BP Valenzuela, Sandwich chill out to a new rhythm


BP Valenzuela

As the new stage for OPM artists—“Coke Studio”—where legends perform with rising stars and musical genres are blurred, there is no better example for this than the collaboration of BP Valenzuela and Sandwich.

Theirs is a fusion of smooth and hypnotic techno sounds with edgy rock music make for an unexpected yet exciting performance.

”We’re gearheads!” exclaimed BP Valenzuela, finding common ground

despite coming from two seemingly opposite ends of the music spectrum.

The fondness continued even after the collaboration, proving that differences in genre never hinder mutual respect between artists.

“She is the future. And it’s so exciting, I am so happy that we get to do

this. We really like to see the young artists and from the first time we saw her, we knew,” Sandwich bassist Myrene Academia said.

Prior to the collaboration, two of the band’s members, Raymund Marasigan and Diego Castillo had written letters of recommendation for Valenzuela’s application to the music program of the De La Salle-College of St. Benilde.


“I wrote that if I were still working with a recording label, that I would sign her up in a heartbeat,” added Diego Castillo, lead guitarist and former recording executive. In response to the band’s words, the young musician admitted that the recommendation letters made her cry.

With this good natured relationship already established, the studio session came along easily.

“We’re chill but it’s about getting it done, while still being chill,” Sandwich drummer Mike Dizon shared.

Valenzuela continued by describing the outcome of their efforts saying, “There’s a story to it, a narrative, and it’s got more layers.”

The collaboration brought about the possibility of a full album to which Raymund replied, “That’s not just a could, or a would, but a should.”

Catch this collaboration on Coke Studio this Saturday at 7 pm on TV5.


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