• Bong’s, Jinggoy’s and Nora’s complaints


    In a San Beda (Mendiola) law faculty meeting last Saturday, next to me was Judge Lito Fernandez, this San Beda law class valedictorian, and son of my teacher, Bernie, an orig classroom terrorist. Bernie had been egregiously misreported as having acquitted Gen. Ver, whom he had in fact prosecuted in our adversarial system.

    Judge Lito was said to be a leading bet for the vacant Sandiganbayan post. The above misreporting and the fact that JPE endorsed Lito in mid-2012 were neither here nor there

    Manong was in the skies then for the conviction of Rene Corona, which PNoy could not have taken against him. Of course there is the allegation that JPE & Co. had been bribed to convict. This is the first time that I hear of one being bribed a year or so later after delivering. It is usually kaliwaan. Crooks are not naive.”Convict mo bibigyan kita ng pork sa isang taon.” The cockamamie tale did not gain traction save among the permanent PNoy bashers. In the end, JPE’s 2012 endorsement might have been the kiss of death. Named instead was RTC Judge Ma. Theresa Dolores Gomez Estoesta, with her many-splendored credentials.

    The Judicial & Bar Council was correct in returning the list it originally submitted, as is. I wrote here on May 21, 2010: “Chief Justice (CJ) Davide and CJ Puno were both told by GMA that she did not like the JBC lists and asked them to submit another. Neither remonstrated to protect the body’s independence.” The two CJs meekly complied instead. Good CJ Meilou Sereno stood her ground.

    In last Saturday’s San Beda Mendiola faculty meet, the object of new respect was the lawyer of Janet Napoles, Bruce Mapera, oooops, Rivera.

    Sorry, am just “joking” you, Bruce, am high, talaga.

    Which reminds me of Nora Aunor (Nora Cabaltera Villamayor) who had drug problem issues. Her National Artist Award can wait given that we have a hardline—and failed—policy on drugs. The youth should not see substance abuse as being dismissively thrust aside as a non-issue, given the Zeitgeist. She was allegedly arrested at the airport in Los Angeles, CA, with felony possession of eight grams of methamphetamine hydrochloride (or shabu) on March 30, 2005. I stopped going to movies when martial law was proclaimed, among the things I needed to remind me that things were very, very wrong. So I have not seen any Nora film.

    Of course, Nora should be recognized, in time, given her awesome gifts and feats, maybe at the same time as talented Cecile Guidote Alvarez, a true Freedom Fighter who sacrificed a lot, with hubby Sonny. It should be in the next rites.

    Delayed by GMA was the recognition accorded Ramon “Momoy” Santos, a fellow BatamPasig she arbitrarily removed from the list of recommended awardees last time. A cuz of Bobbit Sanchez, whose young brod (bunso in fact), Eddie, was our High School valedictorian who topped the exams for chemical engineers. A common cousin of theirs was No. 5 in the bar and No. 11 in the CPA, Gene Suarez, of our high school class. A gifted clan close to Uncle Jovy Salonga, who turned 94 last Sunday. (Pasig today seems to get some ink only for shabu, as Mon Tulfo mentioned last Tuesday in the PDI.) The Sanchezes, Santos and Suarezes are from San Nicolas, a barrio or barangay adjoining ours, Sta. Cruz, formerly Munting Karsada.

    Munti can apply to Jojobama Binay and me. The Inevitability of Jojobama as Prez looms larger and larger. But, how can I campaign for him when his only clear announced plan or mini-platform is that he has picked Great Pretender Congressman, Manny Pacquiao—a perceived tax scofflaw with his billions—to be a Great Pretender Senator in 2016? Is Jojobqama serious about returning the Senate to its glory days? Never mind our ‘87-’92 batch but so far, over pork—not toxic per se—which we used prudently, we are not being heckled.

    A PNoy heckler was stopped by security in Bicol, presenting its own set of problems. Supposed a heckler in class interrupts me? Are the rest of the class and I without rights? The heckler has a right to speak but the audience cannot be denied their option or right to listen. Nothing new anyway about the critical message, unlike in saying “PNoy raped my sister!” Clint Eastwood shows how White House Sikyus might act or over-react and tackle a heckler (who could be armed).

    PNoy should otherwise listen to Lincoln, as I advised his Mom: “If I were to read, much less answer, all the attacks on me, the shop might as well be closed for any other business. I do the best I know how, the very best I can, and I mean to keep doing so until the end. If the end brings me out wrong, ten thousand angels swearing I was right will not make any difference.”

    We should ask ourselves, would we rather have Erap, Manny, Gibo, Eddie V, Dick G, Nick P, Jamby M, John de los Reyes, or KBL’s Vetaliano Acosta lead us now? Someone suggested that FVR should have gone on and on. But, I agree with de Gaulle that the cemeteries are full of indispensable people.

    May healthy PNoy run for veep in 2016 as a friend of Conrad de Quiros suggested? Permit me to doubt. His intent would be to be Prez again, checking the BP of the Prez daily. What we cannot do directly, we may not, indirectly. Thus, the friend of Conrad may not have found the “perfect solution” in PNoy sliding down.

    He has 730 or so days left. Legacy time. Yes, there is basis for the kinder, gentler treatment of JPE, a nonagenarian like Sigma Rho brod Uncle Jovy (he renounced his Sigma Rogue membership in 2007, in protest against frat violence). Elevate standards and conditions, not equalizing suffering and democratizing the pain. Compassion we need.

    I am for house arrest provided that unlike Erap, JPE would not ask: “Can I select which house?”

    Bong protests about the heat, roaches and rats, the lot of millions of our countrymen, beginning with those of us who live in Palanan, near Estero Tripa de Gallina. I am more concerned with the children of those accused. We should inflict pain sparingly and share that of others liberally.

    Recall that in 2001, when I was fit as a fiddle, I took on the defense of a FALLEN Erap, as lead counsel. It was not clear to me then that the charge was for plundering. Akala ko po philandering. Seriously, no accused has to prove his innocence. It is presumed. The prosecution should establish guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Guilt not proven may yet be the verdict during the tenure of Jojobama? If merited, why not?

    The Estradas remind me of how wide, even nationwide, June 24 would be marked as Feast Day of St. John the Baptist. In Cavite last Tuesday, to make sure that mother and daughter detained since early 2012 were released, we were surprised that basaan was still all the rage there. Good we had our car windows rolled down. When the pork proceedings are over, who will be all wet? What does not destroy, strengthens.


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    1. Bernardo Carpio on

      When one gets old, all our pretentious faces are forgotten. What is left is the real person. Rene S is just tired of the same ol… same old..story. Friends … clan …memories are more important now than nation building… Oh well …

    2. Ok ka Rene. Bihira lang ang may True Logic sa Manila Times. Ikaw lng ang Saving grace dyan

    3. victor m. hernandez on

      I like the equanimity of former (and future, I wish) Senator Saguisag on his views of significant events happening which affect the affairs of the state, and the Presidency.

    4. Fermin Villegas on

      It is so painful to hear you Sen. Saguisag, one of my most admired public figures, go on and on like this, as you stop short of saying anything substantive about any of the issues you merely touch upon. Can you really justify the arrest and charges against Mijares for exercising his democratic right just because it supposedly tramples on the rights of the audience? So what about the rallyists who clog the roads (with permit or without), should they be arrested simply because they pose an inconvenience and impose on commuters’ and drivers’ rights?

      Are you really serious about the charge of bribery against the senators being a non-issue? So what if the messenger is as he perceives, a permanent PNoy basher? Does that detract from the fact that they were rewarded with 30 pieces of silver for convicting someone even with illegally obtained evidence? Do you

      I am utterly disappointed in what you have become – alternately waxing poetic with reminiscences of yesterdays whenever you encounter people from your past, and waxing idiotic about more important things.

      The memory lane passages are fine and sweet. But your take on current issues leave a bad taste in the mouth.

    5. Rocky Coronel on

      I like your satire manner of mocking up issues. It is truly funny but straight to the point. However you leave the final interpretation of your opinion to reader which is quite clever. Mabuhay ka Sen Saguisag!

    6. Jun Santiago on

      Kudos to CJ Sereno for standing her ground as remarked by Attorney Saguisag!