• When boxing analysts sound like promoters

    Conrad M. Cariño

    Conrad M. Cariño

    (First of two parts)

    I would call it “the greatest train robbery” on boxing fans. That was on June 27, 1988 when Mike Tyson knocked out Michael Spinks in a heavyweight title unification bout in about 91 seconds, with Spinks not putting up a semblance of a fight.

    Prior to the fight, there were a lot of boxing analysts and experts who said Spinks had a decent chance to upset Tyson, primarily by decision. And since Tyson was marketed as the “baddest man in the planet” and since I wanted to align myself with the good guys, I wanted Spinks to win badly. So I believed every boxing analyst and expert who said Spinks could outbox and outlast Tyson.

    But when fight night came, Tyson literally made minced meat out of Spinks in just one round. It was a terrible disappointment! And I wanted to starch the boxing analysts and experts who took advantage of many of the fans’ gullibility at that time.

    Fast-forward today and some boxing analysts and experts are still guilty of making the most improbable predictions, or sound like the promoters themselves. Or both.

    It is challenging to become a boxing analyst or expert, especially if one doesn’t understand the sport thoroughly or does not even know its basics, like its four basic punches, styles, stances, and general rules. And it is better if a boxing analyst was former or active fighter.

    But most boxing analysts today are not boxers, although I have seen a lot of respectable ones.

    So what’s the big deal about being a boxing analyst? Simple—They wield so much power now especially with the Internet, that they can take boxing fans for a ride. Literally.

    Now what makes a good boxing analyst? Below are some questions that fans should ask about boxing analysts and experts. A “yes” answer to most of the questions below means a boxing analyst should be better off writing blogs about how to change a flat tire.

    1.) Is the boxing analyst very emotional in the way he makes predictions that you would suspect him of being the co-promoter of a fight or a certain fighter?

    2.) Does the boxing analyst not use the “numbers” in boxing, which is not only limited to wins and losses, but also to aspects like punches thrown in a round?

    3.) Does the boxing analyst not care about a boxer’s health?

    4.) Does the boxing analyst sound like a crazed or drugged North Vietnamese Army commander who tells his troops “Attack the enemy because you are all invincible against the bullets that will be thrown at you by the American imperialists!!!” (Get my point?)

    5.) Does the boxing analyst discount or denigrate the win of an opponent he did not believe would win against his “chosen one”?

    6.) Does the boxing analyst sound very condescending when a fighter loses, especially the one he did not pick to win?

    Before I became a boxing analyst for The Times, I was a voracious reader of boxing analysis for high-profiled bouts, and I must admit that I hated it when some boxing analysts gave so unreal predictions, or could never accepted certain truths.

    I also agree with The Times Sports Editor Perry Gil Mallari on his view that boxing analysts who are not fighters should not tell boxers what to do in a fight.

    “One can make a decent analysis and forecast story by evaluating fight stats and by keenly observing boxing matches, but I have a problem with non-fighter ‘analysts’ telling boxers how to win a match,” he said. I agree.

    So how should the fans guard themselves against boxing analysts who are not really boxing analysts?


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    1. Butch,
      You are right !! Pacquiao is getting old and the end of his career is near. Mayweather is also getting old. It is entertainment, FIGHT and let the best man win! Win lose or draw, I pick Pacquiao to win. Win lose or draw, Pacquiao will win the hearts of people around the world no matter where they are from.

    2. I. Agree, Manny Pacquio and his handlers are taking the fans for a big ride. manny is laying on his laurels because his handlers will not pit him with good fighters..all his fights were with e third rate boxers, except Marques. All his previous fights were so predictable…even this last fight I did not bother to watch. Manny better watch out he is going down in form by the looks of his previous three fights.. Puro ampaw ang mga nakakalaban nya. In the law of averages malapit na sya.

    3. How could you compare Pacquiao to Floyd , if Pacquiao Never fight a tough fighter before and all his fight are all in catch weight one reason he became the king of catch weight . Pacquiao beat Rios, but Rios loose to Avarado before he fight Pacquiao. Alvarado fight Provodnikov and Alvarado loose. Provodnikov loose to Algier, Think about this, Provonikov is a slow fighter, and he still knock Algier twice, Provodnikov are not even considered a top fighter in the division. Algier became known when Aurum choose him to fight Pacquiao, this person never heard before. Compare to Floyd who defeated , Robert Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez, Marcos Maidana , Zab Judah, all of this fighter are top of the line. I know Pacquiao when he was still not famous. Pilipino people doesn’t know him until he became a champion here in United States. Roach hired by Dela hoya one time and he was fired, Floyd also hired him and he was fired, Together with Roach the two created a superstar out of nowhere, i believe that Aurum find a Treasure in Asia, SO! if you look deeply you will see a deep shit and a bulshit. If Pacquiao really good as he was why don’t he try to fight: Lucas Matthysse, Danny Garcia, Andrien Broner, Zab Judah, Marcos Maidana, Kell Brook, Shawn Porter, Devon Alexander, Robert Guerrero, Canelo Alvarez , Erislandy Lara,, Etc, Etc…….. I bet YA! he will not survive.

    4. Dustin,
      On paper, the fights look good. Algieri was undefeated and now he is not. Sonny Liston knocked out opponents left and right. Foreman knocked out opponents left and right and then Ali came along and beat both of them. You are right, Filipinos are biased when it comes to writing about their fighters.
      Yes, fights are made because they look good on paper but as Roy Jones said –
      “They don’t fight on paper, they fight on canvas” . By the way, your man Floyd Mayweather Jr. is undefeated and that looks good on paper. smile :)

    5. I totally agree with you & there are many instances of this happening. I remember back to the tyson fight & i knew & said then it was a mismatch & he would be destroyed. The last big one i remember & when it influenced the price of the fighter & allowed me to make a lot of easy money was when canelo alveras fought jessesito lopez.
      But This has been happening to manny pac now for the last 3 1/2 years. Look at the level of his opposition, its just terrible. Take rios & algieri, who in their right mind could in any way see either of them winning their fight against manny. At least the genuine boxing punters knew it & the prices in the fight reflected that.
      It was only yesterday in boxingnews24.com that a writer has actualy come out & said this about manny pacquiao. At last someone has echoed what ive been saying for over 18 months & that is why isnt manny pacquiao fighting top rated welterweights. Please dont tell me tim bradley is a top rated welterweight. Yes he was a top rated light welterweight, but other than manny pacquiao what other welterweight has tim bradley fought. Exactly he hasnt fought a single one so we have no idea if he is as good at welterweight as he was at light welterweig. His next fight is against a welterweight but he is rated below 30 in the world rankings, its just not good enough. & let me tell you the filipinos who speak & comment on fights are some of the worst with their bias towards the filipino fighter.