‘Bongbong can defend himself’


Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago on Tuesday said her chosen running mate, Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr., has not committed any wrongdoing against the people and she is confident that he can defend himself from his critics.

Santiago, who is running for President for the third time, made it clear in a forum that she did not team up with the son and namesake of the late former president to defend him from his and his family’s critics.

“I have not seen prima facie evidence that Bongbong Marcos killed someone or raped someone or burned a house [down]or in other words violated any of the provisions of the Penal Code,” Santiago said during the Philippine Business Conference and Exposition of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry (PCCI) at the Marriott Hotel in Pasay City (Metro Manila).

The younger Marcos is being criticized for alleged corruption, possession of ill-gotten wealth and commission of human-rights abuses during the time of his father who was President from 1966 until his ouster in 1986.

Santiago said that the son should not be blamed for the negative issues involving his father.

According to her, blaming the senator for the supposed mistakes of his father is against the teachings of the Bible that says: “The sins of the father should not be visited upon the children.”

“I am a Church-going Catholic. So if he has done anything wrong, my recommendation is a formal allegation or complaint must be filed in court or before the fiscal and then in court
so that we will see if there is any basis at all,” Santiago said.

“This man is trying to redeem himself. Let us give him a chance,” she added.
Meanwhile, Santiago again dismissed calls for her to release her medical records to show that she really defeated her cancer, noting that she does not see the move doing any good for the country.

She also assured those who are questioning her health condition that she is willing to engage anybody in a debate about anything but she will not allow anyone to mislead her to go into a political debate that would include her illness.

“Can’t you see me? Can’t you see that I can stand straight? That I can look you in the eye?

What else do you want from me? Why are you so nasty? What kind of government will we grow up into if this is your attitude?” Santiago said, responding to an open letter asking her to release her medical records.

Dr. Sylvia Estrada Claudio, in the open letter, asked the senator to release her medical records in order to determine if the latter really received a “miracle.”

But Santiago maintained that there is no provision in the Constitution that requires any candidate for any office to show his or her medical records.

Marcos also defended his fellow senator, noting that the latter’s right to privacy should be respected.


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  1. >>>Mayroon nag -comment sa isang news article, and I agreed.to that.

    Former PGMArroyo’s approval on PCSO intelligence fund = KULONG
    PeNOY’s approval on DAP fund (SC ruled unconstitutional) = GOOD FAITH

  2. BSConjuangco-Aquino 3rd said …“the democratic system in this country works” contrary to how it was during martial law,

    >>> HELL !!! He doesn’t know really the meaning and thought of democracy.
    This brain-drained president and his administration works on “ARISTOCRATIC AUTHORITARIAN SYSTEM”. Without declaring martial, they’re persecuting any opposition and wanna be opponent to his wish, likes and decision. His comments and speech in every venue or interviews serves as his commands and order to his dogies and persecutors.

    >>> At the time of martial law, the late FEMarcos allowed his sicked father Ninoy to abroad in USA to have a medical treatment although we have had specialist doctors here in the philippines.

    While at this present period, this brain-drained president thru his dogies sandiganbayad and ombadsman persecutor not and will never allowed to let former PGMA to seek medical treatment in abroad.

    At the time of martial law, very rare a case of rape, illegal drugs, murder, kidnapping and smuggling. Now under the watch of this brain-drained B.S.Conjuangco-Aquino 3rd, if not daiy-weekly there is the news and always a case of kidnap for ransom, illegal drugs, killing and murder, smuggling and rape. This is the democracy system what he had said, but the truth is THIS IS ARISTOCRATIC AUTHORITARIAN SYSTEM.

  3. gusto ng iba dyan na ang mga mababait katulad ni bongbong marcos ay ibasura.. biblical ito.. Hindi ba sa panahon ni Jesus Christ ang mga tao noon ng tanungin ni Pilato kung sino ang gusto niyang pakawalan si Jesus ba o si Barabas? Eh ang mga tao sumisigaw na si Barabas ang pakawalan… Ang mga taong ito ngayon na against the marcoses mga kakampi ito ni barabas…

  4. Si Pnoy ang dapat itapon sa basurahan ng Canada.. Pbalik sa Canada.. Wala siyang pakinabang sa mamayangFilipino. Never never again to yellow cult regime lead by this Aquino Family associated with the oligarch businessman like lopezez, tan, gokongwei, aboitiz, na mga BWISIT at salot sa bayang pilipinas..

  5. Regarding Marcos alleges resurgence in the political arena Pilipinos dont understand the mantra ” KONG ANO ANG PUNO SIYA RIN ANG BUNGA’ Ang dapat sa mga pilipino itapon na sina Marcos sa basura.

    • Ganuon din sa kabaliktaran: “kung ano ang bunga, siya ang puno.” Malalaman mong tunay ang puno sa kung ano ang bunga. Baka naman nagkamali ka sa pagkilatis sa puno.