BPI denies account security breach


THE Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI) on Friday denied allegations there has been a breach of client confidentiality in its system after the latest expose by Sen. Antonio
Trillanes 4th against Mayor Rodrigo Duterte of Davao City sparked concerns that the bank’s client information had been compromised.

“Allegations of a breach of client confidentiality have recently been leveled at the Bank of the Philippine Islands. Our internal investigation reveals that there has been no such breach,” the bank said in its official statement.

BPI said it continues to have one of the most highly-regarded data protection practices in the industry, and is committed to protecting client information and preserving the trust bestowed by its clients.

BPI clients raised concern about the safety of their account information after Trillanes used bank records to reveal that Duterte maintains a secret BPI account allegedly containing an undeclared P211 million.

Trillanes showed the media a “mother document” that contains bank details of Duterte and his three children–Paolo, Sara and Sebastian.

Duterte already confirmed that he has several bank accounts with BPI, one of which was with its branch on Julia Vargas Avenue in Pasig City (Metro Manila).

Duterte said he has a BPI account with the Pasig City branch but insisted that it does not contain P211 million as alleged by Trillanes.


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  1. Paul Martinez on

    I was happy with BPI’s customer service and computerized system. But I must transfer my money to another bank due to disgust. Can you recommend a safer bank?

  2. Naturalmente, wala yata kumpyansa sa kanya ang mga alipin ng Makati Business Club kaya gagawa sila ng paraan para mawala din ang tiwala ng marami sa kanya. Of course, there may not be a breach of the bank’s system – someone inside the bank gave those details to Anton Yu. For an account to be holding millions means that the client is a “valued depositor”. Hence, it is not only the branch manager who would know of the account but the bank’s head of branches – and presumably, officials higher in the pecking order. However, that can backfire on Anton Yu who will need to show how he got the info. But then, the damage has been done. I would not be surprised if respective Register of Deeds will later come out with declarations of ownership of properties in the name of Mr. Dee Gong. Now, they are laying the foundations of his impeachment if ever Mr. Dee Gong wins the counting.

    • pedro somoroy on


      BPI is also a bank of doubtful faithfulness. i tot it was only bdo then rcbc, halos lahat pala. this activity of mr anton yu will surely destroy our banking industry. matindi ang bank run nito sa lunes.

  3. For the claim of Trillanes to be proven, BPI must be asked to authenticate the bank records shown by Trillanes to the Inquirer. The INquirer should have checked w/BPI before printing the story.

    • pedro somoroy on

      mr astillero , you are right. this irresponsible reporting by the inquirer will intensify the bank run on monday – the banks are destroyed. this must be STOP!

      I suggest that the printing facilities of the inquirer in davao and cagayan de oro be closed immediately.