BPOs new milking cow of law enforcers?


What’s this I heard from the grapevine that more than a dozen foreign investors, particularly those involved in business outsourcing of gaming sites abroad, have already left the country and moved their operations to other Asian countries?

Rumor has it, within the business community, that some units of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), including the Bureau of Immigration (BI), have been mulcting millions every month from several service providers of online gaming based in China and South Korea.

The story goes something like this: authorities will secure a search warrant from a judge to be able to conduct a raid on a certain BPO office.

The lawmen would often claim violation of R.A. 8484 or access device, illegal online gambling, or violation of immigration laws before the court to secure warrants so as to justify their raid against certain online service providers.

While some companies are really into illegal gambling operations, most of those raided by the authorities are legitimate with proper business licenses and permits.

These legitimate BPOs provide service to online gaming abroad in the form of live streaming in the country of card games such as baccarat and poker but do not accept bets because “they just run the studios with dealers in it like actors or models”, said one service provider employee.

To avoid harassment and frequent visits from these lawmen, owners of these companies are reportedly doling out millions a month to these raiders from agencies.

Malacañang should start looking into this report before all these investors leave the country for good.

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Like a spoiled brat, Caloocan Rep. Edgar Erice wants to get the attention of the public by insisting that Congress should amend our constitution, particularly its political provisions, despite a recent survey showing that the people do not want lawmakers to tinker with it.

Erice, a sycophant to PNoy, has filed a bill to make changes in the 1987 constitution to pave the way for term extension not only of the chief executive but all elected officials of the land as well.

The former vice mayor of Caloocan insists that the recent Pulse Asia survey should not be taken seriously. He referred to it as a “mere guide” for lawmakers to continue to discuss Charter Change.

And, since no one wants to listen to his delusions, Erice even said during a radio interview over the weekend that either PNoy or Interior Sec. Mar Roxas would be the only candidates to have the edge against Vice President Binay in the upcoming 2016 Presidential race.

Many wonder if there are no problems or issues affecting the constituents of Erice in Caloocan that this lawmaker wastes his time in pursuing the amending of our Constitution rather than the needs of his people.

The people have spoken through the latest survey. Erice should stop his airing his delusions that we Filipinos want PNoy to be our president after 2016.

Wake up Cong. Erice , and start working for your constituents and not for your own personal interests!!!



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  1. What the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and the Philippine National Police (PNP) is awful. Do they want the big BPO players in the Philippines to move as a result of their corrupt behavior, this is detrimental to their own people, their families and ultimately their economy. They need to be stopped. People of the Philippines stand up to them.

  2. This is an example or a model of filthy rich politicians doing his thing to promote his selfish interests and to find more ways to prolong his stealing people’s money prowess on a long term basis.

  3. I dont see what is wrong with being able to run for office for as long as you want to. The people will vote for you if you are worthy & wont if you arnt. If you say the people of the philippines make the wrong votes, then thats a different subject. But look at the uk, its a good country & you can remain as prime minister for ever if people keep voting for you. I know the uk is run 1,000,000 times better than the philippines, especially under the conservative government.

    • In UK you will be elected first as a member of parliamentary govt then the majority party will voted you as prime minister. In UK you are sure that the people voted is the real winner, here in our country, you are not sure if the winner is the real peoples choice.

  4. P. Akialamiro@yahoo.com on

    Next to Sec. Coloma, Congressman Erice must be another “clown” seeking recognition. Pathetic congressman!

  5. Mang Erwin, Puwede bang banggitin mo naman ang mga kurakot ng mga BINAYS sa iyong column. Tameme kayong lahat na columnist pagdating sa obvious na mga magnanakaw. Ilang araw nang headlines sa mga sikat at number one na mga diyaryo (Inquirer at Philstar) e wala pa kayong nababangit tungkol sa mga kurakot ng mga Binays. Naniniwala na kaming mga mambabasa na malaki ang mga iBINAYad sa inyong lahat diyan sa Manila Times ng mga Binays. Katulad din pala kayo ng mga LEFTISTS (Bayan Muna itbp) na tahimik dahil kasama sila sa mga binayaran ng mga BINAYS para tumahimik. Kasama kayong lahat sa payroll ni Binay. Kaya pala marami kayong pera at walang kayong dignidad sa larangan ng media .