panel of investigators of the Ombudsman. The senator claimed that the investigators were biased because they dismissed the counter-charges he filed against his accusers.

Romualdez said they are not convinced that Revilla’s being linked to the pork barrel scam will hurt his chances in 2016.

Revilla, an action movie star before he entered politics, is the son of another veteran actor and former senator, Ramon Revilla Sr.

“I have been with Senator Revilla in provincial trips and he remains very popular regardless of the plunder case [leveled against him]. We in Lakas can stand on our own. We have been a political behemoth in the past and we hope to strengthen our ranks,” Romualdez said.

He renewed his call to the Aquino administration to stop attacking opposition lawmakers such as Revilla.

“The President’s allies are now exerting all efforts to demolish possible opponents of the ruling party. With the government moving on all fronts, perceived or vocal presidential and national post aspirants are being subjected to all sorts of controversies,” Romualdez added.

Binay-Santos tandem?

Binay is said to be eyeing Batangas Gov. Vilma Santos Recto as running mate.
The Vice President has not confirmed the reports. Santos, a former screen star, has said she is not keen on a national position because she wants to focus on her province.

The governor’s husband, Sen. Ralph Recto, said a Binay-Santos tandem is unlikely since Santos has no plans to run for higher office.

Recto told reporters his wife is planning to retire when her term as governor ends in 2016.

Binay has admitted that disunity was among the reasons he left PDP-Laban.

Sen. Aquilino Pimentel 3rd on Monday said Binay’s exit from PDP-Laban will not hurt the party because it is based on ideology, not on personalities.

Pimentel said that once Binay leaves, PDP-Laban will inform UNA (United Nationalist Alliance) that it is ending its coalition with PMP (Pwersa ng Masang Pilipino).

“So we will now be free to also enter into other coalition arrangements with other political parties,” he said.

Pimentel, the president of PDP-Laban, said he expects Binay to official informing them of his plans to bolt the party.

Binay and Pimentel had a falling out in 2012 when the vice president agreed to include former Sen. Juan Miguel Zubiri in UNA’s senatorial ticket.

Zubiri is a political rival of Pimentel, who supposedly benefited from the 2007 election fraud.

Binay said his children will join him in his new party.

Senator Estrada said he will not think twice if the Vice President asks him to be his running mate.

“First of all we are both part of the opposition, and I believe in him. He can deliver the basic services for our poor people,” Estrada said.

Estrada, the incumbent president of the PMP, said the party will always support Binay.

No comment

Palace spokesman Edwin Lacierda refused to comment on Binay’s presidential plans, saying President Aquino “is occupied in governance right now.”

”Let me tell you that we are in the 849th day of our administration. There’s still those number of days for governance, so we have no comment on the formation of a new political party by Vice President Binay. Obviously, if that is true, that is his decision to make. We have no hand in there, so we have no comment,” Lacierda told reporters.

“Vice President Binay has never shied from saying that he wants to be president. And I think all of them are fully aware that they have responsibilities to perform, and I don’t think the fact that they are entertaining a presidential run would affect their performance in their respective capacities,” he said.

”I think it’s a mandate for all public officials to serve the public good, whether you are running for a higher office or not,” Lacierda added.

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  1. Lord kayo na po ang bahala sa mga taong ito… sana po huwag umiral ang kasamaan ng mga pulitikong ito sa mga binabalak nila.. (Nognog, Pogi at Sexy) maawa naman sana kayo sa mga pilipino at sa bansang pinas. Mga buhay pa kayo sinusunog na ang mga kaluluwa niyo sa impierno…

  2. Disgusting!!! Let’s force Mayor Duterte and Miriam Santiago to run. Please sir, madam senator!

  3. plsssssssssss to all pinoy’s hwag iboto ang mga eto,,bka makatakas s kanilang mga kaso..alam q sa ngayn mautak n lahat ng tao,,hwag tayong magpagamit s kanila,BE WISE TO CHOOSE..

  4. arturo sta barbara on

    God bless ang kapal ng mga mukha ninyo pinoy hoy gumising kayo binay revilla marcos inay ku po

  5. Roldan Guerrero on

    Pinoy and his mother are the BIGGEST JOKES in Philippine politics. Shall we let it happen again thru BONG REVILLA? Of course Revilla easily made it as a senator as a result of his popularity as a movie star.Becoming a president is not a joke just like the mother and son Aquinos think. Sana naman hindi na natin pahihintulutan na magkaroon pa uli ng isang BOBONG presidente.

  6. Walang na talagang iba? Pamilya Binay di nakuntento sa Makati gysto buong angkan nakapwesto hay hay hay buha y revilla estrada pareparho lang yan kawawang pinoy kasinaman ang daming bobong botante (sori po totoolang) puro corrupt yan mga iyan yung botante ok dahil kailangan mo pera benta mo boto mo pero isulat mo sa balota yun matino ( sana meron,,,,,,)

  7. I know the Philippines has gone to the pigs after Bong Revilla, together with Jinggoy Estrada, Juan Ponce Ernrile and many members of Congress had been accused of stealing billions of pesos in pork barrel funds.

    But should Bong Revilla drag our country deeper into pig sh-t by running for President of the country in 2016? He should have resigned and cleared his name of the charge that he pocketed his pork barrel funds first before making plans for running for the highest office of the land. Hasn’t got any shame at all?

    What is also troubling is that our court system has gone on full stop mode on cases involving Revilla and other lawmakers. The hearings being conducted by the Senate is just a waste of public funds because these hearing will not result in the closure of these cases. These cases of theft of public funds by our lawmakers should be heard by the Sandiganbayan by now.

  8. Kiko pangilinan should run for president.. I think he will be a good candidate for presidency! He seems like a good educated man, former professor and I think he has a degree in law!! That’s what our country needs! Not this bunch of clowns, that are former actors or boxers like pacman.. Mga tol Hindi nyo na to Linea, Kaya hayaan nyo na yong mga talagang pinag aralan ay about politics talaga

  9. Hilario Martinez on

    the gods must be very angry with us to be given such people in government and such a government

  10. only in the Philippines! shame on this criminals!its like i want to throw-up!
    That’s why i migrated here in north America!

  11. God bless our country. Pls Lord don’t let our country fall again on the hands of these thieves and plunderer. Have Mercy on Filipinos.
    Help us start campaigning to open the hearts and minds of even the least, the last and the lost Pinoys so they will not be manipulated this time. Please tama na ang pahirap sa amin, konting ginhawa naman. Amen

  12. Renato Viray on

    lokohan na lang talaga ang Philippine Politics. only in the Philippines.Fun talaga.

  13. Round and round it goes! Looks like we are being given the same names and faces as choices in the next presidential elections.

  14. As Rep. Martin Romualdez, have compared Sen. Revilla with Pres. Mayor Erap, does he mean that Sen. Revilla will suffer the same fate. That of “almost won it”?

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  17. This news if true, makes me want to throw-up.

    The gull of these people who have robbed the people- to run for positions in the government!! To rob again and again the people??

    These crooks should be put in prison . People who have been convicted of crimes should be disqualified from running for public office. We Filipinos are THE MOST STUPID PEOPLE IN THE WORLD IF WE ALLOW THESE CROOKS TO BE IN GOVERNMENT. DON’T WE EVER LEARN??

  18. Binay, Bong, Roxas, Bong-Bong wala na ba iba? Ay naku kawawa tayong Pilipino puro miembro na lang ng DYNASTY ang sinusubo sa atin lalamunan. Ano kaya sila CC ang tumakabo at manalo at baka gumanda pa ang ating gobierno? Hindi ito yuon CC na nasa isip nyo kundi si Colminares-Casino o Casino- Colminares, taga Visayas at Luzon. Di ba Pwede din?

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    kinikilabutan naman ako sa dalawang to!!! mag migrate na tayong lahat sa ibang bansa pag nagkataon!!!

  20. Tony Villaragoisa on


    will be a good combi… good luck Pilipinas. Hopeless..

  21. The “forces of evil” in the Philipoine society are now advancing in there plans to seek more power and make the lives of the Filpiino more mesirable. Hope the that the “masa ” would be enlightened and would not allow themselves to be used again by these dark forces of evil.

  22. The “forces of evil” in the Philipoine society are now advancing in there plans to seek more power and make the lives of the Filpiino more mesirable. Hope the that the “masa ” would be enlightened and would not allow themselves to be used again by these dark forces of the evil.

  23. Bong has the thickest face and skin of all the crooks. He’s even running for President. Why? So that once elected, he’s free from conviction of his corruption?