Branding and customer service


Many brands have issues when it comes to customer service not realizing this is the root cause for their continuance. While we all advertise to promote awareness, launch promotions to excite our customers, reduce prizes to grab market share, expand distribution outlets to get our products out there . . . and exhaust all other marketing techniques known to professionals, many are remiss of branding when the products and services are already branded. This is in direct reference to big brands that fault their customers to the extreme.

It is like purchasing a preferred beer or soft drink brand only to find out the product is no longer the same. There is the other issue most common to telecommunication companies such like the big three, or the only three (no longer a monopoly, right?). They continue to spend large amounts of money towards advertising as seen on media throwing good money, not realizing their customers are already won and at bay but without a life line to hold on to.

What has been your experience when you last visited your service cell provider be it Globe or Smart or the other? Has it been pleasant? Were you made to waste at least an hour if not more to seek customer service be it for a plan that is a problem, an upgrade, an expanse of whatever, or to redeem prizes for a new cell phone? At the very least, these telcos now have provided a separate queue for payments or we would have simply withheld payments. Just this week, I was made to suffer an inconvenience that took two hours to address. Having paid a bill that was overdue (bills delivered to wrong address), I was enticed by the cashier who replied “Yes,” and that my plan was due for a new cell should I sign to lock-in for another two years, which I would have done prioritizing not to lose the same cell number.

I had to pick out another queue number and waited two hours until my turn came around. Luckily, there was a formidable bar beside the service center and being a weekend I decide to suffer the wait. The inconvenience would have been well worth it should I have gotten what it was I queued for, only to be told after a 3-minute conversation with the customer service I needed to wait a week or so for approvals. Nevertheless let us leave this complaint to the side and try to understand why and what customer service is all about.

To my knowledge it is a service extended to us customer be it for complaints or whatever, and when we do not get the desired service we are irritated. However, a successful customer service leaves us satisfied turning us to loyal clients. So the question is, why the need to advertise for these telcos who already have us under their service provision, only to irritate us with their long queues and inability to deliver a service? This, mind you, is the fastest way to lose customer base and turn them against you, don’t you think? Instead of addressing the long queues for customer service, they spend big money for an awareness that is already won. It is either bad decision making from the managers point of view, a good advertising man’s ability to convince the telcos to spend more meaninglessly, or an ignorance towards branding. Branding is the consistent delivery of the brand promise generating integrity making it the brand! In this specific example is there consistent delivery? Do you have what it takes to be a Superbrand?


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