• Bradley’s no patsy

    Peter Cariño

    Peter Cariño

    While I agree that Timothy Bradley did not deserve to win via split decision in his first fight with Manny Pacquiao, I did not care if the public cried “robbery.” Instead, I wanted to ask, “Is this the Pacquiao that can beat Floyd Mayweather?”

    Prior to their first fight, I saw three reasons why Pacquiao would easily beat or stop Bradley: the American was a lightwelterweight (140 pounds) climbing to welterweight (147 pounds); Bradley’s last knockout win over nine fights was over a geriatric (or aging) Joel Casamayor, and that was prior to his first fight with Pacquiao; and there’s really nothing special about Bradley at that time.

    But what made me admire Bradley was his courage, especially after I read that he sprained his ankle from the third round of his first fight with Pacquiao. He appeared in the post-fight press conference in a wheelchair, and showed the lumps on his sprained ankle (anybody who will say those were self-inflicted better get his or her head checked).

    Now imagine if Bradley did not sprain his ankle during his first fight with Pacquiao….

    So now that Bradley and Pacquiao will face off again this coming April, I must say that the Filipino should not discount the American, who will be getting into the ring with a higher level of confidence because of his wins over Ruslan Provodnikov and Juan Manuel Marquez. In his fight against the Russian brawler, Bradley literally brawled much of the time, while against the Mexican master boxer, Bradley also boxed intelligently.

    So how will Bradley fight against Pacquiao the second time around? While Bradley survived his slugfest with Provodnikov, I don’t think the American will risk engaging Pacquiao in an exchange.

    So I expect Bradley to use his boxing skills against Pacquiao, but at this point, I hate to state that Pacquiao will definitely win this fight, given that Bradley will be coming into the fight with a higher level of confidence.

    But Pacquiao has to win his second fight with Bradley more convincingly if he is still eyeing a bout with undefeated Floyd Mayweather Jr. Put it simply, Pacquiao must win by wide decision, or stop or knock out Bradley.

    If Pacquiao struggles to beat Bradley or loses to the American, the Filipino and his camp better forget a showdown with Mayweather. Why? Because Bradley is still nothing compared to Mayweather, even if both of them are technical boxers.

    Only the insane will think that Pacquiao can put up a decent showing against May–weather if the Filipino wins a close match with Bradley in April.

    I hate to say this—Pacquiao is on the last legs of his colorful career, and like other great boxers, he is no longer the force that he was three to five years ago. And in the horizon—particularly in the light welterweight, welterweight and light middleweight divisions—are up and coming fighters who are better than Bradley. I actually discussed that in my last column (A potential golden era, January 30, 2014).

    My January 30 column talked about Danny Garcia, Keith Thurman, Marcos Maidana, Erislandy Lara, and Saul Alvarez being the next big attractions in those divisions once Pac–quiao and Mayweather hang up their gloves.

    So the Pacquiao-Bradley rematch would be critical for the Filipino’s career, because his shutout win over Brandon Rios in Macau last year did little to erase the painful memory of his knockout loss to Marquez.


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    1. Regarding the fight against Mayweather – I would say that Pacman has a 40% chance of winning that fight. Mayweather is not as good as Sugar Ray Leonard was. Mayweather also punches like a sissy because of his problems with his hands. The fight will be determined by who has better stamina.

    2. John Doer, Bradley punches like a girl. If he goes toe to toe with Pacman, Bradley will get knocked out and will have a big headache after the fight.

    3. Pacquiao must have been affected by all the blows to the head.He is a hero but so was Cassius Clay. After enough blows to the head he became a muslim then dementia crept in. Get out while still fit , Please!

    4. It’s because Pac Man was placed himself relegated to being an entertainer first, businessman second, and boxer in the order of priority. He could have flattened Bradley in the earlier yards but backtracked. Perhaps he want to entertain his fans longer. Kaso, siya ang na-entertain sa kahihiyan…

    5. A very well written article but you will get the wrath of the filipinos against you as you have not elevated pac to a super human. That aside you are using well thought out reason. What i said before the 1st fight with bradley is bradley will win, i think this time he will win even easier. I think pac was juicing when he moved to welterweight & that allowed him to be stronger, faster, harder punching & able to withstand the hardest punches. I 1st thought he was jucing when he said no to rbt to fight night as his reasons were childish to say the least. Every olympic athlete has to undergo rbt anytime anywhere, they have to be availale for testing with no notice both in & out of season. Mayweather only asks for it leading up to a fight with him. Well since mayweather called him out on that pac hasnt knocked out or stopped a single fighter. Hes been beaten twice, once by ko & most of those fights have been against lighght welterweights made to fight at 147, no catchweights for pacs opponents. Then we had freddie roach saying ariza always gave manny these special drinks every day before training but he wouldnt tell freddie what was in them.
      Now i said after pacs 2 defeats i dont think he will beat any top welterweight again. He could have fought another light welterweight in ruslan instead of bradley but ruslan punches so hard & thats why he was left out as team pac dont want him ko’d again. I think this may be pacs last big payday. Yes he is talking the taljk but you have to look past that, he says he will come in like he was when he was a younger fighter, thats impossible. If he juices again he could pick up his performance a little but not to what it was before. I take bradley to completely outbox pac in this fight. If pac fights like he did against rios he will be lucky to land a single punch per round on bradley. If he comes forward as he used to with his lunges tb will be ready for that. I think there will be no doubts left after this fight who is the better fighter & i think that will be tb. Pac will probably retire after his humiliation in this fight, if he doesnt he will just become a journey man for good up coming fighters.

    6. Pacquiao last fight, is Brandon rios. Brandon Rios is a Jr Welterweight 140lbs and he was badly beaten by Mike Alvarado after that Mike Alvarado was Knock out by Pronovnikov who was Beaten by Bradley, Do you follow me.In Jr. Welterweight Division Brandon Rios is not the strongest its Garcia and Matessess. Now Brondon Rios go up in weight to fight Pacquiao which is Welterweight 147lb, Just think about this if Rios is the weakess in his former division and still Pacquiao couldn’t knock him out, what do you think about Bradley a welterweight 147lbs who never been knock out before in his career.

    7. I watch Bradley vs Pacquiao fight in slowmotion a couple of times, I could not see in all angle that pacquiao win, bradley out punch pacquiao. I watch boxing at the age of 7yrs old now Im 59yrs old, i watch all pacquiao fight since he start his boxing career, in truth he is my father favorite fighter when he was still young, the first time i see pacquiao fight when i take my vacation in the philippines in the 90s, and my father told me that watch this fighter once he punch his both fist together he will finish his opponent , he is a straight puncher. Bradley is not a knock out artist,but he is fast, he move allot and he punch multiple. All of Pacquiao opponent are not moving much, so his big problem, if he encounter a fighter that move so much, and thats Bradley. to me if Bradley out-punch him last time with a sprain ankle, what more he could do this time. In my view Pacquiao is getting old and Bradley is still young. Bradley will KO Pacquio.