• Border closures again prove Europe has ceased to be Christian


    THE late John Paul II, who we must call Saint Pope John Paul II because he is in fact a canonized saint, had the re-Christianization of Europe among his first priorities upon becoming the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church.

    That made the usual anti-Catholics bristle, they who think Europeans are the greatest human beings and have nothing to learn from the Church.

    One becoming Pope Benedict XVI, Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, also made the re-evangelization of Europe a top priority. This also made the proud ones among the Europeans to hoot and howl against him.

    Then, as a result of the Middle East crisis made worse by the appearance of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), which has established the IS Caliphate in the areas that they have become masters of, executing Christians and other Muslims who don’t agree with them, pillaging and burning their villages, there is now a flood of Arab migrants rushing into Europe.

    The Holy Father Francis has not markedly speak about re-Christianizing Europe. But he has called on mankind — including the Europeans — to be more merciful and compassionate to the needy and suffering. He has made a special plea for Europeans to be kind to the Muslim Arab and Afghan refugees.

    But these migrants are inundating Europe. And now European states have decided to close their borders to the thousands of refugees forced to find new homes for their families in Europe. These closures are proving St. Pope John Paul II to be right about Europe no longer being Christian.

    According to an analysis by the Doha-based Al Jazeera, the new head of the UN refugee agency (the UNHCR), has warned that these “border closures by European states will cause ‘further chaos and confusion’ as thousands of people remained stuck inside Greece after being blocked from continuing their journey” to other parts of Europe.

    “Some 8,000 refugees have been trapped on Greece’s northern border and the capital, Athens, after Macedonia on Sunday barred passage to Afghans and introduced tougher document checks for Syrians and Iraqis.

    “This followed a decision by countries further up the refugee route to turn back groups of Afghans.

    “ ‘I am very worried about the news that we are getting about increasing closures of European borders along the Balkans route because that will create further chaos and confusion,’ UNHCR chief Filippo Grandi said during a visit to the Greek island of Lesbos on Tuesday.

    “ ‘It will increase the burden on Greece, which is already shouldering a very big responsibility in managing these people, and this is happening when we are not yet having alternatives.’ “

    It is not easy for the government officials of the European countries being swamped by refugees to be compassionate to the swarming refugees. Their own populations are protesting, specially the poorer sectors, with whom the refugees compete for funds and aid.

    Those who are resentful of the Arab refugees are getting much support from those who fear that among the pitiful migrants are ISIS terrorists. These, they rightly foresee, will come out and do their work of blowing up commercial establishments and restaurants, as they have done in Paris.


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    1. I wonder how many refugees from the middle east the Philippines has taken. Then i wonder if they would give them the same benefits as say the uk does. Then i wonder if they did if the abject poor of the Philippines should also ask to be given some help. Yes its so easy to criticise others isnt it. Like the pope saying about building walls to keep the refugees out, well the Vatican is completely surrounded by a wall that it had built for its own protection. Hhhhhhmmm i think thats a few things for you to think about before getting to vocal of other nations.

    2. The majority of these “refugees” are young, fit men of fighting age. They are looking for work and or free benefits that the European nations give to their people ( that the population themselves pay for). What’s unchristian about not wanting hordes of economic scrounges decending on your country, the majority of whom have no wish to assimilate into the culture and laws of their adoptive countries let alone respect them. Why do these “refugees” feel they are entitled? Why does a Christian country such as the Philippines with a large Muslim SAR feel they have a right to criticise? How many are you taking? How many would want to come?