• BPO ecosystem inspires Pampanga developer


    Juan Nepomuceno Sons Inc. is planning to put up a hotel in its 11-hectare Nepo Center complex in Angeles City, Pampanga.

    As the business process outsourcing (BPO) industry expands beyond Metro Manila, there is a matching rise in demand for the hotel industry.

    Arni Valdes, president of Pampanga-based developer Juan Nepomuceno Sons Inc. told The Manila Times the plans is to cater to business travelers on official business with the
    BPO firms in the area.

    The Nepo complex has two developed BPO buildings, Entec 1 and Entec 2.

    Valdes noted the lack of hotels in the Angeles area catering to BPO executives. Most of them would have to go to the Clark to for a hotel.

    “The closest one to us is really a hotel which is not—we’ll it’s probably okay for some Filipino managers—but it’s not good for international guests. So the international guests have to usually go to Clark to book a hotel,” Valdes said.

    They are planning to put up a boutique hotel for the international business traveler.
    Valdes noted the firm is currently in talks with a hotel brand.

    “We’re hopefully very close to doing the hotel already. If ever, we should know in the next two months.” Valdes said.

    The company has talked to several hotel brands and picked on the best potential partner.
    “We’ve rounded out to just one. So we’re talking to them and there are even already designs,” he added.

    The planned hotel will be at least a three-star establishment, but featuring elements found in a four- or even five-star hotel.

    “And all the things that matter in terms of how a guest would want their hotel to do. So we were looking at the design. It’s somewhat comparable to some of the modern hotels in Singapore,” Valdes noted.

    Earlier this month, CBRE Philippines director of corporate agency and brokerage Morgan McGilvray noted an emerging trend that is best described as a BPO ecosytem.

    McGilvray noted the ecosytem starts with a BPO office building that encourages the development of other real estate components such as retail, residential, and hotel.
    Valdes also noted plans to go for vertical projects.

    “We want to have condominiums, which are not expensive and can be made into dormitories,” Valdes said.

    The company is also in talks with a major developer for the residential project.
    “We don’t have the expertise so we’re talking to someone that has the expertise,” Valdes said.


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