Bongbong Marcos and the solid Ilocano ‘nation’


On Sunday evening, I sat briefly with the young Ferdinand Alexander (Sandro) Marcos during a small dinner with friends at the EDSA Shangrila hosted by Chita Romualdez Yap on the 86th birth anniversary of her famous former First Lady-sister Imelda Romualdez Marcos. Sandro is the eldest son of Sen. Bongbong and Liza Araneta Marcos. He recently charmed the campus crowd when he read his father’s speech on the proposed Bangsamoro Basic Law at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines.

I tried to elicit a word about Bongbong running for President in 2016. I thought I was being discreet, but the young man turned out to be the real soul of discretion. “Do you see your Dad running in 2016?” I asked. “I really have no idea. He hasn’t said anything about it,” he said. “But would you not want him to become President?” I asked. “I guess I wouldn’t mind,” he said.

It was most refreshing to see this from someone so young. If only everybody else could be half as circumspect, I thought. This was obviously because his own father has until now kept his cards so close to his chest. On at least two recent occasions, someone in the audience put the question bluntly to the senator, and he got away by saying, “As my father used to say, you have to keep your options open.”

But time is flying fast, and he may have to announce his option soon. This seems to be the common hope and prayer of those around him. Yesterday I got a call from a Filipino economist in Florida who said that at least 80 percent of the Filipinos he had talked to in Las Vegas, where he has his home, and in Los Angeles, where he has many relatives and friends, “expect” Bongbong to take the presidency in 2016. Even those who were in the First Quarter Storm protest marches against Marcos in the seventies had completely turned around, he said; aside from one or two “fanatics” who would say, “never again,” the most that the non-enthusiastic supporters of Bongbong are saying is, “we’re open to it.”

“After four anti-Marcos presidents have failed to lift the country from its pitiful state, the pendulum has swung in the opposite direction,” said this former anti-Marcos activist. “There is an intense nostalgia for Marcos. People now realize that Marcos made the Philippines a leader of nations, and PNoy’s continuing political meltdown, after his late mother’s miserable performance, has brought this nostalgia on,” he said. You sense this from Luzon to Mindanao.

But whereas PNoy ran and was machine-elected in 2010 on no other basis than that he was the only son of the late former Senator Benigno S. Aquino Jr. and the late former president Cory Aquino, people want Bongbong to run not necessarily because he’s the son of Ferdinand and Imelda Marcos, but because of his own merits as an executive and senator. To many Filipinos in the West Coast, his performance as governor of Ilocos Norte is well-known, and he’s about the only truly performing senator in the totally washed out Senate, my long distance caller said.

At Sunday’s dinner, a number of entertainment personalities who used to occupy the limelight during the Marcos years came to pay tribute to Mrs. Marcos. Among them was the veteran performer Victor Wood, who offered the former First Lady a couple of popular musical numbers and an impressionist painting depicting “the mother of the nation,” which he said he had worked on for years. After his performance, he spoke to me to say “there’s no argument anymore, this is the time of Bongbong Marcos!”

Meantime, an email from the West Coast which my Times colleague Yen Makabenta shared with me recently speaks of the Ilocanos in Hawaii, Guam, Saipan and other parts organizing in order to launch, on their own money, a Bongbong for President movement all over the world. This promises a rebirth of the solid Ilocano “nation,” which had catapulted Elpidio Quirino and Ferdinand Marcos to Malacanang. The Ilocanos are among the clanniest and hardest working among the Filipinos; they were the first Filipinos to settle the West Coast mostly as fruit pickers. A huge number of settlers in Mindanao are Ilocanos.

I heard Bongbong speak to the Ilocano residents of my own village in Quezon City a few weeks ago, and the response was profoundly electric. He did not speak of any plan of his to seek the presidency; he spoke only of the need to bring back the solid Ilocano vote to the nation’s politics, and to realize the greatness his father had promised and would probably have accomplished if his health and political fortunes had not run out.

A solid Ilocano bloc at home and abroad would be a formidable political juggernaut, more powerful than any of the existing political parties, with all their war chests. It would be something the ruling Liberal Party and Vice President Binay’s newly organized UNA will have to reckon with. Especially if the recently resurrected Nacionalista Party, which used to be Marcos’s party before he organized the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan during martial law, would weigh in.

But it isn’t all nostalgia for Marcos. Aside from that, what seems to commend Bongbong to the growing enthusiasm of an increasing number of Filipinos—especially the younger set— is his courage to take a principled position on fundamental national issues, where all the political opportunists choose to be silent.

This was evident in the senator’s speech on the draft Bangsamoro Basic Law before the Philippine Constitution Association (Philconsa) on June 30. On that occasion some members of the National Transformation Council — Archbishop Emeritus Fernando Capalla of Davao, former Defense Secretary Norberto Gonzales, and myself—were also inducted into Philconsa after joining its president, Congressman Martin Romualdez, in petitioning the Supreme Court to declare unconstitutional and void the Framework Agreement on the Bangsamoro (FAB) and the Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro (CAB) upon which the draft BBL derives its spurious “mandate.”

This was by far the most substantive statement delivered by any sitting official on the controversial draft BBL. Beyond the question of regional autonomy for Muslim Mindanao, the speech proposed a comprehensive development program for Mindanao, which could be used as a model for the entire Philippines. None of those who have announced their desire to seek the presidency have had the courage to take a public position on this issue despite the obvious threats it raises against the Constitution, and to the right of other Muslim Groups, the Sultan of Sulu, and the more numerous Lumads in southern Philippines.

It was principally because of Sen. Bongbong’s objection to the draft BBL that Aquino was prevented from railroading the proposed legislation. Should the Philconsa petition against the FAB and the CAB prevail, the draft BBL would lose its basis, and the senator will then have all the leeway to craft a new bill that could respond to the just needs and demands of all the stakeholders in Mindanao without offending the Constitution or any of our laws. The threatened balkanization of Mindanao could then be averted, thanks to Philconsa, the NTC members, and Bongbong Marcos.

This, however, is just a starting point. Bongbong Marcos has to craft a complete program of government for the opposition, if he wants to run, if only to elevate the political debate from just heckling PNoy for his heartlessness and incompetence to an exchange of ideas on how to lift the nation from its present state. He must try to teach the nation what it does not know, and respond to the people’s search not for a new leader but above all for new and stronger institutions.

This is indispensable. In 1986, while accompanying Cory Aquino on her first campaign sortie in Bicol, I told the candidate it looked like she stood a very strong chance of winning the snap presidential election. So we had to have a program of government and a responsible political organization. She asked me what I meant, and I explained. But she said the people were “so angry with Marcos,” we did not need anything else. I tried to convince her to reconsider, and when I could not, I told her, with great sadness, that I would just vote for her, but would no longer be able to campaign for her. Without a program of government, I wouldn’t know what to tell the people, I said.

In launching UNA on July 1, VP Binay finally slammed the administration for its “heartlessness and incompetence,” and declared himself “the leader of the opposition.” But he failed to announce a program of government. Many applauded him for calling the Aquino government “manhid” and “palpak” (insensitive and a failure), although many of us had been repeatedly saying the same thing; but he quickly drew criticism from some, who pointed out that he was “in estoppel” for having failed to denounce the things he has now chosen to denounce, while he was part of the Aquino Cabinet from 2010 until his recent resignation. They also chided him for saying that he fully expected Aquino to anoint him as his presidential candidate, a few days before his Cabinet resignation.

Clearly Binay has to make amends, and he still can. But it is in this area of program of government rather than in the area of bought propaganda surveys and popularity ratings, where the real battle would be lost or won. So far only the NTC, which is not a political party, has been consistent in its advocacy of meaningful regime and system change. Bongbong Marcos has to show the nation and the world that he understands what the NTC has been talking about, and that, if he shares its ideas, he could even offer to adopt its program as his own.

With a solid Ilocano nation marching behind him, and a clear program for regime and system change to guide his words and actions, he could create the only juggernaut that could frustrate any plans of Lord Mark Malloch -Brown, Smartmatic and Malacanang to prearrange and control the results of the 2016 elections. He could be unstoppable.


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  1. Very keen observations Amnata Pundit.
    I am an outsider (Canadian) and second you entirely. Really hope Filipinos will see Ferdinand Marcos Jr. as their next leader. He has the courage and discretion to waddle through all that mess and bring about very much needed infrastructure reforms and self respect.

  2. albert papina on

    Gising na ang taombayan sa mga panlililang ng mga yellow mob. Kailangan mawala na sa kapangyarihan ang mga ito sapagkat sa loob halos 30 taon tayo ay nasadlak sa lalong matinding kahirapan. Kailangan natin ang isang pangulo na mamumuno sa kapakanan ng mga taombayan at para sa ikauunlad ng bayan. At sa lahat na nag aambisyon maging pangulo sa 2016 wala akong mapiling karapatdapat kungdi si Senator Bongbong Marcos. BBM for President 2016!

  3. I waited for my 21st birthday in order to vote for Ferdinand Marcos on his second term as President. I was in college when I first heard him speak during his campaign in our campus, and I fell in love with him at first sight. The last time I saw him was in Malacanang before he left.

    Before I close my eyes, I wish I could to write Ferdinand Marcos again for President in my last ballot.

  4. BBM is a good strategist and a tactician in political battle…he prepared himself in all respect of political spheres soon after 1986 up to this opportunity…I would do the same if I were in his shoes, to keep the element of surprise…With his leadership and management skills he demonstrated in the past. He is the most confident and formidable candidate for presidency…Voters with critical thinking will surely choose him as next president.If he chose Duterte as his VP for running mate it will be landslide giving quick assessment of voting public joining North and South and part of Visayas region will surely vote for them…other hopefuls like Mar and Binay will be lucky to split the shares of vote on 3-4 regions s in the entire Philippines..

  5. Tala Leonido on

    I am not only convinced…I was also fooled for a long time.
    Bongbong Marcos should be our next President…no more no less.

  6. i am a simple filipino from montalban rizal, i admire the leadership of our former president ferdinad e. marcos, specially when he declare’s martial law on his era.. there are no riding in tandem like now who kill’s people in broad daylight, the crime rate is minimal, i was a young boy that time but i still remember how safe to live in our place, you can even sleep outside you’re house and you can leave you’re house alone safely…the’re are peace…and the law’s are effectively enforced, yes, tha’t time we can say tha’t people are afraid in our government…but for me it mean’s “respect” the people that time respect our government, and now i strongly believe that…nowaday’s we need a leader like ferdinad marcos.. again…

    “go… bbm….2016”

  7. Fernando Dilao on

    Our barangay in Camarines Norte was one of the beneficiaries of the Marcos type school building projected by then President E. Marcos it was a 5 rooms school building. People in our Barangay appreciated much of the effort of my father who was then a barangay chairman at that time. Because of his good rapport with then governor of Camarines Norte Gov. Roy Padilla senior my father met personally Pres. Marcos and his wife Mrs. Imelda Marcos. I could still remember how my father commented the president “That pres. Marcos is always looking forward for the good and improvement of the Filipino people”.

  8. i am not ilocano, but i praised the performance of FEM marcos when it comes to the infrasture of our country. He does a lot things, and this yellow cult people lead by Aquino regime sold the Projects of FEM thru his private partnership, friends, classmates. and i believe Mr. Tatad what Ms. devil woman corykong said to him, LET THE FILIPINO TO SUFFER and blame them it to Marcoses. Sila ang malas sa Pilipinas ang Aquino Family. from cory, earthquake luzon, 3k died, mt. pinatubo eruptions , 2k died, and now his moronic son, yolanda, luneta mamasapano tragedy, narna tragedy,
    kundi malas sa bansa, puro trahedya.. Aside from kickbacking the DAP and PDAF.
    lahat ng kanyang alipores pinayaman niya at higit sa lahat pinayaman niya ang mga LOPEZES, concepcion, henry sy, aboitiz at pahirapan namn ang ordinaryong mamayan. Iyan ang legacy ng mga cultong dilaw… esp. aquino administration.

  9. Johnny Ramos on

    If Bongbong Marcos will not run for the Presidency ever, a good replacement will be Imee Marcos who is much more better than Bongbong. Next year will really be a good year for Bongbong to run. He can easily beat Binay and Mar Roxas, if he wait for another 6 years the political equation might change especially if her mother will no longer be around to support her. His biggest obstacle if decide to run will be Pnoy and ABS-CBN who will join hand in destroying him. Pnoy might even burn the house down in order for Bongbong not to win. It will be wise for Bongbong to declare by the end of September so the Pnoy yellow army will be caught flat footed. If Marcos runs the Ayalas and other taipans can no longer influence the policies of this nation if he wins.

  10. Maximino Zurbito on

    We in Northern Iloilo are egging for the Honorable Senator BBM to declare as soon as possible. We have the Volunteers for Social Transformation with 20,000 Card Bearing members of VEST-Volunteers for Estancia Social Transforation in Estancia, Iloilo are on the wing and ready for mobilization as soon as Sen. BBM officially declares his candidacy for the presidency in 2016. Great piece of analysis Sen. Kit..

  11. Bonifacio Claudio on

    I am one of the common-tao and one of the poor elders who are in nostalgia of the good old days under Pres. F.E. Marcos. All the elderly poor long for the days gone by under the New Society of Marcos. All the elderly poor have all been looking for someone like “FE Marcos and all that he stood for” to lead Inang Bayan again where all people live in all fairness, solidarity and peace.

    Only “the traitors to the country’s common good and welfare and the advancement of all things Filipino”, and the oligarchs and their cohorts, shudder uncomfortably upon the mere mention of the name MARCOS OF THE PHILIPPINES. The time has come for another MARCOS to “turn every tear of misery shed by Inang Bayan into one glorious victory”. I am of your elders; listen to me, I am your old friend.

  12. i am a man of dreams and idealistic reason i would say,
    ever since passing my licensure exam and trying to find a decent honest to goodness and a permanent job im still stuck as a contractual in an ever repeating cycle of corrupt practices,
    i am an ILOCANO too
    and intends to leave this God forsaken country of thieves and cretin leaders for my family’s future, but I know by heart and gut feeling that Manong Bongbong would turn this diaspora of human intellects and manpower from leaving this country,
    Must read facts and acknowledge facts, compare notes from the past and present, evaluate the past deeds or actions to the present, is it for the country or just a few pockets…
    I say im an Ilocano i will support and long live Marcos Legacy.

  13. A solid north of Bongbong in tandem with solid south of Digong is unbeatable. Only if smartmatic magicmachine will not be used by the comelec.

  14. If Sen.Bongbong Marcos would file his candidacy , I would try my utmost best to convince as many as I could to vote for him … unless he would be in tandem with VP Binay !

    No to Binay and anybody of the Aquino family !!!

  15. The US “big business” created EDSA I. Bonget will win if we can prevent our absentee landlord from choosing their “new” president. Up until now our mass media (those who really profited hugely) retains their powerful influence I would admit more powerful than your perceived God.

  16. boni garcia on

    One of the good traits of being Filipinos is really being forgetful. I just do not know if this is what we can consider as “good trait”. Maybe the writer of this column and other comments which are posted in this column had forgotten and had even proclaimed that Marcos presidency did a good and/or fair governance than its successors, namely: Aquino, Ramos, Estrada, Arroyo and now the Pnoy Administration. Let us not forget that they (Marcos family) would have wanted to perpetuate themselves in Philippine politics.

    Let us not forget that the late Pres. Marcos served for almost 21 years and would not had given it to someone else had it not because of People Power attributed to Cory Aquino and other opposition during those tumultuous years. It is maybe too petty also to mention here that the First Lady amassed a number of shoes (2,000 pairs of shoes) for her caprices and whims never mind the misery of Filipinos who were suffering from hunger and poverty. Let us not forget the lavished spending committed by the First Lady and family.

    Let us not forget that Marcos family amassed billions of pesos which were kept by his numerous dummies and deposited to offshore banks.

    Let us not forget the human rights violations committed by Marcos Administration.

    Let us not forget that at least Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III himself is not CORRUPT!

    • But, don’t forget that Ninoy is also a traitor.

      Please, wake up! Those corruptions that you “know” during Marcos regime is like a “spare change” when compared to all those corruptions committed by anti-Marcos administrations.

    • Jude Romualdez on

      Mr. Garcia, Can you please read the full article before saying something that you dont even understand and never been proven by any courts in the world. For your information most the shoes are gifts and somehow to promote filipino shoe industry. Before then before Pres. Marcos declared his candidacy he was already a billionaire – I qoute” by Sen, Erile”.
      Human Rights Violations should not be blame to Pres, Marcos. During Marcos Era less poverty and hunger, as we are the 2nd richest in Asia.

    • letz gamboa on

      how sure are u dat he is not corrupt?…..wait till he left the presidential post and lets see …..for my own opinion a good leader will not tolerate any wrong doings of his cabinet members…..but cant u see wats happening in his admin now?…..he is the protector…

    • When a president would even cover up for his minions even if those minions have raped the country with their PDAF/DAP and would protect the minions from suit despite involvement with L’affaire Janet, he sure is an accessory and hence, also of the same category as those minions – a greedy corrupt devil masquerading as a holier-than-thou politician.

    • Alejandro Tercero on

      Boni Garcia, whoever you are saying Pnoy is not corrupt, you need to re-align your thoughts. Bribing legislators with taxpayers’ to convict Corona because he ruled in favor of Luisita farmers. If that is not corruption tell me what it is. And this is only the tip of the iceberg. For all I know, the reason he is on “selective justice” in not prosecuting his allies for corruption is because they have his blessing. Hindi nga naman siya and naka front.


    The problem with us Filipinos is that some of us have minds but cannot think, we have
    eyes but cannot see what is happening. What has corey Aquino did for the country?
    what has this present noynoy has done? NADA. Is the Philippines better today than
    before? These yellow fanatics must think and see the facts. You demonized Marcos
    and put the Aquinos. What have you got? Be honest and realized the difference between now and before.

  18. Thank you for this article. I easily became a convert, a real fan of Bongbong Marcos just recently when by chance I came to watch his youtube videos (I am now a subscriber to his channel), listened to his speeches / interviews and saw his dynamic website.He’s his own man and he talks so much sense about important issues and actual programs, not merely politics and personalities . . . certainly a breath of fresh air. He’s so cool and dignified, a cut above the rest, a truly gifted person and a gift to the Philippines. His words are simple (clarifying, unifying and not divisive or confrontational) and yet I can sense he’s an effective leader because he’s hardworking and his words are backed up by long studies, deep reflections, keen observations and many consultations, plus actual experiences and exposure in the field. He knows by heart and action what public service is all about. He inspires and sparks hope that Filipinos can truly reach a seemingly unreachable star if we can only work together for the common good. Bongbong is my dream leader for the Philippines. Btw, I am not even an Ilocano.

  19. Right on, Mr. Tatad. I recall one time in the past when I was invited by the ComSec on Local Government to a meeting with Senator Bonbong. I thought it was a Committe Hearing. Instead, it was a meeting between him and his staff (ike Cardenas was also there) and myself and my group. That meeting centered on the possible revision of the Internal Revenue Allotment formula (too simplistic yet predictable. Changing the variables should be done but the implementation would require a dedicated agency to do it) and measuring the State of Development in provinces, cities and munipalities in sync with the Sustainable Development Framework. What impressed me was his thoughts on the complexities and evolving challenges in local governance and what might be done to continuously address such. I had attended numerous hearings in both houses but that was the first time I came across an informed discussion on very relevant issues. I also listened to his message during the voting on the Corona impeachment trial. It was so different from the rest. Senator Bongbong is a cut above the rest, a class by himself.

    • Daniel B. Laurente on

      You said it well. One of the best for the Philippines future. A man of substance.

  20. genesisbughaw on

    Marcos: Being dubbed ‘great defender’ of Cory charter ‘ironic’

    To be recognized as the “great defender of the Constitution” was something that Senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. himself found “quite ironic.”

    But the “greater irony,” Marcos said, was that it was he who has become the “great defender” of the “Cory Constitution.”


    That’s it.

    The yellow Bird jaggernaut are hellbent of putting the Blackbird “Nog Nog” in cage and of course the consequence in the political animal drama…the “balimbings” po ay tiyak na iiwan si blackbird.

    So it’s between the barbie doll of the YellowtardBIRDS camp fit against the Northern Star-Philippine Eagle.

    August 30 is the best time to take off.

    -Federalism and Marshall Plan for Mindanao the best alternative to Black Bug Legislative Mill, Aba! ika nga po e “Day tuy ti beer!”


  21. i was one of the many who was “fooled” by the Cory Magic or by the events that lead to the down fall of marcos. Looking at what Marcos Sr. has accomplished and to compare that with the two Aquino Presidencies i truly believed Filipinos were ripped by those who have more to gain in the cory years. The presidency of Cory started the contractualization of the labors, and it made more filipinos poorer as years went on. As for the present aquino, he had nothing to show proof of what he did as senator and congressman, no law passed. And even as President, he had shown poor attitude and his sister too. Unlike the marcosses who have good breeding. I hope BBM runs and becomes the President to continue what was cut during his fathers term and to restore the name of FM and continue the Vision for the Filipinos that was robbed from them. The Aquinos are the real theives. And proof of these is the Hacienda Luisita.

    • Samuel Santos on

      Bongbong is the last among the Marcoses who could ever be President. Kung hindi sya maging Pangulo, wala nang ibang Marcos pa ang posibleng maging President ng bansang Pilipinaas.

  22. The presidency is destiny. But it is also hereditary. At least one offspring is going to follow in the footstep of his father or mother. The past president and the current one – thanks God it is ending soon – are glaring evidences. Who would have thought Pnoy will become president when even in both houses of Congress he was already observed as a “do nothing legislator”. At least, Sen Bongbong is doing great. It shows in his pedigree. He has also shown he is on the side of the people.
    I agree with you Sen. Tatad, Sen. Bongbong should start crafting his program of government and start consolidating his forces.

  23. It is most exhilarating to know that at last, we stand a chance to have a better kind of life with the advent of a Marcos presidency.

    We have no doubt that Mr. Tatad has the competence to advise him (due to his sensitivity to the people’s needs) on the formulation of an ideal program of government that will upturn all the ills perpetrated by the Aquino govt. Of course, this is to complement the superior capability and competence of the young Marcos in the task of governance. Sen. Marcos has already proven himself in his legislative and executive experience (as governor in his province). There is no room for doubt that he can propel the Philippines to our much desired economic level.

    With a Marcos presdency, it is gratifying to consider that we can soon write finis to a dark and inglorious chapter in our history. The 2 Aquino’s (mother and son) illegitimate reigns have been one hell of a traumatic experience for us.

  24. Leodegardo Pruna on

    Bong Bong is definitely a rising star. Following his father’s footsteps, intellectual and courageous stand, he will be no match to Mar (mama’s boy), Jojo (denial king), Grace (a disgraceful queen), Chiz (a dreaming prince), and many more. It is all in the mighty will of God. God bless the Philippines.

  25. yes we the OFWs ready to casts our million votes for him on 2016!we know that our country will be great again like what his father did.we pretty sure that he can do his job well as he did in the province of ILOCOS norte.they are devoted family on their work as a public servants,they are only the one who have compassion,visions,care nd love to their country as well as to their countrymen.thats why were here shouting nd praying that he will run as a president on 2016!BBM 2016!

  26. George castillo on

    Why not BIBO (BINAY-BONGBONG), a total Solid North (from La Union to IN and from Cagayan to Ecija), then you have the Tagalog region and you get 3/4 of the Visaya’s. I think nobody can beat them, even PCOS.

    • P.Akialamiro on

      VP Bnay has a lot of explanation to do regarding the corruption accusations aganst him. He might even be impeached. As such Binay is a heavy baggge for BBM to carry. Besides, they are of different parties. BBM now or never!

  27. President Bongbong Marcos and Vice Pres Grace Poe would be a great team to rebuild our fractured nation now under incompetent and mayabang/manhid Abnoy.

  28. Mariano Patalinjug on

    Yonkers, New York
    07 July 2015


    Another Marcos to run as President next year?

    The present generation of Filipinos may not be fully aware of what the former President Ferdinand Edralin Marcos did to the country–earning the pejorative distinction as the No. 1 keptocrat among the world’s leaders at the time, and making it to the Guinness Book of World Records–but the elderly among them still have not forgotten how President Marcos trampled the Constitution and declared himself a despot or a tyrant.

    Never again should be the battle-cry of these elderly Filipinos!

    Is it not enough that Bongbong Marcos is a Senator? That Imelda Marcos is a representative from Ilocos Norte, and that Aimee Marcos is the governor of Ilocos Norte? How many more members of this Marcos family will be foisted on the country to form another political dynasty in addition to the 100 or so that are already in existence to the ruin of the country?


    • Roldan Guerrero on

      Sen. Juan Ponce Enrile once said publicly that ex-President Marcos` gravest mistake was staying too long in power. While Manong Johny maybe correct, what could have happened to the Philippines if the late Ninoy Aquino succeeded him? The elderlies may answer my question better but I might be correct in saying…. our country may have turned communist. We know very well how Ninoy got associated with the left wing and he was even suspected as the brain of the Plaza Miranda Bombing due to his unexpected abscence (he is one of the key speakers) when the fatal incident happened. It was presumed he had the courage to sacrifice his allies, purposely to defame and point the blame to Marcos as a big leap to his presidential ambitions. Notably speaking that his son, the incumbent President sacrificed the SAF44 in his desire to get a Nobel price for his BBL. The mother was installed by the oligarch as a result of a fake uprising funded by the consolidated forces of these oligarch (these people are the groups who had their hands tied by Marcos, to stop them in pursuit of dominating businesses in the country, thereby controlling the economy) Because of her incompetence to lead the country, she was well known as the BLANK HEADED PRESIDENT. While the son,now the incumbent is known as the STUPID PRESIDENT. The father and son Ninoy and BSA have one thing in common. In the Tagalog langguage: ” PAREHONG MAGULO” while the Marcos father and son are ” PAREHONG MATALINO” I would love seeing another Marcos president again…if this happens, THIS NATION WILL BE GREAT AGAIN !

  29. Ilokano o hindi,ang importante kung ano ang ginagawa niya ngayon at ano ang magagawa niya sa darating,
    Nakikita ng lahat,kung anong kakayahan meron siya! Ang kailangan na lang niya,at ipaliwanag kung ano gagawin niya kapag pangulo na siya!
    Matatalino na ngayon ang pinoy at ang mga kabataan,Hindi na mahirap sa mga ito na tanggapin siya! Sana kahit anong mangyayari,tumakbo siya sa pagka-pangulo! Upang magkaroon naman uli ng disenting pangulo ang pilipinas!

  30. P.Akialamiro on

    Just like anyone else, BBM has no choice of parents! He is another individual from his parents. (If people ascribe to him whatever they think as faults of his parents).

    BBM is the man to beat because of the following reasons: 1) VP Binay has to clear his accusations of being corrupt and may even be impeached; (2) Grace Poe doesn’t have the appropriate background and is very “inexperienced”; and, (3) Mar Roxas cannot lead (always a second fiddle) with ‘heavy luggage to carry’ being a BS Aquino man.

    On the other hand, BBM has the ‘genes’ for a leader to govern. He has the right background and experiences as economist, Governor (executive) and Senator (legislative). The difference between him and BS Aquino are poles apart as shown with their ‘takes’ of the BBL

    Besides, the family has been ‘there’, the vote block as his main base is ‘there’ with families in the two major islands of the country and the Ilocano speaking duel citizen voters are all over the world, particularly Hawaii.

    Right on BBM!

    • BBM carries the genes of two great Philippine tribes: his paternal Ilocano genes and his maternal Visayan genes. He should be the UNIFYING force that will propel the Philippines into its respected place and status among nations (unlike now when neighboring countries are already trampling our sacred shores)

  31. Listen up bubble head voters. Do not again vote for Ilocano politicians running for goverment office, They “kurakot” and arrogant pag nasa puwesto na sila.


    Common Senator Marcos. Decide and bring it on. We all be behind you. You are the
    only hope of the fatherland. Restore honesty, trust and integrity to the government.
    For after all, we believe in you. Yes, you can. Make this country great again. WE ARE

  33. If ever bong bong will run for Presidency , Me and my entire family will vote for him

  34. Amnata Pundit on

    Indeed the myth that the yellow EDSA regime is morally superior to the Marcos regime is now as good as dead but not yet buried as the hypocrites are still in power. The myth that they are more competent never really took off, but in case it did that too is a busted myth now that the world has seen clearly what a bunch of the most incompetent idiots ever assembled to run a government this moron’s cabinet is. The problem is that you know the Americans will do everything to keep their yellow stooges in power, especially now that they are in a desperate struggle to defend the West against the inroads made by the BRICS – there is a financial and currency war being waged by both sides which could very well lead to a shooting war- which threatens not only the West’s dominance over this planet but also America’s position as the world’s top superpower. This is the background the 2016 elections will be played in, so we should not be surprised that one of the main behind-the-scene directors of the American manufactured Ukrainian crisis, George Soros, is now poking his dirty finger in our coming elections. Bongbong should also include in his planning a program of action that will be implemented after the elections, when the cheating has become undeniable, and given what the Americans are capable of, may God Bless him on this dangerous journey.

  35. As usual mr.tatad, you are misguided.not all ilocanos support marcos. I am one and am proud to say that the marcoses are ‘social trash’ and must be dumped. You were a part of martial law and you hurt us deeply too.

    • Domingo Sanchez! Speak for yourself you moronic yellow turd.Ilocanos and the rest of the Country have spoken…No more yellow turds, Marcos kami it’s time.

    • Roldan Guerrero on

      I am also an Ilocano and I oppose all what you are saying about the Marcoses. You must be hypocrite if you do not recognize what the Marcoses have done not only in the Ilocos Region but to the entire nation as well. No Ilocano politician can surpass the commitment and love they did in Ilocandia. Unlike you I am very proud to have the Marcoses as part of our Ilocano culture.” IPINGMAMALAKI KO SILA “

    • You are the one misguided! If you are a member of 1% of all Ilocanos and not supportive of BONGBONG. WHO CARES! This is Democracy!

    • Having read your declaration, I’m not at all surprised to find at least 1 idiot from Ilocandia (and a proud one at that). Why, there are at least 3 prominent idiots among the Aquinos: the sitting President, the late mother (may her soul rest in peace) and the sister Kris (not her son).