‘Bongbong qualified to become president’


SAN Juan City (Metro Manila) Mayor Guia Gomez said she wants Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. to run for President in 2016.

Gomez, a partner of former President Joseph Estrada and mother of Sen. Joseph Victor “JV” Ejercito, said Marcos is “more than qualified” to run for a higher post in next year’s elections, citing the senator’s impressive track record and credentials.

“I like him [Marcos]. Magaling siya [He’s good] and he’s intelligent,” she told The Manila Times over the weekend.

Gomez, however, clarified that Marcos is not yet her top choice for President since her family is yet to decide on who to support in next year’s polls.

“We’re not confining ourselves [to]just two candidates,” she said, referring to Vice President Jejomar Binay and Sen. Grace Poe, who are both close to her family.

“If he [Bongbong] runs for President, we will also consider him,” the mayor added.

Gomez, on the other hand, said she is not closing her doors on Manuel “Mar” Roxas, 2nd, adding that the former Interior Secretary is also a good choice as presidential candidate.

We will look at their respective credentials, programs in government, and what they can do for our country,” she said.


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  1. i think he should be a vice president b4 he goes in a highest position and i know he can do it! power windmill in ilocos norte is just sample. how much more if he should be 2nd to the master and soon be the number 1 more project more investor, firm decisions, less talk more work and he will bring back the old glory of the filipinos “ibalik ang bagong lipunan”.what a outstanding dude! unlike the talkative guy now sitting in a yellow throne playing PS4 or X box assuming that being a president is just a console games “metal gear”? tignan natin kng anu mgging epekto? wlang disposisyun! hwag kng turo ng turo bka ma nunu ka!

  2. “I want the Filipino people to suffer, so that they will hate Marcos”. Ask “Kit” Tatad about that phrase. Aquino & Conquancos favourite punch line..

  3. Ang kasabihan na ang puno ay siya ring bunga ay OBSOLETE na. Hoy gising… hindi na angkop yan sa panahon ngayon. kung ang puno ay siya ring bunga, bakit ang dami nang mga addict na anak ng mga hindi naman addict. Bakit maraming bumuti ang kabuhayan ng mga anak na ang mga magulang nila ay mga kapos palad. Ang kitid na pag-iisip ang nagsasbi lagi na ang puno ay siya ring bunga… marami na ang grafted, hybridzed na halaman ngayon…


    Is the Philippines better off today than some 30 years ago? Accomplishment wise
    take note what Marcos had accomplished as compared with the accomplishment
    of all the presidents after him. FIGURES DO NOT LIE BUT LIARS DO FIGURE.
    During Marcos, the Philippines used to export rice. Thailand used to send their
    students to study rice production in the Philippines. TODAY, Tailand is now a major
    exporter of rice while the Philippines remains to be IMPORTER of rice. Compare also
    the foreign debt during Marcos and the foreign debts during the presidents after him.
    In this way you will be able to digest the truth. FIGURES DO NOT LIE BUT LIARS

  5. Binay /Lacson
    Binay/ Duterte

    Based on Experience / Result oriented and Knowledge of the problems of this country . I would choose from any of the combinations.

  6. Literally, BBM is the only candidates ( if he runs), is qualified for the President of the Philippines 2016, and the rest were all KATSARA…
    He had a vision and good ideas, and in every issues/problems he has the solution to offer to implement. This is what we need in our country. He had a BEAUTIFUL MIND.
    BONG BONG MARCOS IS THE ANSWER for all these mess created by the yellow tard government.

  7. Bong Bong Marcos will be a good president and will save the country from poverty and threats from China. He is very intelligent with a good track record. it is a waste of talent to not let him try. the others like mentioned above like Poe, Roxas and Binay are amateurs compared to BBM. except maybe Duterte. If we want Philippines to be strong and shinning again then BBM is the man for the job.

  8. vagoneto rieles on

    Isn’t this what ‘balimbing’ really is? This woman public official has crossed all her
    ‘Ts’ and dotted all her ‘Is’ and is prepared for any candidate that wins. Her stand shows that she has no stand at all.

  9. Bong is much better candidate than;
    1. Binay
    2. Poe
    3. Roxas
    I will go for Bongbong Marcos.
    He is the only who can fight heads on
    or face to face the BStttttttttt in Malacanang and cohorts.

    The Solid North is still Solid for Marcos

  10. Kong ano ang puno siya rin ang bunga. Marcoses especially Bongbong Marcosshould be taken out of Filipino political life. After what his parents did to the Filipino people I think he should be despised and un voted by the people.

    • If that’s how you think, eh di dapat hindi rin natin tinuturing na bayani si Ninoy. Kasi yung tatay nya eh, makapili nung panahon ng hapon.