• Branding for life


    Branding may refer to: Wood branding—the process of permanently marking wood (or plastic, cork, leather, etc.) by way of heat.

    Livestock branding—the marking of animals to indicate ownership.

    Human branding—the process in which a mark is burned into the skin of a living human being either as body modification, punishment, or imposing masterly rights over an enslaved person.

    Vehicle title branding—the use of a permanent designation on a vehicle’s title to indicate that it has been written off due to collision, fire or flood damage.

    Brand—a name, logo, slogan, and/or design scheme associated with a product or service.

    Brand management—marketing techniques for a specific product, product line or brand.

    Employer brand—denotes an organization’s reputation as an employer.

    Internet branding—brand management on the Internet.

    Nation branding—managing the reputation of countries to improve their standing and thereby attract tourism and investment capital.

    Place branding—similar to nation branding, the process of image communication (nation, region or city) to a target market.

    Personal branding—people and their careers marketed as brands.

    In life, is it important that you become the most successful, or the most popular, or the richest (monetarily)? But what measure will you utilize to evaluate any achievement?

    Is it not enough that you gain personal confidence toward self in achieving success? Is it not enough that you have friends and community that call on you, if not respect you? Is it not enough that you can afford what you require for comfort, having the dignity life affords? Need you require that you have more money, a bigger house, or more friends than your neighbor to be successful and happy?

    Maybe the problem is our species, or being human. Human frailty allows for an insecurity which at times requires a misguided aspiration that can dictate our lives. We all do our best to excel in whatever we do, be it for family, in our business or in our spiritual lives. The problem sometimes can be our determination to overdo ourselves so much so that we begin to compete with ourselves. There is nothing wrong with continually improving ourselves to make ourselves better, but poor to erroneous evaluations can deteriorate our objectives. There is the notion of “don’t fix what ain’t broken” and yet many persist in doing exactly this.

    A strategic approach toward confidence or happiness is the ability to comprehend and accept success. This is where we promote branding. Having delivered whatever you promote will score for you integrity, and with this you become successful and you are now branding. What are the implications of human brand management? Branding for life is key to any endeavor for sustaining success. After all, success will accelerate the confidence we require to maintain happiness and fulfillment.

    It may sound spiritual, but are not all efforts to improve one’s life, be it economically, spiritually and for nation building, the main objective? And yet only through strategic personal management can we achieve life’s successes. Branding is not only about the ability to stay in any market but a lifestyle we are required to maintain to improve ourselves, our participation and our role in our community and for country. As has been said, truth prevails!

    The comprehension of such a notion should guide you. Enough said.



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