• Bonsaic Verses (for Milagros)


    the sound of dew
    dropping from a blade
    of grass

    and the poetry of sunflow’rs
    blushing away at noon

    raging storm–
    so are my thoughts
    for you

    September moon–
    hanging by the wind chime
    gray locks of hair

    your love could’ve endured
    the onslaught of time
    more than the grandeur
    of this marble tomb

    morning rain–
    your kisses an aubade
    on my lips

    August rush–
    the music of your kisses
    on my skin

    you are wordlessly distant
    O hunter’s moon!

    it is not just in the mind
    i hear your heartbeat

    your voice
    your laughter
    my new lullaby

    you are my aubade
    my sonnet and sijo

    August rain–
    i long for your embrace
    autumn moon

    Li Bai–
    to die a poetic death
    embracing the moon

    your voice–
    the missing rhythm
    in my aubade

    miles away–
    one last song
    erei close my eyes

    this innerness–
    the infinite space
    between us

    morning news―
    nothing but a tempest
    in a teapot

    the fault in my star–
    it booted itself out of
    a constellation

    exile me in
    an hermitage of poetry
    and fiction

    i’d be a monarch
    there in a harem of
    naked words


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    1. Excellent poetry from one of the best, if not the best poets, of the Philippines. Rare combinations of words, rare images from a wordsmith. Congratulations, Apo Santiago.