• Bow down to God – Tagle


    LOOK up and bow down to God.

    This was the message of Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle to devotees of the Black Nazarene on Friday, urging them to practice humility and spirituality.

    “Look up to God, look back and bow down to Him. Let’s make it a pattern of life of spirituality,” Tagle said in his homily during a Mass for the feast of Black Nazarene at the Quirino Grandstand (Luneta Park in Manila).

    “A true devotee is one who looks up, looks back and bows down to God, knowing fully well that without Him, he is nothing. Those who will look up to God will have an everlasting life, that’s the promise of the Gospel,” he added.

    The cardinal explained that devotees can deepen their faith if they constantly look up and bow down to God.

    “We look back to God who is the source of all our blessings. That is why many devotees are here year after year, rain or shine, barefoot, some in wheelchairs. They never forget, they look back to the giver of blessings and good experiences,” he said.

    “We are all sinners and to bow down to God is an admission of our sins. It’s like saying we cannot brag or boast about anything, except the fact that we need Him, that’s all,” Tagle added.

    “And to bow down is like imitating Jesus, who, despite being the son of God, humbled himself and became man to be with us. He carried our cross and died. That was his way of showing humility, all just because he loves us and he wanted to save us,” the cardinal said.

    According to him, “[people cannot be merciful and compassionate if they cannot be humble].’

    Quiapo rector Msgr. Clemente Ignacio said the crowd at Rizal Park ballooned to 550,000 after the 5:30 a.m. liturgy of Tagle.


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    1. Tell the devotees that corruption is evil,get educated and work hard that will be the best word as messenger of God Cardinal Tagle.

    2. And it’s about time for the Binays to show humility by defending (if not admitting) their corruption. If you are a thief, it’s about time for you to admit your sins as a thief as a form of humility. How did the Binays amassed their wealth for being just government employees. Explain that to God.