Bongbong exposes LP’s May 9 Plan B

VIGILANCE PAYS Although he has regained the lead in the latest Social Weather Stations survey, vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. still called on the electorate on Thursday to guard against cheating of which he is apparently the main target in the May 9 elections. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

VIGILANCE PAYS Although he has regained the lead in the latest Social Weather Stations survey, vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand Marcos Jr. still called on the electorate on Thursday to guard against cheating of which he is apparently the main target in the May 9 elections. PHOTO BY RUY L. MARTINEZ

TACLOBAN CITY, Leyte: Vice presidential candidate Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Friday exposed the Plan B of the Liberal Party (LP) to ensure that President Benigno Aquino 3rd will not land in jail after the May 9 elections.

Citing a member of the Liberal Party as his source, the Ilocano lawmaker said the administration party has given up on its standard-bearer—Manuel “Mar” Roxas 2nd—as they do not expect him to surmount the snowballing voters’ preference tfor Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte.

“The Plan B is to ensure victory for Leni Robredo and remove Duterte via impeachment. In this way, Noynoy [the President’s nickname]and his minions will avoid being jailed,” Marcos told a news conference here.

Robredo, a congresswoman representing Camarines Sur, is the running mate of Roxas.

Included in the plan is showing the exit door of Malacañang to Duterte as quickly as possible so that the LP’s rule will be extended for another six years.

Possible imprisonment for Aquino, according to Marcos, could arise from a string of criminal charges, including an unbailable plunder case in connection with the Disbursement Acceleration Program (DAP) and Priority Development Allotment Fund (PDAF) or pork barrel, which the President was alleged to have used to buy the loyalty of lawmakers.

The senator said the President is wary of an impending deluge of cases against him and his alleged conspirators, among them Budget Secretary Florencio Abad, Transportation Secretary Emilio Abaya and Roxas himself.

“This [Plan B] is a desperate move of Noynoy. He thinks that the only way to win is to cheat. Plan B is their way of escaping jail,” Marcos pointed out.

He said the administration party is also attacking the Iglesia Ni Cristo (INC or Church of Christ) in a bid to divide the group.

The religious sect headed by Executive Minister Eduardo Manalo reportedly has chosen Marcos to support and frontrunner presidential bet Duterte.

Aquino had courted the INC to back Roxas’ bid but to no avail.

Marcos has continuously topped various surveys.

Early this week, Robredo overtook him, which the senator suspected as a manipulation to hide the cheating mechanism under Plan B.

In the latest survey by the Social Weather Stations (SWS), however, Marcos regained the upper hand.

The poll taken from May 1 to 3 showed the senator getting 29 percent and Robredo 28 percent, although the SWS said they were statistically tied.

Marcos urged his supporters to guard their votes and report immediately any irregularity during Election Day itself, especially discrepancies between the names of candidates whom they actually voted for and those shown in the receipt that Vote Counting Machines are supposed to issue to the voters.

“Make noise once you have discovered the irregularity. Tell the watchers, the Board of Election Inspectors, take a picture using your Smartphone, and report to us. We will immediately send somebody to help you,” he said.

Meanwhile, Mayor Alfred Romualdez of this city exposed the vote-buying activities here and the nearby provinces, particularly in Samar where candidates, mostly members of the LP, are involved.

“From P50 to P300, they are indulging in vote-buying. This is alarming and will make these elections expensive since the opponent will also catch up and offer a higher rate,” the mayor said.


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  1. Where is the logic there ? What is true to Juan is true to Pedro ? So kung ano ang ginawa ng ama , kasalanan din ba ng anak ? Hey ? may subject ba kayo ng philo ? bakit hindi niyo alam yan ? Aside from that , nakita niyo yun negative sides ni dating pangulong Ferdinand Marcos pero hindi niyo nakita yun positive sides niya ? How about sa mga dating politicians o mga mga politicians na nasa pwesto may positive ba sila ? o wala ba silang negative ? May nagawa ba sila para sa pilipinas ? Sa panahon ni Marcos kahit paano may mga nagawa ? Likes , schools , airport , roads , bridges , hospitals and many more ? how about the others meron ba ? o puro pangungurakot lang pero wala naman nagawa..Ilang billion ang naitulong ng ibang mga bansa sa Yolanda victims ? naibigay ba lahat ? So sino ang mas worst ? Yun nagnanakaw na wala naman nagawa o nagnakaw man pero may mga nagawa naman..Naalala niyo yun past na negative daw ni Marcos pero hindi niyo nakikita yun mga ginagawa ng mga nakaupo sa positions ? Before you complain naitanong niyo ba sa sarili niyo mag nagawa ba kayo para sa bansa? Ang nakaraan ay nakaraan na..ang kinabukasan ng bansa ay nasa atin nakasalalay..ang mahalaga ay ngayon..Ang nangyayari sa ngayon ay hindi na hawak ni dating pangulong don’t blame him anymore..ask kung sino ang mga nakaupo sa positions at mga sarili natin..Let ex president Marcos rest..Understand ??/

  2. what did he expose? it’s all rumors and chismis and Filipinos love chismis! hahahahahha

  3. Ilang dekada na ba yang tungkol sa hidden wealth na yan. Isip kayo wala namang politikong matino,pero puro kayo hwag kalimutan kamalian ni marcos bakit kasalanan ba ng anak kasalanan ng Ama? Makapang husga kayo wagas kayo matitino

  4. Why do you even bother trying to pretend you are a Democracy? It’s all about how to gain the most money, top to bottom.

  5. The biggest cheat this country ever had was your father, and you ought to know that since you now enjoy the fruits of his illegal endeavors.

  6. Really, iam sorry for those yellow noytard followers and they are pathetic. Nagbubulagnbulagan at nagbingi bingihan itong mga zombie…during election 2010 dinaya na kayo nitong abnormal na presidente ng liberal party, ngayon uulitin namn nila.. No way.. Nagising na ang mamayan sa panloloko ng traidor na pamily na aquino.. Are you noytards belong to one of them??? traydor sa bayan..
    This is only kasaalanan nitong moronic na presidente. Too many to mention na dapat pagbayaran nitong mga Liberal Party, na ginawang sindikato ang gobyerno instead na magsilbi sila sa mamayan.

  7. Why is it that Filipinos ,many of them up to this day cannot differentiate the good from the evil,and the poor allows themselves be used and be manipulated by the elite and oligarchs politicians who wants to remain in power, so they can continue their power of the government purse (peoples money) be in their control ( dictatorship) which has been very much alive after they ousted the late Pres Marcos and this current adm is no exception(the worse of all administration).

  8. Maraming options sa pandaraya ang Abnoy Kaya lahat ginagawa upang maligtas sa Death Penalty Kapag si Duterte Na ang Pangulo. DUTERTE at MARCOS Sa May 9,2016!

  9. Bong Marcos should remind young voters that cheating is not something new but an old practice of Philippine politics so rampant during his father’s time. Nowadays, isolated cases around the country are still noticeable but not by administration bets.
    of the Daang Matuwid.

  10. Desperate to be jailed! Try to be good until the last day of your term.. Let us try to be united and do not thwart the genuine will of the people.

  11. barks barks on

    all sides are buying votes my partner expects to make at least p7,000 this weekend thats all the people can talk about how much money they will get

  12. Bong Bong is right, we have to guard our vote. Let us end this nightmare with this current administration very desperate people, and after the election let us put them in jail where they belong. Let us close the bias station and place a fair honest network that coukd exercise responsible journalism. We want change and change is coming.

    • All along that is the plan of BB and not Leni. This is a divine intervention. Remember Leni was reluctant to run as VP. Now not only she is running for VP but currently number one in the survey and by Tuessday we see LENI ROBREDO as the VP! Poor BB, he and his family could not admit that they are being punished for the sins of their father. Please repent and be humble that’s the only way you can get back your credibility.

  13. peter corgos on

    look who’s talking. My goodness – and he has the gall to say that they will be cheated. Clean up your acts first Mr. Marcos and return the wealth that you are now enjoying which you don’t own.

    • Absolutely correct. The latest is his sister and her 3 sons overseas bank account by so called Panama Leak.

  14. “Bongbong exposes LP’s May 9 Plan B”
    Guess what, this guy will actually rig the election and blame the other party. Like father, like son. LOL!

    • May kasabihan ang magnanakaw galit sa kapwa magnanakaw. Perhaps BB has Plan “X”. Get their cronies to influence religious groups, spread lies, gather the troops loyal to Ver, loyal to Duterte and INC.. The current leadership of INC has always been loyal to the Marcoses. But they are no longer solid group. I am an Ilocano but not proud to be associated with the Batac boy.