• Bonsaic Verses


    On the ring and rim
    we’re nothing but embers in
    the fleeting moment

    nesting season
    every bird chooses
    its own tree

    the narcissism
    that fuels facebook

    birds on the roof
    and the swaying trees-
    morning rhapsody

    raging Santi
    could not calm his inner storm-
    autumn symphony

    missing your smile-
    the autumn moon
    still out of sight

    text and the city
    poetry on my cp
    ain’t that groovy?

    drifting into now
    with Bocelli’s Romanza-
    evening resonance

    some flowers
    will not thrive with poetry
    they need fiction

    after the rainfall-
    the scent of the midnight bloom
    fleeting with the breeze

    waiting for
    the evening train
    or a time warp


    here i am nothing
    but a passing pilgrim

    your gentle eyes
    they too are a couplet
    of lyric gaze
    but i know not how
    would they rhyme with mine

    wounding deeper
    & deeper the unhealed wound-
    mind the now
    mend the now
    O Mindanao!

    morning rain-
    stickings my tongue out to taste
    its syllabled drops

    if you want to sign
    your name on the sands of time
    don’t perish the thought


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