Boy, 11, escapes from abductors


ZAMBOANGA CITY: Three unidentified men snatched an 11-year-old boy who managed to escape while being interrogated inside an unmarked van in Zamboanga City, police said on Friday.

The boy told police investigators he had been asked by his abductors about his family background and the jobs of his parents.

After one of the men opened the van’s door, the boy escaped by running along R.T. Lim Boulevard near the police headquarters, about five kilometers from where he had been abducted at Southcom village in Upper Calarian on March 22.

Police said it is investigating the abduction and the identities of the men and their vehicle.

Similarly, another boy was forced inside a van by men who threatened to dismember him. The victim was freed by one of the abductors who told him to run and hide while the other men were talking outside the van.

Al Jacinto


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  1. This particular case seems to validate the real existence of a kidnapping syndicate out to victimize young children which the police, in some cases, are treating with unexplained lukewarm reaction that they sometimes advised the public not to immediately believe those reports found in social media so as, according to the police, not to be unduly alarmed. But photos shown in FB about dismembered bodies of young children is to my humble opinion only point out the existence of this kidnapping syndicate which lately is making headlines enough to sow fear and horror to parents who value the lives of their young children.