Volunteers carry boxes containing petitions signed by 1.5 million Filipinos asking the Supreme Court to allow the burial of former President Ferdinand Marcos at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City. The High Court, through a temporary restraining order, stopped the interment of Marcos’ remains at the heroes’ cemetery. PHOTO BY RENATO DILAN


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    1. it took the supreme court five years before clearing and freeing former president estrada and aroyo from prison and maybe they will take another .more years clearing and freeing marcos soul of cases against him more than two decade ago. justice is long over due and may his soul rest in peace.

    2. I wouldn’ t want to have Marcos buried at the Hero Cemetery.

      My grandfather and mother told me stories about the Martial Law Years| I think I was already alive then, but still a kid. My lolo Oching was a Manager her at Manila Times (Orencio E. Gallo, Jr.) but was forced to leave his work due to the Martial Law. He wasn’ t able to find work after that, my family went through a lot of hardships and difficulties for them to survive. Only with Jesus Christ’ s Help, did my lolo found ways to feed and raise his family.

      I am in a family where Marcos Dictatorship caused HARM and PAIN.

      The old Alejandro Roces and family were a relative, they did give most of my family members work at the Manila Times| but because of Martial Law, they lost their job. I am thankful that my lolo is a devout Christian that is why he didn’ t had a disastrous life| but my other relatives who got laid off from their work at the Manila Times, they got ruined.

      For my lolo Onching’ s memories| I say NO TO MARCOS BURIAL AT THE HERO CEMETERY.

      • I do not mean to disrespect your hardships during Martial Law, but as a devout Christian, surely you should know how to forgive. I do not think that going against the burial of the late president in the LMB, (although he is qualified) will give closure to your family’s suffering. I hope you are not like the Aquinos who do not want the people to heal because they want to honor Ninoy by hating the Marcoses. I pray that you and your family find peace to move forward…