BPI Family Auto Loan announced it will hold from September 5 to 27 its “Online Auto Madness” car sale that provides low loan rates, free comprehensive insurance with acts of nature coverage, and the convenience of buying a car and getting a loan anytime, any day. The benefits can be accessed through www.bpiautomadness.com, the bank said.

It added that in Online Auto Madness, loan applicants simply need to log on to the website, choose a car from the comprehensive Car Buyer’s Guide where all brands and models available in the Philippines are listed, then compute for the down payment and monthly amortization that best suits them. They will then just fill out and submit a simple application form to complete the entire process.

BPI Family Savings Bank said applicants may be able to get a loan decision in three hours to eight hours.

“We live in a fast-paced world and the public demands for something that will meet their needs in the fastest and most convenient manner,” said BPI Family Vice President and head of auto loans Pepe Carlos. “BPI Family Auto Loan is always on the look out to give the best services and offerings for our clients by making it easy, accessible and affordable.”

For his part, BPI Family Savings Bank President Teodoro Limcaoco said; “BPI Family is synonymous to the word ‘family’ and when you state ‘family’ the word ‘support’ comes to mind. And that is precisely the goal of the bank. We want to continuously serve as a backbone to our clients for their specific needs and one way we can deliver our promise is through the BPI Family Online Auto Madness. We aim for our clients to have control over what they want.”


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