Bongbong towers over political and moral midgets


It’s a no-brainer, really, if you can drop all the brainwashing since 1986 over the Marcos era.

The strongman’s son, Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos, Jr., towers over his rivals in the vice- presidential contest. Compared with him, Rep. Leni Robredo and Senators Francis Escudero, Alan Cayetano, Gregorio Honasan, and especially Antonio Trillanes, are political and moral midgets – the last in that list being even a horrible abominable creation of our damaged political system.

The first reason why I claim so, which I think is the most important, involves the darkest episode in our history in the past decade: the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona. I rank it as such as this was an unprecedented assault by the executive branch headed by President Aquino against the Supreme Court’s Chief Justice, successful only because Congress was bribed with billions of pesos in pork-barrel money and the illegal Disbursement Acceleration Fund (DAP) money.

Darkest also since the media, especially the Philippine Daily Inquirer, threw all support behind the move to demonize Corona, with screaming banner headlines vilifying him, even as all such allegations were later proven wrong. Even a noted investigative journalist bannered a story in that newspaper alleging that Corona was so immoral that he even wrested a PhD from UST without the required academic processes. (UST angrily denied it, and even lauded Corona for his pursuit of academic goals even while he was Chief Justice.)

Aquino’s operators managed to get the Anti-Money Laundering Council secretariat to illegally release to the public Corona’s confidential bank records, and Harvey Keh, a professor at the Ateneo School of Government – for chrissake, a professor at an institution purportedly teaching good governance – tried to get the Senate to adopt as evidence AMLC’s confidential data on the Chief Justice’s bank account.

Corona’s alleged bank balances were published in opinion columns as though there were no bank secrecy laws. Aquino’s Land Registration Authority head testified that Corona had 45 properties. It was proven later that he only had four, with the LRA suspiciously including in the list those properties Corona had long ago sold, or those held by people who had the same name as the Chief Justice. A megalomaniac blogger wrote several times that Corona had a house in the US, which turned out to be owned by an affluent Fil-Am surgeon, where Corona’s daughter stayed in for few weeks while on vacation.

“We vote ‘No!’:” Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. at the Corona impeachment trial, with another political titan, the late Senator Joker Arroyo.

“We vote ‘No!’:” Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. at the Corona impeachment trial, with another political titan, the late Senator Joker Arroyo.

Even big business supported the attack on the judicial branch of government, or at least those supporting Aquino. “Our country has taken another major step on the challenging road to political maturity,” said the Makati Business Club in a statement.

It was one of the darkest periods of our history since Aquino, at the height of his popularity when he could pretend to be an anti-corruption crusader, managed to whip up such a magnitude of a frenzy last seen only at EDSA I, to destroy our system of government. And for what? It was his clan’s desperate attempt to reverse a Supreme Court ruling – 15 years later – that ordered the Aquino-Cojuangco clan’s Hacienda Luisita to be put under agrarian reform.

Only three Senators opposed it

And in this darkest moment, when a lynch mob had been roused to frenzy, who among the members of the Senate stood their ground, and saw through all the lies and concluded that it was a brazen attempt to decapitate the Supreme Court, for Aquino’s personal gain?

Only three, out of the 23 senators.

Two of them were the Senate’s wisest and most upright elders: the late Joker Arroyo and Miriam Defensor-Santiago. And the third, which was a big surprise to me at that time: Bongbong Marcos. He presciently said in his speech explaining his vote: “When the furor has died down and this political storm has subsided, I know – that like the lady Justice – we shall find solace in the fact that my decision, though maybe not popular, was fair, impartial and just.” With that, in May 2012, Marcos joined the sparsely populated pantheon of our political titans.

If only for his courage and intelligence in voting against Corona’s conviction, Marcos has got my vote, and I don’t care if he were the Devil’s son.

It is not what a political leader says or claims to be that he must be judged. It is what he does in the crucial periods of a nation’s history, or in times of crisis, which tries “a man’s soul,” when his moral fiber and intelligence are tested. Bongbong passed it with flying colors. The senators, who are now his rivals in the vice–presidential race utterly failed the test, with Cayetano and Trillanes even at the front of Aquino’s lynch mob.

Maybe they really believed in Corona’s guilt? Yeah, right. But their votes to convict Corona were certainly profitable for them. As I had detailed in a column I wrote Oct. 3, 2013 entitled, “DBM data confirms P100M ‘bribe’ to 16 senators each:”

• Trillanes was given P193 million in pork-barrel funds, released within the few months before, during, and after the impeachment trial. He received a further P100 million, as the other senators who convicted Corona did, from the scandalous Disbursement Acceleration Plan funds.

• Cayetano got P117 million in pork-barrel funds in the same period, and an additional P100 million from the DAP.

• Escudero and Honasan each received P100 million in pork-barrel funds and P100 million in DAP money.

This is what I mainly mean when I say Bongbong’s rivals are moral midgets.

Fighting the BBL

The second reason why Bongbong gets my vote: he boldly stood up again against another Aquino plot, which was to dismember the Republic by giving the Moro Islamic Liberation Front its own nation-state through the Bangsamoro Basic Law. As chairman of the Committee on Local Government, Bongbong exposed the BBL for what it really was through the many hearings he had led, despite the enormous political pressure brought upon him. It took the occurrence of a Mamasapano massacre of 44 elite police troops by Muslim insurgents to finally stop Aquino’s mob from succeeding in getting it legislated.

And who was with Aquino’s gang in the House of Representatives who passed the BBL after just a few hearings? Candidate Leni Robredo, smiling ear-to-ear in a souvenir photograph of the House committee that approved the bill.

Robredo, an NGO lawyer, does not seem to  the  self-delusional type and she appears to be intelligent enough to know she does not have a chance to win, except through massive cheating, which Aquino’s forces, however, are not likely to do for her as they know they would have to focus all their resources on Manuel Roxas’ presidential bid.

So why is she running? I don’t have a doubt in my mind: For the funds of it, understandable really, considering her late husband was their family’s principal breadwinner.

My third reason for supporting Marcos is that hands down, he has the best qualifications.

He has been senator in the past three years, a congressman for six years, and Ilocos Norte governor for 12 years: That is the ideal mix of experience, in both the executive and legislative  branches, for running the country. (And let’s not kid ourselves: the vice president is just a heartbeat away from the presidency.)

To lead this chaotic country, one has to know how the legislative branch works and forge alliances with various political forces so the necessary laws can be passed. One, though, has to know how to get through the bureaucratic labyrinth in order to successfully run a province (or a major city) – or the country. Has anyone criticized the Ilocos provinces as a haven of the corrupt or criminal syndicates? Yet, Bongbong had not bragged, unlike somebody who has been boasting noisily that the best solution to rid a place of criminals is to quickly exterminate them like vermin.

Except for Cayetano’s three-year stint as Taguig vice mayor, all of the other vice presidential contenders have had no experience in the executive branch. Because of their arrogance,  not even their colleagues and partymates  really like Cayetano and Trillanes, in Escudero’s case not even his in-laws. How can they be statesmen, a quality  the posts of vice-president and president crucially requre.

Excluding Honasan and Robredo in the discussion, Trillanes, Escudero and Cayetano became senators at the same time, in 2007, not because they proved to be of a new generation of wise patriotic leaders.

They were voted into office almost entirely because they placed themselves at the head of the lynch mob against President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, for which the Philippine Daily Inqurier, in its hatred of the President then, always front-paged the three as the nation’s new heroes. Trillanes, of course, led two pathetic coup attempts, conveniently using 5-star hotels as his base of operations. These hotels would later on complain that their stock of prime US steak, single-malt Scotch whiskeys and French champagnes had vanished.

Think hard: other than their being the most vitriolic against Arroyo then, and recently against Vice President and now presidential candidate Jejomar Binay, what accomplishments would you know have been done by Escudero, Cayetano and Trillanes? (Silence?) Exactly. That is what I mean when I say Marcos’ rivals are political midgets.

To be continued on Wednesday, “And what about Marcos, Sr. and Martial Law, during which I spent two years in a political prison?”


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  1. Naalala n’yo pa ba ang nangyari kay Erap…… mangyayari muli ‘yon…….
    Malakas si DU30 bilang kandidato ng pagka presidente at malakas din naman si BBM
    sa pagka bise presidente………………
    ANG kaso hindi pangmatagalan ang sistema ni DU30………..

  2. Salute on you Mr.Tiglao…that was my basis actually for voting BBM despite of all the accusations thrown upon by desperate PNoy administration…CJ Corona’s impeachment would judge Cayetano, Escudero,Trillanes & Honasan credibility and sincerity to serve the country..

  3. Naghahanap ba kayo ng tuwid na daan, punta po kayo sa amin sa Ilocos, dito maganda ang aming mga daanan,maayos ang hangin walang basurang nagkalat, walang squatters na makikita, mababa ang cost of living. Ang isang Ilocano po kasi is a no nonsense person, alam ang priorities, marunong gumastos sa tamang paglalaanan, simple at kayang magtiis, kung ano ang meron yun ang gagamitin, di agad nagrereact nagiisip muna. Kaya sa kultura pa lang sa bayan na pinagmulan ni BBM, bar all family and political history, he has got my Vote.

    • Urbano Rabena on

      Approved mr. Tiglao your article on BBM will reverberate through out thr Philippines. Kudos for a true brief of the personal and political life of BBM.

    • I agree with BBM voting for Corona during the latter’s impeachment, but that doesn’t make him “tower” above anybody else. While so much can be said against the other wannabes, BBM towers above them in this!

  4. delfin todcor on

    We agree! The 3 senators showed to the Nation and to the other Senators that they must lead in the righteous way and to use the government power for the Benefit of the nation and not for the selfish interest of the few to advance their insidious agenda!!!…Proverbs 14:34.

  5. Arturo Damias on

    I write my contributions to fb and disqus at New Jersey that I post to my friends and relatives that support BBM. To me, two accomplishments of the Honorable senator stand out: his vote on the Corona impeachment and his work on the Bangsamoro Moro law. These alone place him above everyone in the VP race. In one of his letters, he pledged to a campaign of honesty, integrity and transparency that he has conducted with much enthusiasm. It is for these reasons I believe that not all the mud throwing and demolition efforts will dent his credibility as the next vice president of the country.

  6. ironic. for someone who used to be a member of an organization that took up arms against the late dictator, to now wholeheartedly praising his son, who constantly lies and issues non-sequiturs. maybe your idol BBM should go back to school, finish what he started decades ago, and EARN A DEGREE. lying about a degree isn’t earning it. “towering over political and moral midgets” my behind!

  7. “Marcos joined the sparsely populated pantheon of our political titans”!!! This is a guy who faked his credentials from Oxford and Penn (moral ascendancy, my foot); BB could not even finish college, but pretended he did (there goes the intellectual titan). Yes, he is unlike his father, for he is more like his mother- soft in the head and weak in character. Political titan??? Really Tiglao. Integrity, integrity, my man. For what shall it profit a man if…

  8. Lets not kid ourselves robredo is the only decent vp candidate out there. We may again miss voting for one. Remember jovito salonga?

  9. why do some people equate the martial law with bongbong marcos? bongbong has his own mind now. i believe that he will be a good vp

  10. Kawawa talaga tayo. We always settle for the less evil. Wala na bang iba. Yes BBM is good in his works but still Imelda is still around. Remember, BBM benefitted so well ftom his father’s “money”. He and his siblings are still so rich. Please the Chronology Of Marcos by C. Avila.

  11. Those who hated and demonize until now the Marcoses, have only their interests in mind. They were not protecting the Filipinos’ interests. They are afraid that history will be rewritten. Only those who have something hide are afraid of history’s revisions which happen all the time. They are just prolonging the revision. History after all is written by hegemons. We deserve our national fate because of our collective hypocrisy!

  12. Migs Doromal on

    Like I said before, the illegitimate daughter of APO Ferdinand Marcos – Grace Poe will be president of this republic of 105M souls. His only son, Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. aka “Bongbong” will be the vice-president.

    EDSA was a farce. Bloodless revolution? Only for the weak.

  13. Mr. Tiglao, GOD bless you for your integrity!

    May your virus explode and caught by the other media practitioners. and once and for all redeem our media.

    May THE LORD intervene in this wholesale demolition job against a Statesman: Senator Ferdinand R. Marcos Jr.

    And my prayers for him:

    May the LORD OF TRUTH AND JUSTICE establish and keep him, and may those who plan to do him harm and the cornerstone of our democratic republic–the election–be ensnared by their own devices.

  14. the smarter yellow sets aren’t scared of a vp marcos. the smarter yellow set are scared that a vp marcos would bring more to this country than their slurring slob of a president, which they now is an easy feat.

  15. Indeed, Senator Marcos, from whatever political perspective truly towers over all his co-aspirants for the Vice Presidency. Except for Senator Escudero, the rest are not really worth discussing. However, most intelligent voters cannot just fathom why Sen. Escudero allowed himself to play second fiddle to a novice Senator who does not possess the vitals to become President. Primarily, on the constitutionally valid issues on her citizenship and required residency. This even brings to mind as to his real motives in being among the prime movers in the candidacy of FPJ for the Presidency. A political position that we are aware, FPJ does not have political capabilities.

    Senator Marcos steadfast opposition to the passage of the BBL deserves political accolade. For one, despite the probability of alienating some ARMM voting sectors amidst looming plans to gun for the 2nd highest political seat in the coming National Election, Sen. Marcos never wavered his stand on the issue. That’s Statesmanship.

    As to the Corona Affair, this will go down in Philippine political history as a shameless act that will forever tarnish the political stalwarts who were involved in removing a Chief Justice of the Supreme Court on mere flimsy grounds. The opposing Senators will be remembered, Senator Marcos being among them.

  16. Casual Observer on

    Take away the fact of the father, and BBM is a run-away choice. That the son will be like the father is only genetically accurate to a certain degree. Beyond that it’s totally irrelevant.

  17. I agree with you 100% Mr. Tiglao,basing on BBM’S experience and accomplished, walang pwedeng maicocompara kay BBM. At mga yellow turd zombies na karamihan ay ignorante, ill-informed at brainwashed, it will be hard to undo their programmed mind-set kahit ilatag ko lahat sa harapan nila ang evidence, their brain won’t be able to absorb the truth ! BBM the only qualified President or vice presidential candidate! Even he stands alone against Abnoynoy what he thinks is right for the country, he’ll fight for it tooth and nail. While the rest of the candidates submits to anything Abnoynoy wants in exchange of how much money they could get na bribe hi Abnoynoy! Those guys besides BBM don’t deserve reelected as representative or legislators,they should be fired kung ang mga mamboboto ay patriotic sila, they should vote for the patriotic candidates na tunay na nagmamahal sa bansa at kapwa Filipino para sa ikabubui ng bansa!

  18. I hope Marcos will give priority in Agriculture too. Unless we improve the well beings of the rural folks, produce more foods for our people (more than 100 million), we will always be food insecured. We can not always depend on other countries to provide as foods even if we have the money to buy them. Time is coming that our traditional food import sources will not be able to sustain selling us foods because of climate change, their population growth, and shift to industry too. During the time of President Marcos, I was one of the trainors of thousands of Masagana 99 technicians at UPLB. I hope the son will follow his father’s steps of helping the rural areas. I believe, he was loved by huge number of people in the country side, unlike the noisy minority of the urban community.

    • I think he will, he understand very well the core need of the people. he knew the importance of agriculture in nation building just like his father. lets just wait what he will do if he wins.. I bet VP will never be the same after his term.. he will take the role into a higher level of service just like his father…..

    • I have listened to BBM’s interviews from 2014-2015, those are projects that he would like to push. Also his ideas about manufacturing is worth listening to… kaya mahina ang jobs sa Pinas kasi we have not improved on our agriculture and manufacturing industry. Govt would rather spend on importing goods coz dun ang kurakot instead of making improvements in agriculture and manufacturing…. Even in the Middle East they have their own manufacturing industries – pasta, olive oil etc which is cheaper than those imported products. Mayaman na bansa pero pinapalakas pa din nila ang industry na ito kasi they understand the importance of it in its country’s economy. And they actually give priority to products they produce na mababa un sa local market. But in our country its the other way around, the imported goods ang mura instead of those locally manufactured kasi nga wla din govt support and SME. Do pray that he gets elected as VP!

  19. For someone who is supposedly a crusader against Martial Law and the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr., isn’t it ironic that Mrs. Robredo sought out the approval and endorsement of Fidel Ramos? Not to mention her signing of the BBL.

  20. Sins of the father are not the sins of the son……I agreed with the comments of Mr. Tiglao. P.S. Mr. Tiglao was arrested by the men of Pres.Marcos way back…….

    • They were not just the sins of the father. It was a conjugal tyrany and and every marcos kin benefitted from it

  21. If you read History, there were many vicious dictators whose children were elected president of their country and to name two, Bannazir Bhutto whose father Zulkafir Ali Bhotto was sentence by Pakistan to death. And the now famous and beautiful President of Korea Park Chung Hye whose father Park Chung Hee was assassinated by his own Director of KCIA. This shows that people does not take it against the children the sins of their parents.
    I believed that even how much Pnoy destroys BongBong Marcos like what he did during the 30th Anniversary of EDSA I, Filipinos even those who were against President Marcos, like me and were at EDSA I, will not take this against his son Ferdinand R. Marcos, Jr., specially now that people believed that their EDSA governments failed them and their lives changed from better to worse after 30 years of EDSA, that the government is run by CORRUPT OFFICIALS AND OLIGARCHS.

  22. Fred Pescador on

    Go BBM…you are the person who can make this nation great again…like your dad, brother!

    • What is great about his dad? The country almost in the brink of bankruptcy. Is that great ? Know your true history, read, read and do not let you’re emotions affect your decisions.

    • Ben hur villarino on

      Mabuti na yon”on the brink” lang..ngayon bankkrupt na..tangalin mo ang remittances na mga ofw kon ano ang Pilipinas..

    • in response To the Max – most who are voting for Marcos are not all loyalist, rather we listen to BBM with an open mind and see how realistically he can accomplish his vision and plans for the country. I admire people’s idealism for choosing Robredo for VP or Poe for President as they are likely candidates as well but in my opinion not for this coming elections. Personally I am voting for Marcos coz I am more of a realist. There are powerful people in Philippine politics that you cannot just easily dismiss and you need someone who is equally powerful and with an understanding of the job description who needs to be elected at this time, one who understand what long terms plans should be and can provide economic stability.

  23. The Cojuangcos have 3 bets in presidential race. ROXAS by Noynoy Cojuangco Aquino. POE by Danding Cojuangco and BINAY by Peping Cojuangco. In short we only have to choose between Cojuangcos…Santiago and DUTERTE. The only vice presidentiable who will not bite whoever wins the presidency is BONGBONG MARCOS.

    • Do not vote Poe, Roxas and Binay because if any of those 3 is elected. We will never see justice for the Filipino people. It’s time to clip the power of Dangding Coquango. It’s time for him to leave the country. He’s the mastermind of Ninoy’s assassination. He is really the most evil of all the Coquangco. He should leave this earth permanently.

    • Did you hear and see how he Sen,Bongbong intoregated the bureau of customs about Balikbayan Boxes of OFW being treated,that’s an awesome questions to the chief,for this I can bet he is good leader together with my US friends here in America.

  24. Ew all i can say is ew. Marcos does not deserve to be the next V. P. There is too much corruption already..

    • If I am not mistaken, wala pa naman yata kaso o habla na naisangkot si Bonget, diba? All the other candidates for the post ay meron na. Ditto with all the presidential candidates.

    • leandro sales on

      Miss Cha Cha, compare Tarlac home town of Aquinos and Cojuangcos with that of Ilocos… See for yourself and let it be the basis of your judgment who is and who is not….

    • teresa tumbali on

      For MC: Please check out the Supreme Court ruling in “Ferdinand Marcos, Jr. vs. Republic of the Philippines”, G.R. No. 152154, July 15, 2003

  25. Rizalito David on


    Never mind the atrocities during his father’s time. Never mind the productive years of that generation of young people taken away from them by the dictatorship. Never mind the resources stolen from the people resulting from the greed of that regime. Never mind the lost opportunity to be great as a nation earlier on. Never mind that I too together with countless other young men and women suffered mental and emotional anguish simply because we dared protest the abuses of Marcos and his minions.

    But have we not had enough of the continuing false hopes on the hands of the Marcos family in the same way we have believed the lies and deceit of the Aquino family?

    This is not about Bongbong Marcos and his alleged superiority over the other candidates. This is about a future that we can no longer entrust to those families who have squandered every opportunity to lead this country to greatness and prosperity. This is about us for once being resolute and decisive over our fate as a people.

  26. I agree with your statement that Senator Marcos “towers over political and moral midgets” not because I am from the North but on account of the following (when I was still in the public service sector. I was in this sector for 2 generations):
    1. When he was still a Provincial Governor, he wanted to travel outside the country on official time. Through telephone, I told him that he cannot since the purpose of the trip is personal, and that he must file a leave of absence. Which he did. Others? They would insist, demand or dictate, if you may. Or look for “padrinos”. Deference to the rule of law, rules or regulation? Anyone?;
    2. When he was already in the Senate, I was invited. I thought it was a Committee Hearing of the Committee on Local Government, which he chairs. It was not. It was a meeting with him on some strategic initiatives like state of development in provinces, cities and municipalities and revenue allotment shares. He has a very profound knowledge of governance in general and of local governance in particular, and of the actionable measures to transform the rural countryside in the sense of social and economic development, at the very least;
    3. I listened to his short remarks during the Corona impeachment trial. His logic was very impressive, a class of its own; and
    4. I am aware of the Senator’s no-nonsense stand on the BBL (before he became SC Justice, I met then Prof. Leonen in a “need-to-know basis” meeting in one “not-open to the public” office where I asked about “Transition Strategy” – part of which is an enabling law that advances the constitutional objectives of nation-building and national development. The answer? Inaudible whisper. Some argue that the current ARMM Law is yet to be fully implemented. That is true. Whose mandate is it? The Executive Secretary. This is in the law.).

    These are snapshots. But enough to convince me that, yes, Senator Marcos “towers over the midgets”.

  27. I do not doubt that Bong Bong Marcos has the charisma of his father. It is in his genes. It is called inherited cells and the good looks of his mother. But he also inherited the bad cells that we do not notice at this early stage. Watch out, we might have a dictator in our midst.

  28. Escudero and Honasan got 100M each as bribe money during Corona’s impeachment and other senators who are running again this coming elections please vote them out. As for Bongbong? count me in! I don’t care if he were the Devil’s son my vote goes to him. Kudos to Mr.Tiglao!

  29. If it helps i deleted the bookmark to that INQ paper months ago… are they still in business?

  30. I’d like to know if Sandy Prieto Romualdez is supporting Bonbong. She is, after all, married to his first cousin, Philip, son of Imelda’s brother and bag man, the late Kokoy. There are posters of Bongbong outside the Romualdez home in Forbes Park.

  31. I agree with you Mr. Tiglao, 101% your analysis is correct, this Marcos make his own legacy out of his father’s shadow, unlike the seating president who just created a big hole on his seat while serving his peers!!

  32. Indeed, no one can claim such political experience, both in the executive and legislative branches, that those vice presidential candidates can. Surely, Bonget in his twelve years of being a governor has proven his mantle in public service – especially in having those windmills built under his watch, a legacy project no other governor can match since it involves multi million dollars (except that Negros solar plant na ngayon lang nagawa ng isang gobernador). Syempre, pag di ka sanay sa mga multi million dollars, magiging miser at barya barya lang ang alam gawin at lahat ng project ay magastos at di mo na gagawin. Take a look at benigno who scrapped that Laguna Lake Reclamation Project – barya barya lang ang utak kaya pag bilyones ang usapan ay aatras na.

    • mc, yung laguna lake dredging project which was cancelled by benito boy pickup is now one of the projects being rushed by benito boy sisi’s minions for approval. the main difference is the cost. if i am not mistaken, the cost of arroyo’s project was only a fraction of the NEW COST, i think more than P100Bilyon

  33. Binay Marcos. Cayetano and Trillanes used the senate for their own political ambition at the expense of VP Binay.San ngayon sila? Kulelat

  34. How time can change people as well..fought for freedom and against dictatorship, why Bongbong?

    • Realization…maybe after all this years, we were all barking at the wrong dog. When the real bad dog are the Aquinos and Cojuangcos.

    • ARNULFO, you asked why bongbong?? as mr tiglao has said in his column, IF NOT FOR MAKOY JR. AND HIS COMMITTEE’s EXHAUSTIVE HEARINGS TO INCLUDE ALL THE STAKEHOLDERS (which leonen,ferrer and deles excluded), THE BaBaLa WOULD HAVE BEEN RAILROADED BY THE BELMONTE AND DRILON EXPRESS IN CONGRESS, EVEN WITH ALL IT’s CONSTITUTIONAL DEFECTS. and i hope you know the consequence of this bill if it became a law. this bill will partition mindanao favoring the milf-malaysia clique and WE, THE TAXPAYERS, will foot the bill for its operation. leni, as tiglao mentioned, was a part of the house committee that drafted the constitutionally defective version of the bill.

    • leandro sales on

      Please try to comprehend the message which the article of Mr. Tiglao wishes to convey…..

    • teresa tumbali on

      for John: Bongbong is not a dictator. Yet. He’s a liar now. A.B. Pol. Sc., Philo & Economics, Oxford? He didn’t even graduate. MBA, Wharton? My foot. If he can’t be honest in small things…

  35. Bongbong Marcos has zoom appeal to us because of his patriotism and a call for unity w/c our country’s divisiveness brought by the Yellow cult. Mabuhay si BBM and let’s vote for him!

  36. Political midgets have no place in running our nation. In the same category should be placed Grace Poe, although she is in a category all her own – she is unqualified to be president not once but twice. First, the constitution prohibits her to run. Second, she cannot be President because her loyalty is suspect when she once renounced the Philippines and even vowed to fight against it, if need be.

  37. Ken takahiro on

    Very informative Mr. Tiglao. Its not that i am pro-Marcos but sometimes its nice to read unbias comments to inform some people regarding some issues that require clarification.

    • Unfortunately, majority of the Filipinos do not read editorials. Like the above article, beneficial accomplishments of a candidate is not flashed in the news media unless it is paid by a financial backer to win the attention of the “masa” away from the tele-serye and aldub sensation. Unfortunately, our political world has become a movie world. The politics we have now is not only dirty but has become filth, garbage, trash, rubbish or whatever you may call that is deemed irreparable and useless. Indeed, we need the likes of Bongbong Marcos to get rid of this trash and rebuild our nation.
      Unfortunately, there are not too many people like you as open-minded to clarifications. And as in Pope Francis’ prayer for the Philippines, we need discernment. We have only one day to put into our hands how we can make our country great and that is being wise for just a day. Is that one day too much to ask?
      Great article Mr. Tiglao! Despite the past you’ve gone through, your writing speaks so much about yourself and I commend you for the person you are! God bless

  38. Virginia varilla on

    Very keen analysis. I look forwrd to your next article as there are still some eho claim they are human rights victim of the Marcos Martial Law regime. Maybe you can share your own experience being a victim at that time. Let them know that communist subversives are enemies if the state and therefore enemies of the people.

  39. Cayetano, Escudero and Trillanes belongs to the yellow horde. Escudero is a talent gifted with silver tongue, but it you look closely it forked like serpent’s.

    • Greg Reotutar Fagela on

      If Escudero is elected to a higher position, i.e. Vice Pres or President, our country will be at the mercy of the titans. Who are his ninongs when he got married?

      Good write up, Mr. Tiglao. Hope your articles will be read by as many people, so that they will be properly informed.

  40. I pray that the Filipinos will realize there is no doubt Bongbong Marcos will make the best vice-president, even president. . He combines intelligence with prudence, statesmanship with charisma, knowledge with humility and duty to country with love for people and compassion. He is also an excellent family man. He plays musical instruments with his children.

    • BBM will be 6 years in senate this May. Trillanes and Cayetano still has 3 years as senator after the election. If they lose, see again senate.

  41. Binay-Marcos!They are the most qualified among the candidates…Issues against them???Who cares?All candidates have their own anyway!

  42. mariangmakiling on

    I wish you could translate it into tagalog so filipino people can fully understand why we have to vote for bbm as our vice president…

  43. No. He will not towers in this election. He will be lucky if he placed third behind Escudero or Leni Robredo. People will still not forget the sufferings inflicted upon them during his father’s dictatorship.

    • People will still not forget the sufferings inflicted upon them during his father’s dictatorship.

      Bongbong Marcos is not his father ya know. 2 different people, a different time.
      In your world are children responsible for the actions of their parents and or relatives ? Are people responsible for everything that someone related to them does like a first cousin ?

      I prefer to judge people as individuals responsible for their own actions.

    • Ceferina Braga on

      Because of all he is a brainer.. he has integrity… he is not a puppet by anyone not unlike trillianes, escudero, cayetano. Funny these people talks about corruption, eh sila yon. Grabe mga politicians ngayon, kapal ng mga mukha. May bobo like Leni Lobredo.

    • And you think that it is better to hold a grudge and to keep suffering under people like Escudero, Robredo and the likes. The saying is ” To cut off your nose to spite your face “. !!!!!!!!

    • Lies after lies to cover the shortcomings of yellow cult and degrade the legacy Marcos had established.

    • Weh! Di nga… Baka sa inyong mga Manileno lang. Malaki ang Pilipinas, hindi lahat ng Pilipino utak-Maynila.

  44. “So why is she running? I don’t have a doubt in my mind: For the funds of it, understandable really, considering her late husband was their family’s principal breadwinner.”

    This is disturbing. Hearsay! But then it’s completely understandable with the nature of the article. LOL

    • What nature are you talking about? It’s a clear point-by-point explanation of why the author is voting for Senator Marcos. This, despite the fact that he spent some years in a Martial Law Era prison cell.

  45. Mr Tiglao , Cayetano, Trillanes, Escudero are like cymbals all noise no tune! Robredo is capitalizing on her husband’s death just like Poe capitalizing on necropolitics!

  46. emmanuel soriano on

    Hoping that more people will read this article…
    Informative and unbias point of view….

    • brainwahing if you want to know the truth or tell the truth. His uncle Bejo Romualdez has a house in BF Homes gifted to his mistress. They live like royalty when Marcos was in power. You should also include those dollars they pocketed as rental payments for the bases.

    • And stupid people don’t use their brain to think, they just want to gossip or spread rumors?? And what does BBM has to do with his uncle stupid idiot??!! BBM uncle’s personal life is his business! Utak di gumagana,kaya karamihan ng Pilipno ay makikitid utak dahil mahilig lang sumagap ng Chjssmiss tapos pati kamag anak isinasali na wala sa lugar! Bugok na kagaya ni Abnoynoy, mga alagad ng mga Yellow zombies thinks like their yellow turd master, walang laman ang ulo!

    • thanks a lot mr.tiglao for that information…surely BBM is the best among the vp candidates!

    • You should also include those dollars they pocketed

      Are we counting Bong Bong’s allowance now ? Pretty sure he was a kid during his fathers tenure as president.