• Bonsaic Verses


    the emperor’s new haiku
    no season word
    no kigo

    not sailing tonight
    on my coffee cup¯
    the crescent moon

    dances with words¯
    finding my rhyme and rhythm
    barefoot in the rain

    August sun¯
    with Basho and Cummings
    in my noosphere

    reconfiguring my pond
    or delettering a word

    a long brisk walk
    from Baclaran to Coastal¯
    here’s to my heart

    if you want to sign
    your name on the sands of time
    don’t perish the thought

    make words not war¯
    let the world reverberate
    with lilting verbs

    let the ampersands explode
    punctuating peace with poetry

    a kigo remains
    from my sense of sight

    and just this moment
    a word takes off with
    a breath and a hush

    in every passing storm
    a new genesis

    bee apocalypse¯
    an impending global war
    between two empires

    chasing buses¯
    my random textimony
    and rush hour poetry

    radiant green¯
    longing to hear
    a peacock song
    in my noosphere¯
    wretched poet that i am
    not knowing your storm

    send me your thunder
    to stir my lazy morn still
    cocooned on my bed

    hard rain¯
    the crysong of a bulbul
    losing its nest

    Agno river¯
    reclaiming again
    its native demesne

    after the rain¯
    I long to see the blue moon
    of Aquarius

    and the verdant green
    of ten thousand trees

    in my haunting dream
    looking through my mind’s eye¯

    an hour-glass on the desert
    and the ruins of Babel

    strange two suns¯
    I can sense you now
    O Nibiru!

    new age poetry¯
    tantric or dancing
    the harlem shake

    one with
    million people march
    at Luneta Park

    writing on a page
    vandalizing my wall with
    a hundred haiku

    evening tea¯
    contemplating on a word
    hanging in my mind

    rocking Pegasus¯
    imaginary battles
    with my childhood selves

    in the hillock of duendes
    under a tamarind tree


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