Bongbong willing to take DNA test


    Sen. Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. on Thursday said he is willing to undergo a DNA test if it would help Sen. Grace Poe find her biological relatives.

    Marcos made the statement after Poe revealed in radio interview on Tuesday that DNA tests done on individuals believed to be her biological relatives did not match.

    “I don’t see how will that help her but if that will, why not?” Marcos told reporters during the weekly Kapihan sa Senado news forum.

    DNA testing was conducted in a bid to overturn allegations that Poe is not a natural-born Filipino. Poe’s citizenship qualification was questioned before the Senate Electoral Tribunal and the Commission on Elections.

    The test results were meant to be initially presented to the electoral tribunal, which is hearing a disqualification case filed by radio commentator Rizalito David.

    Poe, 47, was found abandoned inside the Jaro Metropolitan Cathedral in Iloilo province in central Philippines and was eventually adopted by the actor Fernando Poe Jr. and his actress wife, Susan Roces.

    There were rumors that the senator was the child of the late President Ferdinand Marcos from an alleged affair with her aunt, former teen actress Rosemarie Sonora. Sonora is the younger sister of Susan Roces.

    Both Poe and Marcos have denied the rumors.

    Marcos said he is willing undergo such test because he is confident it will not prove anything in relation to Poe’s biological parents and will just prove that he is the son of the former president and now Ilocos Norte Rep. Imelda Marcos.

    “Anong makikita sa DNA test? Na anak ako ng tatay ko at nanay ko [What are we expecting to see in the DNA test? That I’m the son of my father and mother]?” he said.

    When asked what he would do if it turned out that Poe was his half-sister, Marcos replied, “Welcome to the family.”

    According to Poe, she appreciates her fellow senator’s gesture and that she is very thankful to him but she does not want Marcos to be involved in the issue.

    “Although it is just a gossip and we joked about it, there are people that are getting hurt [by the issue]like my cousin,” she said, referring to actress Sheryl Cruz (Rosemarie Sonora’s daughter) who recently expressed her disappointment over Poe’s decision to run for higher office.

    Second test
    Poe said she is considering taking a second set of DNA tests with another probably biological relative.

    “It’s just like getting a second opinion, you can always get a second opinion. So we’re open to having a retest,” she told reporters at the Quezon City Sports Club where a program formalizing her endorsement by the Makabayan bloc was held.

    “There is another person that we are considering but I don’t want to expound on it,” she said.

    Poe argued that the negative results of her DNA tests do not mean that she has lost in the disqualification cases filed against her.

    Valenzuela City (Metro Manila) Mayor Rex Gatchalian, the spokesman for the Poe camp, said they remain confident that the senator would be able to prove her citizenship.

    “Sen. Grace Poe is a natural-born Filipino and that’s what the law provides. Her citizenship is not anchored on the result of a DNA test. The DNA test was just an additional information that we volunteered to submit,” he added.

    “We’re confident that our position would be sustained by the good tribunal because the law is on her side,” Gatchalian said in a media forum also on Thursday.

    He claimed that Poe’s citizenship can be established by using the 1935 Constitution, which was in force when she was born in 1968. Gatchalian said that according to the 1935 Constitution, a foundling is considered a natural-born Filipino if he or she was found in the Philippines.

    Renouncing US citizenship
    Gatchalian, moreover, confirmed that Poe’s husband, Neil Llamanzares, is now taking “concrete and proactive steps” to renounce his American citizenship.

    He said Llamanzares is a natural-born Filipino because he was born to two Filipino parents although he was physically born in the United States.

    “Their physical presence in the country is an affirmation that the Philippines is their country. Critics are making it an issue against Sen. Poe, that’s why her husband decided to once and for all renounce his US citizenship. We all know that American laws are complicated, that’s why he has started to collate all the documents needed to facilitate that,” Gatchalian added in Filipino.


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    1. Grace Poe, ang lahat ay nakakaalam na Kung si no ang na ay at tatay mo, IKAW na Lang ang Hindi nakakaalam.

    2. Ah ewan…Poe is in desperate or degenerate move na or she enjoy the spot light of confusing the peoples…imagine running for presidency but can not know where she come from…sabehin na lang na siya ay ” putok sa buho ” lol only in the Philippines ! blame it all on Abnoy !

    3. Grace Poe Llamanzares is a natural-born Filipino. her features are all Filipino. if she has for example, foreign features like blond hair, blue eyes, etc. then we may surmise that she is not natural-born Filipino. If we treat all foundlings in the Philippines as not natural-born Filipino, even if their unknown parents are Filipinos, then it would be unfair to treat the foundlings as not natural-born Filipino.

    4. Sheryl Cruz knew DNA testing will have to be done to prove Grace’s citizenship that is why she was against Grace Llamanzares running for higher office.

    5. No truth behind this rumor. If Bongbong is willing to take a DNA test then go ahead. When the result comes, it’s negative anyway.

      • What I cannot understand is Grace refusal to take Bong bong DNA. More possibilities, the better. Is Grace scared ? Ferdinand is a known womanizer and his preference is movie actresses and white and fine complexion. Per Gloria Diaz , Marcos does not like her because of her dark complexion.

    6. If anyone born in USA even parents are non US citizen, automatically US CITIZEN. MR Llamanzares is a US CITIZEN by BIRTH. He can’t even apply for dual citizenship. How much more for aplpying Filipino Citizenship? If he is going to renounce his US Citizenship it takes a lot of time. Hindi poe mangyayari yan ng overnight.

      Kaya to end this controversial event of Madam Senator Grace Llamanzares should make a graceful exit right now….!

      • Based on the documents submitted by Mrs. Grace Poe Llamanzares to SET, her husband’s parents are both Filipino citizens. Thus, even though he was born in the USA, he would also be a Filipino citizen because Philippine citizenship is based on “blood relationship or jus sanguiness”. In other words, he does not have to apply to become a dual citizen, because he was one right after birth. This is the reason why he says he will renounce his US citizenship if his wife wins the presidency because then he will only have his Philippine citizenship.

    7. Grace, don’t look too far, the answer to your birth issue is right in your own household–that is if your adoptive mother is willing to tell you the truth and nothing but the truth. You are an intelligent woman who could easily discern that the narrative and circumstances of you being found is story or script made for the silver screen.

      Lastly, is your husband’s steps being taken, of renouncing his American citizenship, irrevocable regardless of the outcome of your presidential aspiration (win or lose)? Or is it merely a political maneuver?!

    8. Mayor Rex Gatchalian, tanong lamang, paano naging FILIPINO ang tatay mo? Naturalized Filipino? Kaya naging Filipino rin kayong mga anak na congressman at ikaw mayor? Suerte nyo mga taga Valenzuela City. Wala bang kababayan nyo na maging lider dyan? Kung di mga itong magagaling na anak ng Naturalized Chinese! Gamitin naman